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Chapter 120: The Parent’s Respective Decisions

Chapter 120: The Parent’s Respective Decisions

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Although Benjamin did not manage to ask what he wanted to ask, but from Michelle’s words, he has received a lot of information.

Firstly, the Church was after him, meaning that the Church has already found out about his identity. Next, the Church locked down the capital, so he was in a highly dangerous situation, meaning that he was still in the capital. The entire capital was still fine and not blown up by his one water ball.

Then, thinking along these lines, this small dimly lit house was probably Michelle’s secret rendezvous in the capital.

But, the biggest question in his heart was still unanswered.

After he lost his consciousness, what happened at the execution site?

"Why don’t you tell me what happened after I fainted." Benjamin asked the System in his heart.

Michelle always talks in circles. To clarify events from her side would definitely require more waste of tongue and lips so Benjamin might as well ask the System straightaway.

-------- To explain what happened when Benjamin was asleep, was that not the System’s greatest duty?

"Your water ball broke open, became pure water streams, and almost destroyed the whole capital with a flood." The System carried out his responsibility dutifully, and began describing in detail, "But after all, you fainted, no one was directing the spell so the water streams couldn’t live up to their full potential of power and disintegrated quickly. The Church people aren’t vegetarians either. They made a huge shield to hold it for a bit. So finally, maybe some illegal constructions got washed away, but you didn’t cause any injuries or death."

At this point, the System paused and then continued, "Of course, a period of chaos is unavoidable; many people fainted from fear, if not, they fainted from the slap of water falling from the sky and the rest of them were in an uproar."

However, listening thus far, Benjamin felt a sliver of disappointment.

That was it?

At least, it is good that no innocent people died or sustained injuries so that was one good thing. However, regarding this, a feeling of regret actually emerged from Benjamin, as if the water ball that he spent so much effort and care making should have exploded a little more, not in such a manner of loud thunder but mere showers of rain.

...How did he become such a psychopath?

Not good, the world is so wonderful, but I am so resentful, not good.

While Benjamin was readjusting his emotions, the System’s descriptions continued.

"But you don’t need to be so disappointed. Before the water separated into water elements, it caused a great flood. A few noblemen were holding on to planks, yelling for help, just like those natural disasters on TV. Also the Church and the Pope were a busy mess thanks to you, and didn’t have time to care about you. And because of that, a few people emerged from the crowd and saved you from the cross."

Hearing that, Benjamin could not hide his surprise.

An abduction from the site of magic?

Sadly, he missed such an interesting plot line….

"Michelle did it?" After thinking, he asked in his heart.

"No, those people don’t have much to do with Michelle. Michelle found you later." But the System replied as such, "Those who saved you from the cross and used the chaos to bring you away from the site were people Claude had hired."

Benjamin was astonished.

...Claude saved him?

The one who, whenever they came face to face, had to scold him or else he would feel unwell, the one who, every day, had countless bones to pick with him, and never wore a pleasant expression, his cheap father – Claude Lithur?

Complicated emotions immediately surged. Suddenly, Benjamin felt a little unsure of what to say.

This was an answer he could have never predicted.

Coincidentally, in reality, Michelle also walked to his bedside and threw a letter next to his hand.

"I know you must have many questions in your mind. Why don’t you take a look at this letter that your father wrote to you? You’ll probably understand what’s going on after you’re done." Michelle quietly said, "When I took you in from the hands of those people, they passed me this letter saying that it had to be passed to you."

Benjamin was dazed and rooted on the spot, not sure if it was this news that made him unable to react or was it the headache that made him unable to speak.

But he quickly recovered, took a deep breath and picked up the letter next to his hand. He opened the letter with an inexplainable feeling, and quietly began reading it.

The contents of the letter were simple; Benjamin finished it in less than 5 minutes. But after finishing, he merely sat there, staying silent for quite a while.

Actually, in the letter, Claude did not bring up any related phrases. He did not explain why he saved Benjamin, nor express his shock at Benjamin being a mage. He only said on the letter: "Since you have learnt magic now, then continue studying it properly. Don’t always slack all day and not do proper work. Although magic is banned by the Church, but it’s still a skill. Stay and hide away overseas, you could also expand well there."

The words used in the letter were hard and cold, still the same tone which Claude usually lectured Benjamin with, wanting Benjamin to do this and this and then that and that.

Benjamin could even imagine the actions and expressions of Claude who was spewing these words.

However, facing this familiar lecture, Benjamin’s feelings were completely different from before.

Unbelievable…It really was Claude.

He was framed by Mary and when he was brought away, Claude was still out observing territories. Thus, although Benjamin was not mad at Claude, he never held any expectations for Claude.

And because of that, Benjamin would have never thought that it would Claude who would finally save him.

To allow the most disappointing older son to take the place of the high profile youngest son to die, even if Claude was not satisfied with this method, but for the result, he would probably silently accept it…

But Claude did not.

Claude chose to take a huge risk and would rather be suspected by the Church, investigated... to save a son he usually does not look at more than a glance from the Church’s cross.

Thinking along these lines, Benjamin suddenly felt a tightening in his chest. Complicated emotions, which were difficult to talk about, stayed swaying in his mind and heart.

After staying silent for long, finally, he could only grip the letter paper in his hand tightly and took a deep breath, attempting to loosen and un-knot the emotions in his chest.

"You don’t have to be too sad; it’s not that your father isn’t willing to see you in person." Michelle, who was standing at the side, suddenly opened her mouth and said, "After that day, the Church opened an investigation on the Lithur family. To avoid suspicion, your father has no way to see you."

Benjamin heard that and became silent once more.

Suddenly, with a poker face, he opened his mouth to ask, "Do I look very sad?"

"Not really sad, but more of guilt." He only heard Michelle say that. "But, judging from your face that looks close to crying, yes, you look very sad."

Benjamin sighed, fell back on the bed and stared blankly at the ceiling.

"Thank you, your words are too comforting."

Sensing the situation, Michelle could only shake her head, and said, "I understand how you

feel, but our situation now doesn’t allow enough time for you to frown and make a sour face."

As she was speaking, she walked to the door, held it, and then turned around to look at Benjamin and said, "I’m going out to scout the situation. I’ll be back in an hour. I hope that by then, you would have readjusted yourself."

Finishing her words, she did not care if Benjamin replied or not, and so opened the door and left.

Now, in the dimly lit room, only Benjamin was left. He laid on the bed, suddenly aggressively shut his eyes and let out a long sigh.