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Chapter 146: Town of Crewe

Chapter 146: Town of Crewe

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Benjamin broke into laughter.

The moment he saw this sentence, he could imagine that scene -----Michelle’s poor soul upon seeing this particular sentence, and showing an expression of rage and disbelief, and would probably start cussing. Without much choice, except leaving cussing words from anger, she could not do anything else.

"Son of a bXtXh…..." Benjamin could not stop himself from silently reading this once again.

To be honest, if he died from some unknown red gemstone, and ended up turning into a wraith of some sort, after seeing what "Soul’s Fire" wrote, he would probably not feel that different from Michelle.

This so-called treasure that he left behind was really deceiving.

Lucky for him he had a Space of Consciousness, and it had a rift.

Benjamin shook his head, but finally, he put all of this aside and continued on.

Those words were nevertheless truthful. Following this tunnel, he could reach the Valley of Broken Armies at the east of the kingdom. He could completely escape the Church and slip out of the kingdom.

This escape route would it be enough, was it not?

In reality, an underground cavern that stretched this far was a miracle itself. Benjamin estimated that the whole passage was about a few hundred kilometers, and who knew how much longer he had to walk.

Benjamin could not help but think of the times he sent Jeremy to run errands for him.

How the tides had turned!

He could relatively understand why Jeremy showed the expression of despair and numbness everything he was asked to run errands for Benjamin. After walking down the passage for almost two days, his facial expression appeared number than Jeremy.

Staying in a place without sunlight where the only source of entertainment was the System and none other, this would certainly drive a person mad.

He could only hurry and stop when he was tired, then continued to mend the rift in his Space of Consciousness. He had walked about half a month, in the end, the dried bread in his basket started to turn mouldy, and he had to eat sparingly. Fortunately his intestines were in a good condition and he had not suffered any sickness; no one else could understand this hardship.

The only thing worth rejoicing over was that during these days, he managed to complete the repair works on his Space of Consciousness.

While he kept on with walking and resting throughout the journey, he also continued pouring water particles into the rift. The explosion previously did not create much impact to the rift. The rift gradually became smaller as he was about to reach the end of his journey. In the end, with a small shockwave, the rift closed and disappeared into the darkness of the Space of Consciousness.

At that moment, the headache that had been troubling Benjamin was finally gone.

Even though he was used to that kind of migraine, but making it disappear completely was equivalent to a virgin boy that had been single his whole life finally being able to lose himself of that identity. It was like the clouds cleared off to make way for a blue sky. He felt refreshed; his endocrine system returned to normal.

At last, he could cast magic once more without having to worry!

Even though the rune that exploded had not returned yet, but at least he had two other spells. Thus, he used the Pillar of Steam to propel himself forward, not having to walk till his bones break anymore.

To be able to use magic at his will; such feeling had been long anticipated.

However after losing one of the runes, the other two runes seemed to be affected. When he used magic, its strength felt about ten to twenty percent weaker.

Benjamin was helpless as he could not do anything. He just had to slowly fix the trauma left behind by the giant Water Ball.

He used the Icebreaking Spell to conjure ice at the original position of the exploded rune, then used water particles to fill the ice. He was preparing to recondense the rune that conjured the Waterball spell. Luckily, it went smoothly this time as there was no explosion like before.

Previously what made he worry the most was that after the rune exploded, there was no way of reforming it. Fortunately, this was not the case. This method of repairing the Space of Consciousness was quite flexible.

Time passed like a blink of an eye. He finally reached the end of the cavern.

"Damn ... I can see sunlight."

After experiencing a month of living underground, Benjamin reached the exit in the middle of the mountainous region. He stepped out from the underground and was welcomed by the clear sky. He could not help but feel grateful.

If he were to stay inside any longer, he wondered if he would go crazy.

It really was ... an indescribable feeling.

"At this moment, I feel like I should recite a poem to express the feelings bottled up in my chest." The System suddenly exclaimed.

"You are just an egg now, an egg does not have the right to talk." Benjamin said this harshly, "Don’t think that I won’t get rid of you now that the rift is gone, and you will have great days ahead."


The System kept quiet resentfully.

Benjamin left the underground passage, and examined the surroundings to affirm it was the correct place. He then set off for the nearest town from here.

Even if the System did not remind him, he already memorized the geography of this area in the map very well.

The town closest to here was the border town of Crewe, which was at the most eastern part of the kingdom.

It existed because of the Crusader Gateway and the Valley of Broken Armies. Whether it was traders, or those priests on a mission, they would all stop at Crewe. After some time the economy at the town progressed into a well-to-do state. It can be said that Crewe was one of the must go to places for a person going abroad, or those leaving or entering the kingdom. All of them could not avoid this place.

Benjamin was starving; it was time for him to properly nourish himself.

He was not worried about being on the wanted list of the Church. Even though his albino disguise had faded a lot, but after being in the underground pass for half a month, his hair had grown a lot; his clothing was tattered; his face was gritty and grimy; his eyes were circled with dark spots from the lack of sleep. He was very much like a barbarian.

If anyone were to recognize him now, that person would be way too skilled.

Crewe was a few kilometers away from the cave. Benjamin first used the Pillar of Steam to fly for a while. When he was getting close to the town, he started walking instead and very soon entered the village.

It was a refreshing experience for Benjamin to see a human face after being isolated for half a month.

----He seemed to have really turned into a barbarian.

Being a border town, Benjamin thought that the denizens would be very uneducated and rough; all of them would be armed with a longsword as they walked around, and would easily get provoked to get into fights. However after arriving at the town, he found out that it gave off a relaxed feeling.

"Hey man, wanna try one of our black buns? Every traveller would buy one for defense, it has been said that someone killed a gray bear with it!"


Despite what he said was laughable, the young man that pushed around the cart to sell things, did not reveal any uneasy expression when faced with a barbarian. It was as if he did not care at all.

Benjamin could not help but feel contaminated by this sense of joy and optimism.

"Well ….. I’ll take one then."

The sack of gold coins he snatched from Dick could definitely afford him to purchase not just one bread; he could buy the whole cart if he wanted. In fact he was hungry. As tasteless as the long, hard, and black bread was, it would be better than a mouldy bread.

After hurrying his whole journey, it was time for him to finally have a proper rest.

Benjamin felt like he came to a resort town; eating, drinking and even preparing dried food for the following journey. He changed into new clothes, and put up a new disguise to make sure no one could recognize him.

After resting for about half a day, when the time was almost evening. He took his luggage and acted like a travelling merchant, and set off towards the Crusader Gateway which was east of the small town.

He was prepared to cross the border of the Kingdom of Helius.