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Chapter 119: A Fissure in the Space of Consciousness

Chapter 119: A Fissure in the Space of Consciousness

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Benjamin has seen the term space fissure in many novels.

He used to think that he might witness this legendary magical phenomena somewhere random, like traveling through space or something to widen his experiences... but he never thought that he would see it in his own mind.

That’s right, within the space of consciousness, something similar to a space fissure has appeared.


It was a vertical fissure, with a width of not up to 10 centimeters but had a length of at least 10 meters, as if it was lightning that struck from above, Benjamin felt stunned looking at it. Within the fissure, a soft blue light was faintly peeking out. Benjamin could not help but think of the cerulean space.

This fissure leads to the cerulean space?

But judging from the way things were, Benjamin could not be glad.

He did wish that he could go to the cerulean space a few more times but definitely not like this. To stay in the cerulean space, he could only do it in his spiritual form. In his conscious state, he would probably explode to pieces if he entered the space.

Even more importantly, the position where this fissure appeared, of all places, was exactly where his water rune was.

Magical rune- his one true love.

In the darkness, the ice rune and air rune were still shimmering beside, only that the light was much dimmer than before, a sight that made Benjamin’s flesh ache. What made Benjamin’s heart ache and knot even more was that the water rune was gone.

In his space of consciousness, only two runes were left.

Facing this sight and situation, he was not just dumbfounded anymore, Benjamin was beginning to feel horrified.

Losing a triangular rune was not a joke!

"Hey, super undefeatable artificial intelligence System? Quickly explain the situation now." He endured the unceasing headaches, and loudly shouted, "Where did the water rune go? What the hell happened here?"

After a while only did the System pop up, saying, "It blew up."

"…Blew up?"

Benjamin was a little bewildered.

"Yeah, blew up." The System’s voice sounded a little unhappy, "All you young people, don’t constantly think about making a big deal out of things; now that something has happened, you want to criticize me. This was clearly your responsibility, don’t blame me."


Benjamin was speechless for a while, then took a deep breath and said word by word, "I just want to know, where in the world the water rune went."

The System replied, "Didn’t I say it already? It blew up. When you continuously summoned water balls, that rune kept vibrating. Finally, you detonated the water ball and the rune exploded too, blowing up a fissure like this. And just like this, the space of consciousness after that is the way you see it now."

Hearing that, Benjamin was dumbfounded.

Cannot believe… it really blew up…

He was already mentally prepared for the consequences of a huge water ball. But, even if he had more mental preparation, there was no fucking way he could have seen this coming!

How, How could he continue?

Unquestionably, his incomparably intense headache was caused by the rune’s explosion and the appearance of the fissure. Do not judge him from his cheery chats with the System; he has endured headaches for an unknown length of time. He only reluctantly got used to it and managed to maintain a clear consciousness, or else he would have fainted earlier.

Who knew how long this headache would persist? What if it does not disappear ever, what does he do then? He could not possibly endure this type of headache for life.

Furthermore, with the current state of his space of consciousness and his energy withered, there was no way he could perform even one spell. Cannot use magic? Then what is left for him?

Benjamin suddenly felt deeply attacked.

This after effect was really more severe than he imagined- way more severe!


The proverb was right, impulsiveness is the devil. If he knew earlier, he would not have done this. Tell me, what benefits were there in making the water balls? Even his consciousness was blasted to this state, and he was not even sure if he could fix it…



Suddenly Benjamin snapped out of his daze and realized a problem.

He... was still alive?

He was not burnt to death by the raging flames surrounding the cross, nor was he purified by the Pope. His limbs were all there, freely moving, with not even half a sign that he was in heaven.

What was the situation?

That last look from the Pope expressed it clearly- he could see that Benjamin was a mage. But now, Benjamin was still alive, unpurified by the Holy Light, which did not make sense.


No doubt, after he lost his consciousness, something unexpected must have had occurred at the execution site again.

What in the world happened?

Not only that, there was also the huge water ball he detonated; how did that impact the capital?

There were too many questions in Benjamin’s heart.

On that thought, he decided to put aside the complicated fissure related matters aside and focus on figuring out his situation. The space of consciousness was undeniably important but the situation below his eyes was more important. No matter what, he needed to know where he was right?

And because of this, he took one last look at the huge fissure which gave him palpitations and left the space of consciousness, returning once more to reality.

In reality, he was still sitting on the old bed, holding his head in pain. But he could get accustomed to this pain if he tried, so, he still took a deep breath, lifted his head and scanned the surrounding.

A completely unfamiliar environment.

This was a small, dimly lit room. The room was simple and crude, except for the bed underneath his butt, there were no other furniture. The furnishings of the room were also very unfamiliar, and Benjamin had no idea where this was.

But, he recognized the person leaning by the door.


This moment he recognized her, he was dumbfounded once more.

Why is she here, could it be that... Michelle saved him?

But…then how did she do it?

"What happened?"

After hesitating for a while, Benjamin opened his mouth to ask. But the voice which escaped his lips scared him till he jumped; it was so weak, as weak as a cancer patient in their latest stage.

"You’re finally awake?" Hearing his words, Michelle turned her head and looked at him. "I thought you would hold your head, rooted there for life, or become an idiot."

Benjamin did not care about Michelle’s taunting words, and instead shook his head and asked, "You saved me? Also, where is this?"

Michelle gave a cold snort, turned her head and said coldly, "Who can save you from the Church’s cross? I don’t have the ability. It’s you who saved yourself. Being able to perform magic up to this standard, you have nothing to be afraid of now."

Hearing that, Benjamin could not help but frown.

Not her who saved him, what does this mean?

She said that it was his was huge water ball which saved him?

Although Benjamin was also very surprised at how powerful the water ball was, he also knew clearly that a mere water ball could not have saved him. Unless he could make it explode to the point the Pope and the whole Church needed to get on the ground, otherwise, after the water ball, the Church would definitely not let him go.

Something else must have happened.

Who was it who saved him from the cross in front of half the capital’s citizens?

He was just about to ask, but he was interrupted by Michelle. Michelle seemed to not have observed Benjamin’s confusion and instead opened her mouth to continue what she said earlier.

"But, don’t be glad too early." All he heard her say was this, "The Church has begun pursuing you. For you, they’ve even locked up the whole capital, not letting anyone in or out. If you keep taking your time, both of our situations are still very dangerous."