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Chapter 110: The Mystery Revealed

Chapter 110: The Mystery Revealed

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Hearing this, Benjamin was not surprised, but he was secretly joyful.

Luckily, the person he wanted to find was really here.

But ... that eccentric assassin was this carpenter’s son? This was the part that shocked Benjamin. You have to know, from his appearance, that "bamboo pole" did not look anything like this carpenter in front of him.

Was he a cuckold next door in a fantasy world?

But let us not judge other people yet, maybe the mother has more dominant genes.

After regaining his composure, Benjamin shook his head and said: "Nothing much really, I just have some questions for him, could you tell me where he is now?"

Hearing this, the carpenter revealed a confused expression. But it had to be due to Benjamin’s polite tone and his noble fashion choices today that after some hesitation, the carpenter nodded.

"Sir, he is in the backyard, just go in from the side door and he will be there."

Saying this, the carpenter led Benjamin to a small entrance at the side of the shop.

He opened the door and shouted: "Sean, there’s a nobleman wanting to see you, did you get into trouble again?"

After a while, from a distance: "Dad, I have caused tons of trouble, which one are you talking about?"


The carpenter took a deep breath, turned around, then faced Benjamin and awkwardly smiled: "Sir, I’m sorry about that, just head in from this door and you will find him."

Benjamin nodded. From the voice that answered, he made a conclusion -- it was correct, he was the assassin that night.

This kind of tone and answer that made people speechless, only he could pull off.

Thus he went through the side door, walked through a small corridor, and arrived at the backyard.

In the backyard, the man called Sean who tried to assassinate Benjamin, and was even one of the knife-scarred man’s followers, stood right there, holding onto a dagger, doing some poses.

It was him!

After so long, he finally found him.

Benjamin took a deep breath and suppressed his excitement. He walked in front of Sean.

"Long time no see, do you still remember me?"

Sean stopped his hand motions, looked at Benjamin and said:" I don’t remember, I don’t think I’ve seen you before." Saying this, he ignored Benjamin’s presence and continued what he was doing previously.


Benjamin took another deep breath, then said: "Do you remember the name Benjamin Lithur?"

At this moment, Sean’s facial expression changed.

He was stunned. He stopped his hand gestures and kept the dagger. He looked at Benjamin seriously, then bowed at him.

"Sorry." He apologized earnestly.

Benjamin was confused.

Apologizing without saying anything, what was going on?

Did he miss something?

Of course, he could not tell what the other person was thinking.

"He has already apologized, just forgive him, or give him an answer at least. Don’t hold grudges as a human." The System said.


Was the logic of the whole conversation supposed to be this way?

Why did Benjamin feel as if something was off?

Luckily, when he was hesitating on what to say, Sean was doing bowing down, and opened his mouth, dissolving the awkwardness of him not knowing what to say.

"That mission to assassinate Benjamin Lithur? I did not carry it out, I am sorry, I am a failed assassin." He said with regret, "You must be the representative of the lady who asked me to do this. Please tell her, it was my first assassination, I did not have any previous experience. I have cheated her of her feelings and am sorry."


Benjamin came back from his state of confusion and was stunned for a while.

The lady ... who asked you?

After some thought, he faced him and said with a stern voice: "Nonsense, you aren’t sorry at all. You have probably already forgotten how our lady looks like, why are you faking an apology? If you are truly sorry, describe how she looked like."

After confirming that the other person knew a lot, the possibility was high that he could finally find the answer to the question he has been wondering for such a long time. Benjamin would not let this chance go.

He was ready to bait Sean to tell him how this "lady who asked him" looked like.

But Sean’s answer filled him with disappointment:

"But…..but I have never seen her before, how could I forget? Please believe me, I sincerely apologize."


Damn, he did not actually see the lady in person.

What a shame, if Sean could describe how the person was, Benjamin could find her quickly and get rid of this unknown threat.

But… there should be other clues.

Benjamin adjusted his sentence and spoke fiercely again: "If so, tell me where you were when she asked you, describe everything one more time to show your honesty. If not, our lady will never forgive you!"

