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Chapter 143: A Big Bang

Chapter 143: A Big Bang

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Benjamin really had an urge to run at a wall.

The joy from successfully getting rid of the red gemstone almost made him forget how petty the existence known as the Space of Consciousness was. He still remembered the result of his earlier attempt to use other types of magic in the Space- those testy Water Particles almost counter attacked him.

And now, he threw some god-knows-what – but definitely a material which was definitely strongly related to a Fire Particle -- into it. What difference was there between this and throwing sodium into the lake?

Benjamin did not even dare imagine what was coming next.

Just like this, under the System’s continuous alarm, he entered the Space of Consciousness.

In the darkness, all he could see was that the red gemstone was hovering halfway in the air, vibrating uneasily. The red light in the gem had never shakily shone the way it did now, as if it was a tiger who mistakenly entered a pride of lions roaring angrily, ready to pounce at any time.

Benjamin felt a sense of uneasiness.

However, what made him feel more in danger was the Space’s water particles. He had never seen the water particles as restless as today, manically gathering beside the red gemstone; they had even formed a substantial, blue luminous arc around the gem.

Countless aggressive luminous arcs circled the red gemstone, surrounding it. Wave after wave of strong oscillations were released and reverberated in the Space of Consciousness, even warping the surrounding Space slightly.

"Warning! Warning…"

"Warn your fucking mom! Don’t just blindly chatter, if you have no ideas then shut the fuck up!" Benjamin couldn’t tolerate it anymore and turned back to shout, finally making the System stop its noisy voice.

But the moment the System’s voice disappeared, Benjamin immediately noticed another much softer sound.


He turned his head, took a deep breath and looked towards the direction of the red gemstone. All he saw was, under the aggressive siege of water particles, the red light within the gem struggled frantically and suddenly, a small crack appeared on the gem.

An extremely strong premonition of danger surged instinctively in his mind.

Benjamin’s hairs stood on end, and he held his breath.

Is-Is it exploding?

It better not explode in his brain! The previous water rune explosion already blasted out a huge fissure, and for this red gemstone; the energy contained inside is definitely more and not less!

What would happen?

Benjamin really did not dare continue his thoughts.

Whatever it is, he definitely cannot allow this shit to explode here!

What could he do?

Suddenly, Benjamin noticed the fissure above and to the side in the Space of Consciousness.

The fissure was much smaller than it was at the beginning, but width-wise, it could still allow this piece of red gemstone to go through. Blue light still shone within the fissure, leading Benjamin to reluctantly think about that Pure Blue Space.

If…he threw this piece of gem into the fissure, what would happen?

The moment this thought popped out, it grew crazily like poison ivy, and momentously took up all of his thoughts.

How about…trying it out?

Thinking of the reverberating sound waves in the Pure Blue Space, Benjamin did not even think the gem would be alright there- it definitely will explode, and might even explode with greater force.

If he really wanted to throw it in then, oh my god.

When he was hesitating, the crack within the red gemstone slowly grew, bit by bit. Accompanied by a noise which made one cringe, the red light started struggling even more, as if an angry spirit that was held captive for many thousands of years was to penetrate the seal in this moment, breaking out from the ground.

No time for dilly-dallying.

In that moment, Benjamin made a decision.

Who cares how it blows the Pure Blue Space up; it would still be better than it detonating in the Space of Consciousness, right?

He arrived at the side of the red gem and stretched out his hand to grip it. In that moment, he could even feel the manic emotion within the gem, bringing him too to feel an ill-temper- he almost could not help but forcefully squeeze it.

But he still resumed his cool and arrived next to the fissure.

He looked at the quiet and mysterious fissure before his eyes, took a deep breath and then lifted his hand, imagining that he was an Olympic javelin athlete, craving to throw out the javelin in his hand to stun a panel of judges who had a lot to say.

Gradually, his expression regained calmness.


As if some invisible referee’s gun sounded, he sprang into action.

After entering the Space of Consciousness, the red gem also lost its ability to stick onto a person’s hand without getting flung off. Thus, under Benjamin’s desperate throw, it was as if it transformed into a bolt of red lightning in the dark and flew into the fissure with a ‘whoosh’.

As for Benjamin, after the gem left his hand, he immediately turned and ran, fleeing far away from that fissure. He only turned his head back after running for ten or more meters, holding his breath and nervously watched the fissure where a red gem was tossed into.

The fissure was still there; no changes had occurred.





Just when Benjamin was so nervous he almost could not breathe, a shockingly huge blast erupted from the fissure. As if his ears were stuffed with lighted firecrackers, Benjamin, who stood more than ten meters away, was almost shaken until he lost his balance, a humming sound in his brain.


This-this is probably close to a fucking atomic bomb?

Although he did not witness the power of the explosion with his own eyes, but just from the volume and vibrations which escaped from the fissure, Benjamin was certain that if he had allowed that thing to explode in the Space of Consciousness, the whole Space would have been blown to nothingness.


Just how much energy was stored in this tiny, 12-faceted gem?

Still in shock, Benjamin forced himself to stand firmly, not letting himself fall in a humiliating way.

Then, he looked towards the fissure. He wanted to see if there were any changes to the fissure after this round of explosion.

However, he saw instead a blue object flying at his face, zooming closer, constantly growing bigger in his eyes.

What-What is this?


That thing came too quickly, Benjamin could not react in time and already he felt a pain on his forehead. His world spun, his head dizzy, his sight blurry, and he fell to the ground with a thud.

---- In that situation he could not dodge in time, the blue object struck his forehead mercilessly.


Benjamin could not help cursing out loud as he fell to the ground holding his forehead.

He only recovered from the incident after a while. He stood up from the ground and looked towards the fissure once again. He was not very sure what had happened, but that unknown object which suddenly struck him definitely had something to do with the earlier explosion.

But at a glance, he was surprised.

After such a shocking explosion, the fissure was still quietly erected there, with the same height, same width; the mysterious blue light faintly peeked out without a slight difference.

Benjamin displayed a face of disbelief.

What a stubborn fissure.

He was initially mentally prepared, whether it be the fissure expanding a few times more, the trauma growing more severe, more recovery time and the sort….after all, compared to having the entire Space of Consciousness blown to bits, those were actually pretty good consequences.

Unexpectedly, the fissure did not enlarge one bit.

Benjamin walked over once more to confirm this in detail. That’s right, not even a slight change; even the hairline fractures branching out from the fissure did not change one bit.

He suddenly released a breath of relief.

Not bad, not bad, no bad news, so that’s good news.

After confirming that there were no new changes on the fissure, Benjamin was relieved. So, he turned his head, focusing his attention on the unknown object which struck him earlier.