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Chapter 91: The Secret Passage In The Hotel

Chapter 91: The Secret Passage In The Hotel

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Relying on the huge amount of magical instruments at his disposal, the priest managed to hold on in the "Water Cortex Prison" for close to one minute.

The System said that this situation for the past one minute was so magnificent that it was possible to be recorded as one of the world’s wonders.


While Benjamin was admiring the firecrackers, it put a big burden on Benjamin’s spiritual power.

Although the Water Vortex Prison was a very impressive spell as it had an anti-magic feature, maintaining the spell could put a toll on the caster’s spiritual power.

Fortunately, the ending would be similar to the fireworks during the New Year’s celebrations. Soon, the Priest’s last magical instrument broke and caused the last Holy Barrier to break as well. The turbulent water flowed towards the helpless Priest and he drowned in it.

He was completely drawn into the vortex.


Benjamin could not help but to laugh at the scenario.

It was not that he was sadistic and happy because of other people’s suffering. It was funny because of how the Priest tumbling around in the vortex. It was as if… he were inside the washing machine.

He was like a fan rotating inside the water ball. His eyes were wide open and he wore a weird expression on his face. The air bubble even came out from his mouth as he screamed inside.

Benjamin tried to maintain his serious composure but to no avail. He could not help but to admit that the whole scenario was magical.

"Are you still a human? Why are you laughing at him when you are killing him?" The System complained.

".... I’m at fault."

He was not supposed to laugh.

Benjamin was repeating in his mind: "Respect life, respect life, respect life…"

He tried to hide his smile afterwards.

In the "super fast washing" mode, the priest was no longer able to use any divine charms. Benjamin could reduce his spiritual power output as he no longer need to repel the light particle with his water particle.

He rubbed off the blood that oozed out of his nose due to overuse of his spiritual power with one hand while massaging his temple pressure point with the other.

This was one tiring battle.

But he should recover fairly fast as he did not overexert himself too much.

He maintained the "Water Vortex Prison" in the super-fast washing mode while resting his mind so that he could slowly regain his spiritual power that he had spent.

Benjamin released the spell after confirming the Priest was dead five minutes later. The giant vortex turned into water particle and disappeared in the room.

He released a long sigh of relief.

He finally fulfilled his promised towards the old man.

He, who had cleared off a team of the cleaners, initially thought that it would be easy to fight against four people. He did not expect that it would be so complicated during the actual operation.

He thought that he had underestimated the enemy.

The reason he won against the cleaners was because he had Michelle by his side. It was a perfect battle as all the decisions made were flawless. As for this battle, although he did not make any fatal errors, it was slightly casual as he did not plan this battle properly.

The mentality of the battle mattered and it could decide the outcome of a battle.

One must never be too full of himself and should always handle the enemy with care and caution.

He evaluated the lessons from the battle as he walked towards the bed, his eyes focused on the assassin who had attempted to assassinate the Pope.

During the battle, he was careful with his spells to avoid injuring the assassin. Otherwise the assassin would have most likely died.


The Pope’s Assassin.

Benjamin curiously observed him.

He was a thin middle-aged man who looked like a commoner from his appearances. No one would have ever thought that he could be an assassin. He looked so common that you would not be able to pick him out in the crowd if your eyes left him.

Now that he thought of it, an assassin should look like a commoner.


Why did this man look like he was about to pass away?

Benjamin furrowed his eyebrows.

Although the assassin was definitely injured, Benjamin was not able to pinpoint where his injuries were. All he could see was the deathly aura on his face.

That’s right, the death aura was truly a mysterious thing. While Benjamin could not directly observe the black aura coming out from the eyes and nose, he instinctively knew that this guy would be dead soon as he looked at his face.

How should this be explained? It was… as if a giant death flag was hovering around him.

"That’s weird, where is his wound?" He said out loud, unable to find an answer.

At this moment, a voice suddenly came from his back: "His injury lies not on the body, but the soul."

Benjamin turned around to see Chief Silverfox standing at the doorstep, looking at Benjamin and nodding his head.

"You are pretty good young boy. You manage to kill off four people." The old man said as he walked towards him.

Although the words that came from his mouth were compliments, it did not sound like a praise at all.


Benjamin said coldly: "I have done what you wished. Where is the information I wanted?"

However, the old man waved his hand and replied: "Slowly. Slowly."

Benjamin almost thought that he wanted to retract his side of the deal upon hearing his response.

Could it be that this old man was taking advantage of his old age?

The old man smiled and made a silent gesture towards him just when Benjamin was about to say something.

What was the meaning of this?

Benjamin hesitated and swallowed his words. The old man was unlikely to renounce his part of the deal now that he has seen Benjamin’s capability. He decided to wait and see what the old man was planning.

The old man walked towards the bed, placed his hand under the bed and fumbled around. A clatter was heard as if a switch was turned on. Suddenly, the floor by the wardrobe opened up and a dark passageway appeared.

"Let’s talk about this once we leave this place." The old man patted Benjamin’s shoulder and continued: "The people from the church have been killed. They will definitely send a group of people to investigate soon. I have to leave this place immediately. It can’t be helped if you insist on staying here."

"... I don’t want to stay here."

The old man was right.

Benjamin totally forgot about this.

The animosity between Benjamin and the Church has definitely deepened. The Church would never let go of this. Judging from the number of magical instruments the Priest had on him, he must be well respected by the Church.

It would be wise to escape from this place first.

Benjamin was surprised when he saw a secret passageway open up in the wardrobe.

Both the trigger and a passageway seemed to be a necessity everywhere.

Although Chief Silverfox was not a gangster boss, he was still a man with some background. Which normal hotel owner would set up a secret passageway in his own hotel?

Benjamin chose to trust him even though he still had many suspicions in his heart, and he was worried that the old man would regret his decisions. But since things have already escalated to this point, what other choice did he have other than leaving with the old man through the secret passageway?

He could not possibly imitated Michelle by abducting the old man and interrogating him on whereabouts of the "bamboo shoot."

Therefore, he helped the old man to carry the assassin like a baggage together and entered the passageway one at a time.

Luckily, the old man had prepared a lantern as the secret passageway was enveloped in pure darkness. The lantern was barely able to light up the path in front to prevent them from getting into any unnecessary accidents such as hitting their heads on the wall.

The old man led Benjamin down the passageway once he sealed off the entrance.

Benjamin could not stop himself any longer once they went deeper into the passageway.

"Who are you?" He asked the old man with curiosity and caution.