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Chapter 109: The Carpentry Shop at the East of the City

Chapter 109: The Carpentry Shop at the East of the City

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In the end, his cover was still blown...

Benjamin felt helpless. He thought that his disguise was not that bad. Who knew that with one look, the holy knights were able to see through him?

Fortunately, he was alert and used the Water Particle Sensing spell, otherwise he would be in deep trouble now.

Through the spell, he saw that besides these two Holy Knights, there was nobody else. It looked like his speculations about the Church was correct, they did not have the manpower to expend on this operation, so they only sent two Holy Knights to guard this place.

If it was this way, being exposed by these two was not a problem.

Let’s start by getting rid of them.

After thinking of this, he continued walking as if nothing happened. Suddenly, he turned around and chanted the spell for the Pillar of Steam before the holy knights could react.

A rampaging Pillar of Steam appeared and engulfed the two holy knights.

Their expressions changed, but they could not react in time to do anything. Under the strong rising air, they were lifted off the ground. When they were suspended in midair, they could only struggle helplessly and let out screams of panic.

"Let go of me, you lackey of the Fallen One!"

Benjamin did not heard what the holy knights said at all. He continued to feel the magic he had unleashed, and remained deep in thought.

As he thought, lifting someone from the ground is the greatest form of control, especially when facing enemies with close combat capabilities. By making them fly, they would become helpless.

Even though the Pillar of Steam was not quite offensive in strength, but it had great control.

After coming to this conclusion on the methods of using the Pillar of Steam, he came back to reality. He shook his head while observing the two who were suspended in midair and floating about without control.

Let’s not waste any more time.

Better to finish this battle quickly before someone else notices.

After some thought, Benjamin controlled the steam, and flung both the holy knights about thirty meters high and dispelled the magic.

Thirty meters should be enough.

After doing all this, he turned around and did not see the two holy knights fall, but continued his way into the passage.

From the point when they saw through his disguise, they were no longer allowed to live. Thus, do not blame him for him cruel methods: He did not want to kill, but he was forced to.

"You could write a book in the future." The System spoke suddenly," and call it A Hundred Ways for a Church Member to Die, it will definitely be more interesting than Final Destination."

"..." Benjamin shook his head innocently, and said, "Actually, I just wanted to test out new magic."


Falling to your death from a height of thirty meters was pitiful.

He could not help but remember that he once saw a discussion on the web about what was the best way to commit suicide. The conclusion the thread came up with was that other than death by euthanizing, jumping off a building was the fastest. If the building was tall enough, they would die without feeling much pain.

Thirty meters should be a good enough height…..right?

Thinking of this, he shrugged, and did not heed the noises of the knights hitting the ground, and continued on.

When a holy knight dies, the Church would receive a signal, so he had to move fast.

He came to the place he and Chief Silverfox had agreed on. He knelt and flipped over the rock. But the spot was empty. He could not find anything.

Benjamin was disappointed.

In the end, Chief Silverfox was not as powerful and capable as he thought he was, and could not deliver a message under the noses of the Church.

What a waste of time.

"Wait, look at the bottom of the rock that you turned over, I think there is something there." Suddenly, the System reminded him," It might be just like how Michelle had used invisible words behind the letter she told you to send to the Church."

Benjamin was stunned for a moment.

He immediately turned over the stone.

The bottom of the stone was plain and it was suitable for writing. But from the looks of it, the bottom of this stone had nothing. It was just like any other stone.

If it was really a message left using that colorless material ...

Benjamin remembered what Michelle said about "just apply some heat and it will appear." He used the Pillar of Steam to conjure a ball of hot steam.

This was the only source of heat he could get his hands on right now.

He could only slowly heat up the rock while praying that this material was waterproof. If not, the water droplets that form on the rock may end up smothering the words.

Luckily, this material used for writing was highly water resistant. Under the heat from the steam, a row of words formed.

Benjamin was overjoyed.

Luckily, he did not trust in the wrong person. Chief Silverfox was true to his word, and kept his part of the deal. Even though Benjamin did not know how he did it, he had respect for him.

As the owner of the hotel, even though Chief Silverfox was not a wanted person, he would definitely still be pursued by the Church. In addition, he protected his son all this time while helping Benjamin find the person he was looking for, and even managed to sneak into the prison ruins to leave this message.

Was a simple "Damn" enough to praise him?

He was curious how Chief Silverfox managed to do it, but he suppressed his curiosity and returned his attention back onto the words on the rock.

As the heat was continuously applied, the words became clearer.

"The carpentry shop, east of the city."

Benjamin looked at those words, reading it out loud.

After he was done reading, he frowned.

It was rather far from here.

Of course, he would not give up just because of the distance. After obtaining this information, he smashed the rock into powder, and quickly left the prison ruins for the carpentry shop at the east side of the city.

He has gotten his hands on the information, and there was not much room left for hesitation, he could only continue on.

Other than that, when he left the prison ruins, he was careful to not let anyone other person see him to prevent himself from becoming the suspect -- two more holy knights have died, the Church was probably livid now.

Because of this, he tried to use all the secluded shortcuts. After two hours, he finally arrived at the carpentry at the east of the city.

--This place that Chief Silverfox had left him the location for.

The carpentry shop was located on one of the main streets of the outer city. The shop was not huge or extravagant, but it was rather famous. The owner had great workmanship, and sometimes nobles would come all the way here for specialized orders.

If he remembered correctly, in the beginning when Benjamin wanted to distract the Church, he made Jeremy run errands, and he sent Jeremy here a few of times. The boss of this place was tortured by his "he would know" sentence until he fell sick, and only recently reopened business.

Thinking of this, Benjamin could only nod his head.

What else could he say, it was fate!

While thinking about this, he walked in.

"Welcome, Sir, what do you require?"

Behind the counter, a middle-aged man who was covered in sawdust put down the wooden block and saw in his hands, stood up, and faced Benjamin.

Benjamin looked around the whole shop. Other than a few customers browsing chairs and this middle-aged man who looked like the owner, he did not see anyone else.

He did not see that assassin who was nicknamed "bamboo pole".

Unless, he wasted too much time, and the person had already left?

Thinking of this, he walked forward and faced the middle-aged man: "I am looking for a person. Did you see a tall, skinny, freckled young man who looks a bit dumb?"

He probably had to ask more questions.

He was not in a beggar costume today, and he was dressed like the offspring of a noble. If any merchant were to see him, they would probably stutter for a while.

But after hearing Benjamin’s words, the middle-aged man was stunned for a while.

"S... Sir..." After a while, he came back to his senses, and asked in a panicked tone, "What is it? Did my useless son cause trouble again?"