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Chapter 94: Prison Ruins

Chapter 94: Prison Ruins

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The assassin fainted after he gave an unintelligible speech. Benjamin had no choice but to continue carrying him and walking down the path with the old man.

Soon, they exited the secret passageway.

Both did not mutter a single word on their way out.

The old man did not say another word after he revealed that the assassin was his son that he had not seen for the past thirteen years. He walked on in silence as if he had lost any desire to talk.

Benjamin did not dare to question on anymore as well.

He regretted joking about the assassin to the old man. Although the old man replied with a smile on his face, Benjamin believed he had hurt the old man with his insensitive joke.

Although the old man seemed calm all the time, Benjamin felt the bitterness hidden in the old man’s witty tone as he said the word "son". Furthermore, Benjamin would never understand the feeling of being separated from his son for thirteen years.

Hence, even though he was very curious about the father and son relationship they shared, he kept his mouth shut as he did not want to step on the old man’s toes again.

They had finally reached the other end of the secret passageway.

They got out of the dark and long passageway after activating the trigger.

The exit of the secret passageway was located at the outskirts. They had yet to leave the capital. However, the exit was far away from the hotel and Bonnie’s Pub and was at a deserted region.

They arrived at the prison ruins.

The prison ruins was located at the southern side of the outskirts and broken walls and iron railings could be seen everywhere.

It was a very old prison where the criminals from the capital were quarantined. A long time ago, the mages from the Silent Academy once broke the criminals free from this place. Deemed as an unsafe location, the church decided to move the criminals into the inner city and this place was eventually abandoned.

There were rumors that this place was haunted as a lot of innocent people were wrongfully imprisoned. The souls could not pass on as they did not achieve salvation, hence they could only wander here and occasionally scare the commoners who would visit there.

It was one of the main reasons why no one was willing to buy the land to engage in development. This spacious land was then left deserted since.

Benjamin was obviously not affected by this ghost story. Since the old man was brave enough to choose this location as an exit, this meant that this place was considered safe.

This deserted land was indeed suitable for use as a secret passageway.

Benjamin felt like he had not seen the daylight for a long time as he exited the lightless secret passageway.

He placed the assassin down, rubbed his eyes and moved his aching body as he relaxed.

Although the military training had strengthen his body, carrying an adult around for half an hour still took a toll on his body.

"We finally got out," The old man who had been silent for the whole time finally spoke. "I… I think your son is very brave. I am really sorry for his incident. However, since we have arrived at a safe place, I think it’s time to tell me what I want to know."

Benjamin’s main objective was to locate the assassin who attempted to assassinate him!

Benjamin was the more generous one between him and the old man. Not only he helped the old man to kill a few people, he even carried the assassin to a safe place. Hence, the old man had to open his mouth even though he believed that the old man would not repudiate his side of the agreement.

"Don’t worry, I have never broken my promise." The old man sealed off the exit of the secret passageway and concealed it off. Then, he walked near to a corner of a broken wall and said, "Come here again three days later. I will hide the location of the person you want under this rock."

Stunned, Benjamin replied: "I thought you already prepared the information in advance."

"Who do you think I am? A God?" The old man reverted back to his usual retarded look and explained, "The outskirts is a very huge place. To find a man is like finding a needle in a haystack. It is impressive enough that I can find that person for you within three days."

"Alright…" Benjamin conceded.

The old man was right. The outskirts was a very complicated place. It would be very hard to be discovered if one were to hide here out in the outskirts.

Benjamin trusted his instinct that the old man would not lie to him.


After some thought, Benjamin curiously asked: "I thought you would leave the capital to lay low for a while. However, it sounds like you plan to stay around for a bit."

Although Benjamin was the one who killed the people, the church would not be able to relate the killing to Benjamin. Same could not be said to the old man from the hotel. The name "Chief Silverfox" was well known in this land. The church would definitely be able to find him.

It was not like Benjamin was kind or worried about the old man. He was afraid that he would be placed in a dangerous situation if the old man were to be caught by the church as they would definitely extract his memory.

His impersonation of the beggar was a success as the priest was not able to recognize him until his death.

But…... What if?

With all these considerations in mind, Benjamin felt that it was better for the old man and his son to leave the capital.

"I will definitely leave the capital. However, I have to repay you my debt before I leave, right?" The old man shook his head and said, "Don’t worry about me being caught by the church. I have my ways of doing things. If I so wish, the church will not be able to find me within a short amount of time."

Benjamin could only accept his answer.

The Chief Silverfox had successfully escaped from the church’s hand once. If he really was the man everyone said, who had a wide social network, then it was not hard for him to hide away from the church at all.

There was no other way as the old man had to help him to locate that lackey.

While Benjamin was thinking of this.

At the same time, a carriage came towards them at high speed from afar.

"My friend is here." The old man said as he looked at the carriage. "I have to leave with my good-for-nothing son first. Don’t worry about it. You’ll definitely find what you need once you come here three days later."

Benjamin nodded as he looked at the carriage.

The carriage stopped beside them as it arrived.

The driver was a big man. The big man was glancing back and forth between the old man and Benjamin. The old man nodded to the big man and then he jumped down from the carriage as he carried the unconscious assassin into the carriage.

Both of them got up into the carriage as they prepared to leave.

"I wish you good luck, young mage." The old man turned his head and told Benjamin before he left. "With your potential, I believe you will make a name out of yourself very soon."

Benjamin smiled wryly as he listened to the old man.

He had no desire to be famous within the capital.

Wasn’t that the same as seeking death?

He would not reveal his reluctance with building such reputation of course. Hence he could only say something such as "I wish you good luck as well" to the old man as he waved his hand, sending the old man off.

So, the old man and the unconscious assassin finally left this place with the carriage.

It was time for Benjamin to leave as well.

It was safe to assume that ‘bamboo’’s whereabout would be located. He could finally find out who tried to kill him three days later.

The answer to one of the biggest unsolved questions that was bothering him would soon be revealed.

It was only afternoon as he looked up to the sky.

As it was still early, Benjamin wanted to solve another problem --- Annie’s relics.

It seemed as if he was obsessed with it. Although it would not be able to bring him any benefits at all, he still wanted to dig it out so that his curiosity would not continue haunting him.

If he recalled correctly, he could start his search from Michelle’s abandoned zone which was located nearby this place.

As Benjamin was about to leave this place, he heard a familiar voice from behind.

He was terrified as he thought this place was really haunted.

"Benjamin Lithur." Michelle walked out from the broken wall. With a soft and suspicious tone, she asked, "Since when did you have a good relationship with Chief Silverfox?"