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Chapter 116: The Water Ball Had Flooded The City - Part 1

Chapter 116: The Water Ball Had Flooded The City - Part 1

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Parker who was still in a daze, gazed at the sky where there seemed to be an unexpected change; he could not help mumbling to himself.

His brain went blank for a while, but he knew some unexpected change had just occurred.

A very big change.

Usually, his instincts would tell him that things did not seem right and this appeared to be dangerous, and running away would be the best option. But, for some reason unknown, at this time and moment, when facing the extremely grand "abnormal object" in the sky, his instincts seemed to have stopped working; he could not draw out a sense of resistance.

As for Parker’s surroundings …...

Clearly, he was not the only one who lifted their heads to look at the sky.

The sudden change attracted everyone’s attention; no one was paying attention to the ball of flame and the two young people on the cross anymore. The crowd near the square, the noblemen on the stage, the scattered Holy Knights and priests ... Everyone present, simultaneously lifted their heads at the same time and looked above their heads, at a sky that was already shrouded by difference in that moment.

"Oh my God …..."

The bustling crowd surrounding the square appeared as if they suddenly received some calling; more than tens of thousand of them lifted their heads at the same time, widened both their eyes and displayed an expression of shock or fear, as though it was a massive cult ritual.

They did not even know what was going on, but the only thing they could see was the "abnormal object" which suddenly appeared in the sky.

Abnormal object indeed. That was the only term everyone present could think of to describe it.

They also had no idea what in the world was in the sky. The whole sky was blocked by this weird "abnormal object". The scene, was like a mirror had appeared above their heads; everything on the ground was reflected blurrily in it.

Furthermore, looking at it closely, they discovered that this mirror surface was arc shaped and carried an odd humidity.

Because the appearance of all this was so sudden, everyone was taken aback. Many held their breaths, and lacked the energy to exert exclamations, not to mention any sort of reactions.

"Is this ... water?"

Soon, someone identified the object above their heads.

Parker too was like this. He forced himself to calm down, stared at the sparkling monumental object, saw the entire square’s reflection in it and so identified what this object was made of.

He could not help wiping away the cold sweat on his forehead.

It was water …...

It really was water, boundless water.

What in the world was going on; why on a particularly sunny sky, was there a sudden appearance of such a big ... big …... Parker was at a loss for words. It literally felt like a whole lake suddenly flew above their heads.

Why did this happen?

Was it magic?

The moment this thought popped up, Parker immediately shook his head in fear, and strangled the thought to death in his head.

No ... Not magic, if there was a magic this scary, to perform it, the magic waves produced would be absolutely incomparable. That magic wave could even be detected by a common person.

But this "abnormal object", it appeared so suddenly, like it just popped out of thin air, out of nowhere, without a sign, striking fear into people’s hearts.

There was no way this could be magic!

But…what in the world is this?

Parker was on the verge of going crazy.

At the same time, at the viewing stand on the left of the square, the noblemen’s reactions were no calmer than the commoners.

Half of them stood up, some even toppled the wine and snacks in their hands. They stared, dumbfounded, at the abnormality in the sky, too shocked to even say a word and had forgotten if they should hurry up and leave.

"Son ... Stop looking, we can’t stay here, we ... We need to hurry to the Church." Suddenly Accius’ expression changed. He recovered from the shock, patted Dick’s shoulder and prompted in a low voice.

Dick jumped, returned to his senses and looked at Accius blankly.

"F-Father ... What is this?"

But Accius did not answer and only pulled Dick away, trying to walk to the outside.

He pinched his thighs, using pain to awaken his senses, and forced a faked calm, trying to not show that he was at a loss like the rest of the crowd.

"I ... I don’t know myself."

He used a shaky voice only he could hear and mumbled to himself.

Accius and Dick blended in with the helpless crowd, and hurried towards the Church.

At the same time.

Unquestionably, the influence of the "abnormal object" in the sky did not stop there. Not only did the ones surrounding the square felt shocked, the others in the capital - those absent from the crowd who came to witness the execution felt it too.

Maybe they were rushing on the streets, maybe they were resting at home, but when the peculiar change took place, they too, as if possessed, walked out to the streets and gazed at the startlingly changed sky.

"Mom ... What’s this?"

"I-I don’t know either."

The streets outside the capital were full of startled faces watching the sky.

Maybe they were further from the square so this "abnormal object" appeared a little different in their eyes.