Unknowingly, at this moment, he felt like he has caught up with the way Sean thinks. He was using the knowledge to make Sean answer his question.

He has never given such a fake performance.

It must be because this way of thinking was too magical and contagious.

He could not help but be distracted.

At the same time, with this performance, Sean was convinced.

He nodded, and started describing:

"One day, I had a dream to become a famous assassin, but my friends all made fun of me, saying that if I were one, no one would ever hire me. To prove myself, I made up a story about how great of an assassin I was, and I was willing to take on any tasks. With this, I wrote it on a few hundred pieces of paper and stuck them all around."

Hearing this, Benjamin could not help but think: Did assassins need to be hired through advertisements now?

But, an act like this… it feels like he really pulled it off.

Benjamin had a feeling that he was being lied to, but he still accepted the explanation, and continued listening to his story with patience.

"On the paper, I gave the address of my secret hideout to let people find me, but after a few days, no one came." He heard Sean say," But, on the afternoon of the assassination day, I found a note in a bucket inside my secret hideout. On the paper, it told me to go kill Benjamin Lithur, and it even described the place and the location of the house. With this, I accepted the task and went to carry it out that night, but I ended up going to the wrong room, and failed the assassination, I am really sorry."


So, this was the whole story?

Benjamin could not find the strength to make fun of him.

Just by a piece of paper, one could be ordered to kill another. What was wrong with this world?

Plus, that person who ordered Sean to kill Benjamin, what was she thinking of? Would an "assassin" who leaves advertisements all over the place really a reliable assassin? There was probably something wrong with her for hiring Sean to kill Benjamin

At this moment, Benjamin suddenly had a feeling that this assassination may be a prank.

Maybe it was because someone did not really like him and when he/she stumbled upon the advertisement, felt that it would be funny to write Benjamin’s name on a piece of paper and left it at Sean’s "secret hideout."

But Sean thought it was real and went to kill Benjamin.

What else could he say?

I have been fooled once more.

When Benjamin felt that he has wasted enough time and was ready to leave, suddenly, Sean made a shocking gesture.

This failed assassin took out a pearl necklace from his pocket.

He gave the necklace to Benjamin and said: "This came with that paper as a reward. That lady probably hated Benjamin Lithur very much, so he gave me such a huge reward. But I failed the assassination, I have no right to keep this, please return it to that lady."

Saying this, he slanted his head and continued: "I hope I was not impolite. I saw this necklace and assumed the person who asked me to carry out this task was a lady. I hope I did not address her incorrectly?"

Benjamin was stunned.

Seeing the pearl necklace in Sean’s hand, he stood still and did not move or say anything.

The face he made was as if he was shocked to the core, to the point where his soul left his body, and what was left was just an empty husk that does not have any reactions.

"Sir? Sir?" Seeing this, Sean raised the necklace and dangled it in front of Benjamin’s eyes.

Benjamin did not react.

After some time, he slowly came back to reality. But he did not recover to his original state, his expression remained awful, as if he just found out something that was hard to accept.

He lowered his head, as if he was thinking of something.

"Sir? What’s wrong? If I really addressed the person wrongly, please don’t get mad." Sean said this apologetically.

"No..." Suddenly, Benjamin sighed and moved. He shook his head, took the necklace, and said: "You are not wrong, the person is a... ’lady’.

But, him saying this sentence, you could tell he was furious.

Seeing Sean hand over the necklace, he gave another long sigh, as if he was trying to get rid of the stress piled up in his chest and was doing his best to calm himself down.

After putting the necklace away safely, he nodded at Sean as if someone had just told him his house was gone in a fire. He turned around and hurriedly left.

In his head.

"Right, when you took the necklace, I’ve confirmed. My guess was not wrong." The System said with great confidence, "After comparing with the previous Benjamin’s memories, this necklace is Mary’s favorite accessory, Mary would wear it every day. Trust me, this necklace belongs to Mary. It was only after you transmigrated here, this necklace vanished from Mary’s neck, so you have no memory of it at all."