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Chapter 117: The Water Ball Had Flooded the City II

Chapter 117: The Water Ball Had Flooded the City II

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"Go get the Pope."

At the same time, at the viewing stand on the right of the square, the Bishop stared at the enormous Water Ball in the sky and could not help but inhale deeply. However he did not fall into shock like the rest of the crowds, instead, he turned around to order a priest.

"No need, I’m back." But before the priest could reply, the Pope’s voice emerged once again from the back, " No peculiarity with the Holy Items, this thing has nothing to do with them."

Many church staffs were seen turning their heads to the stage. All they could see was the Pope holding the sceptre in hand, walking hurriedly over.

A few bowed correspondingly.

Without anticipating any of them to utter a word, the Pope then stood once more on the viewing stand. He gazed at the sky, wearing an expression of grave concern.

"What in the world happened, in these 8 years?" Suddenly he turned to look at the Bishop, his tone sounding quite solemn. "When, did a mage of this caliber appear in our kingdom?"

The Bishop shook his head and said, "It might not be a mage, I cannot feel any magical waves."

Upon hearing that, the Pope tightened his grip on the scepter. The Bishop’s words seemed to have frustrated him; he looked towards the Bishop’s gaze without any friendliness he showed earlier.

"Not a mage, then what is it? God’s will?" He walked in front of the Bishop and stared at him coldly. "Are you trying to tell me that God is unhappy with my actions, and that He is delivering a divine punishment, is that right?"

The Bishop looked straight at the Pope, his expression not fluctuating a bit.

"Your Majesty the Pope, you’re overthinking. I’m merely referring to this issue as it is."

The Pope seemed to have lost interest in pursuing the matter; made a cold "hmph" sound, turned around and once again threw his gaze on the enormous Water Ball in the sky.

"The will of God isn’t something we can measure or predict." His voice grew as cold as a metal sheet in a land of ice and snow. "But God bestowed an extraordinary, supernatural talent of the Holy Light on me, and not you. This is the will of God. That is why I am the Pope and you’re the Bishop."

The Bishop gazed at the Pope’s back and nodded his head, his expression as indifferent as those of a sculpture.


The Pope stopped paying attention to the Bishop and instead looked to the sky once more, wearing a solemn expression.

Suddenly, he stretched out his hand, chanted a spell, and a ball of golden flame took form in his hand. He looked once at the crowd surrounding the square, and unhesitatingly threw the flame towards the gigantic sphere in the sky.

The flame drew a golden trail in the air which appeared similar to a meteor.

This caught the attention of the crowd at the square. They forcibly recovered from the initial shock as they watched how the small flames bounding towards a gigantic object, and suddenly became a little nervous.

Some people were puzzled.

"His Majesty the P-Pope actually took action....So, this thing isn’t God’s will? "

Next to Parker, a knight exclaimed as such.

As for Parker himself, he stared at the golden fire light and unintentionally held his breath. He seemed to want to utter something but he could not say a word as if thousands of words and a million phrases were stuck in his chest.

He could only hold on to his feeling of fear and gazed dazedly at the two objects colliding in the sky.

At the blink of an eye, the flame collided into the calm arc-shaped water surface.

"Is it coming..." Suddenly, Parker tightened his grip on his sweaty palms.

Everyone present unblinkingly stared at the scene, an emotion of suspense shrouding the crowd. They did not even know if they should expect the Pope to destroy this "abnormal thing" or to expect him to fail.

All they saw was that, in the sky, the golden flame flew quickly, like a lively koi fish, and under the gazes of the crowd, plunged headfirst through the water surface.


The fire was extinguished; not even a bit of smoke came out.


For some reason, in the square, waves of relieved sighs were surprisingly heard.

As if they were secretly afraid that the Pope could erase such a shocking spectacle with just this ball of fire. After witnessing the Pope’s failure, they quietly breathed a sigh of relief. But who knew, when everyone’s sighs were gathered, it actually sounded loud and clear.

Clearly, this loud simulataneous sigh also scared them.

A knight finally recovered from the shock, scratched his head and somewhat awkwardly asked, "That…The Pope, His Majesty the Pope surprisingly failed, so what in the world is this thing?"

Parker heard that, took a deep breath instead, shook his head and with a slightly shaky voice, replied, "Not yet, the Pope was merely testing the waters. Soon…Soon, His Majesty the Pope will use true his Divine Powers."

Subtle expectations and discomfort melded together, making him unsure of how to predict the coming manner of things.

The thing that could allow the Pope to display such an attitude of hostility, the huge plane of water in the sky is probably ... magic?