Like a slope with a certain degree of arc, the "abnormal object" appeared to be positioned in the trough of the slope from the sight of the square; as for those people outside the square could see the outline of the "abnormal object" that resembled ... a sphere.

A hanging, floating, incomparably huge sphere above the capital.

It was so big that as long as one was in the capital, they would not be able to see the entirety of the sphere; they could only guess the whole shape based on the little parts they could see.

However, what was surprising was that no one wanted to escape the capital out of panic. It was like everyone was hit by some dark magic, staring at the huge sphere in the sky, scared to the extent of appearing devoted.

They looked towards the square as if on a pilgrimage, gazed at the sky in that direction which was reflecting the blurry flame and the blurrier figures in the flame.


Outside the capital, at a nameless small village near Havenwright.

A constantly quiet and amicable village, villagers lived and worked peacefully here. If everything were as usual, they would even occasionally glance at the capital far away, displaying an expression of envy and admiration.

And in a small pub in the village.

"The search by the Church was pretty something; just to track down that fellow, they almost threw my head on the block too."

An old man was sitting in the boisterous pub, drank the malt beer in one gulp, wiped his mouth and exclaimed to the brawny man sitting at the same table.

It was indeed the one who had just escaped the capital, Chief "Silverfox".

After helping Benjamin with investigating and finding out the information, he remained in the capital. Until yesterday, the Church loosened the security of the capital and so he, along with another friend, secretly left the capital.

At this moment, he was resting and shooting the breeze with that friend at the pub in the village.

"Well, in the coming days, we can only take things a step at a time," said the old man, shook his head and not waiting for the other’s response, immediately continued with, "Oh right, that buddy of yours, did he successfully send my son to Icor?"

But, his tablemate the brawny man behaved as if he completely did not hear the question; he froze there, not making a move.

He widened his eyes, not looking at Chief "SIlverfox" who was talking to him either.

"What?" The old man saw the situation and patted the brawny man’s shoulder, asking a little bit louder.

The brawny man managed to return to his senses, his gaze a little odd. He glanced at the old man and then could not help looking again at the direction beyond the old man’s back, like there was something especially attractive, making him unable to keep his eyes away.

"Water-Water Ball…"

He did not reply the old man, but instead uttered this whisper which held some degree of fear.

Water Ball?

What the heck?

The old man sensed something unusual; his partner was already in a state of incapable of communicating; so he had no choice but to turn around himself to examine what was so strange.

Through the pub window behind him, he could see the capital’s outline from far away.

If one looked at it at a usual time, the capital was an enormous group of buildings surrounded by city walls. The whole scenery was, from another perspective, a white city erected on a vast dark brown flatland. However, looking towards it now, the sky above this magnificent white city, there was the sudden appearance of a water ball.

A Water Ball indeed, that was it.

At a distance so far away, in their eyes, it was a water ball clear as day.

While struck by surprise, Chief "Silverfox" could not help but stretch out his hand to compare. If the capital was the size of a palm in his eyes, then this unexpected water ball was half the size of his palm.

..... What in the world?

The old man felt his heart almost skip a beat.

During his long career as a mercenary, he had experienced countless extraordinary incidents, and had journeyed at the edge of life and death tens of times. But, when he saw this sight, he felt a feeling of shock in his soul which he had never felt before.

A Water Ball half the size of the capital, suddenly appearing on top of the capital.

What did this mean?

The old man inhaled deeply, forcing himself to recover from his shock. However, he suddenly realized that he had subconsciously stood up and in this short period of time, broke out in cold sweat to the point the clothes on his back were soaked.

"The capital ... What happened this time?"

The moment he uttered the words from his subconscious mind, he realized that the pub which was initially chaotic became incredibly quiet momentously.

Everyone had put down their beer mugs, stood up and as if under the bewitchment of some type of weird magic, gathered in front of the door or window, and were gazing at the Water Ball above the capital with their breaths held, as if they were not watching the capital or Water Ball but a Holy Spirit which had taken form.

Splashes! The dumbfounded bartender knocked a malt beer all over the floor, but that did not attract anyone’s attention.

So, the bartender could only crouch down in an alarmed manner, and wipe at the alcohol on the floor with a cloth. However, while he was wiping, he occasionally lifted his head and could not help but look at the capital and Water Ball which were a distance away, unwilling to blink even once.