Parker suddenly felt chills.

... It really was magic.

What type of magic could have such an astonishing impact? Not just that, what was even scarier was that this thing did not carry any magical waves, just like a phantom. Without any indications, it just appeared out of thin air above their heads, neatly blocking the whole sky.

The total flip over of what he was used to knowing about magic made Parker very uncomfortable.

What... What was this?

He had experienced so many battles in his life, stepped foot on the kingdom’s various corners, chopped off many mages’ heads with his own hands, but facing this gigantic object, he still felt fear and confusion like he was a baby himself.

"Why do I feel like, I’ve seen this thing before….." Suddenly, another knight next to him gazed at the sky and hesitatingly opened his mouth, "This thing, is somewhat like that, what is it called ... that ‘Water Ball Spell’?"

... Water Ball Spell?

What damn Water Ball Spell!

Upon hearing that, Parker was like a lighted explosive barrel; the emotions which were long suppressed suddenly exploded. He angrily stretched out his hand and aggressively seized the knight who said that.

"Water Ball Spell? I think your damn brain is burnt to bits! Water Ball Spell…..." He clapped at the knight’s head, like he was slapping an idiot, while scolding, "Still a freaking water ball spell…... Your house grows water balls which look like this? After so many years of being a knight, you consider this a Water Ball Spell?"

He punched harder and harder, as if only this type of powerful punching and continuous cursing and scolding could ease his sudden fear.

Water Ball Spell?

Looked somewhat ... similar to a Water Ball …...

A huge Water Ball which covered the sky …...

No, no, no! What was he thinking? This could not be a Water Ball Spell! Water Ball Spell was some plain magic only mages of beginner level practiced, how could it be this big of a threat?

Parker strongly reminded himself at this crucial moment.

There was no way! No way that this was a Water Ball Spell!

He must be crazy; he could not believe that he was almost misled by this punk.

No, he had to punch harder, and had to awake this punk’s brain, in case this punk had other peculiar ideas which would imbue others, tainting the identity of a Royal Knight.

Parker violently punched at the knight who uttered "Water Ball Spell". This duo even caused a small commotion in the crowd.

At the same time.

At the viewing stand on the right, the Pope saw that the flame was easily blocked. His expression also changed, displaying one that was even gloomier.

"A little tricky …..."

He did not immediately begin the next round of experimenting, but instead looked at the sky while releasing his incomparably sensitive spiritual energy and attempted to feel the gigantic matter in the sky, detecting its origin and also where its weakness really could be.

Suddenly, his expression changed.

It was as if he discovered something; he no longer paid attention to the "abnormal object" in the sky but instead, lowered his head while wearing an expression with some degree of surprise, and looked towards the middle of the square, to the cross bundled in flames.

The fire execution was still ongoing. The flames on the cross would not stop because of this.

All he saw, was that one of the black haired teenagers was already dead and burnt by the fire to the extent that his body was indistinguishable. However, on the other side of the cross, the blond teen still had his head lifted, eyes unfazed and held some sort of expression close to devotion as he looked towards the sky.

It was that brother who replaced Grant to die - Benjamin Lithur.

He was still alive.

Not only was he alive, he was well and alive. As if since the peculiar changes in the sky, there seemed to have suddenly appeared an invisible layer of barrier around him. The raging flame was blocked from him by some unknown matter, making the flames unable to hurt him one bit.

He was bounded as such on the cross, his body within flames and his expression was not one bit nervous; it was as calm as the water surface in the sky.

"This fellow is a bit odd." Seeing all this, the Pope could not help but frown and tightened his grip on the scepter in hand, the lowered voice hiding fear.

Before the people around him could react to his statement, or before he could make his next move, there was yet another sudden change.

The teen who was trapped in the fire but not one bit hurt suddenly moved.

It was like he felt something; his eyes followed and turned. The moment the Pope looked towards him through the raging flames, he too stared at the Pope.

The two different gazes met silently in midair.

As if time was silently stagnant.

Suddenly, the teen lifted his brows, made some rude expressions and winked at the Pope as if he was flirting.


After a short moment of surprise, suddenly, the Pope looked like he thought of something and hurriedly looked towards the sky.

All he saw was that the initially calm gigantic water ball in the sky was now, as if it received some sort of provocation, vibrating violently.

After that, under the terrified gazes of countless people, similar to a falling sky, the whole Water Ball seemed to have been unable to maintain its form and explosively collapsed. It became a violently falling waterfall and in a splash, raced towards the entire capital.