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Chapter 154: The Guest From Icor

Chapter 154: The Guest From Icor

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Initially, Benjamin allocated a maximum of 15 minutes for this lesson. He soon realised that he very much underestimated the enthusiasm and curiosity of his ‘students’ in his initial expectations.

"Teacher, how do you come to know all of this knowledge?"

"Teacher Benjamin, where does magical elements come from? Are they the formation blocks of the word? Or are they just a special presence that are dissociated from all matters in this world?"

"Teacher, I didn’t manage to take down everything in my notes. Do you mind repeating what you said?"

"Teacher Benjamin, do you know how to cast intermediate spells? Can you show us?"


Benjamin was overwhelmed. At first, he felt quite pleased with the name ‘Teacher’ despite its oddness, but that satisfaction only lasted for about 15 minutes. After that, the word ‘Teacher’ became his binding spell; he would feel a reflexive pain in his head whenever he heard the word.

This bunch really loves asking questions. Of course, Benjamin would not be so troubled if those questions could be easily answered. However, most of the questions they posed are ones that even Benjamin had no answers to, so whenever he was asked, he would feel a mountain of pressure and expectations piling on his back.

After all, he was just an amateur ‘Teacher’. He has not even completed his own pursuit for knowledge, how could he handle all these questions?

"Um…. Guys, I’d like for you to stop addressing me as ‘Teacher’. Instead, just call me Benjamin," He said helplessly, "I’m also a new mage, and am still slowly discovering the different facets of magic. The things I shared with you today are information I got from a book, and I only hope that you could utilize it to increase your magical abilities so that we can finally leave the Kingdom of Helius."

Thankfully, the students calmed down after that as they stopped calling him ‘Teacher’. After he was sure that all of them have learnt the method for meditation, he finally called it a day. Everyone kept away their pens, papers and stools, and gratefully bowed to Benjamin before they dismissed themselves. Judging from their eager and passionate faces, they probably would start training right after they arrived in the comforts of their homes.

Benjamin felt very flattered and touched by their actions. Setting apart the ripple effects could happen in the future due to his actions today, Benjamin felt that he might have already changed the course of their lives in the 30 minutes he spent talking to these 20+ mages. If Benjamin never existed, some of them would probably perish in the church’s hunt for mages; some of them would hide their identity forever and live their lives as commoners, taking up roles like an ordinary carpenter or a tavern owner. However, from today onwards, they would embark on the path of magic. They might die, or they might live an unforgettable and extraordinary life.

Benjamin had no idea whether this move of his helped them or pushed them towards their demise. Regardless, Benjamin had no regrets.

No one could see into the future. At least, the longing and anticipations that reflected in their eyes upon their departure actually existed here. Benjamin too left the ‘secret base’ that belonged solely to the mages. He returned to Augustine’s tavern.

Although the task to steal a cross was still in his consideration, Benjamin ran out of ideas to actually resolve it. Hence, he could do nothing but to cast that matter aside for now, and instead chose to catch up on his meditation exercises. He did plan to strengthen the other two runes before he finally managed to condense another water rune.

He planned to meditate throughout the afternoon, but the bartender of the tavern came to him at approximately 2pm. He called for Benjamin, visibly shaken, "Brother, have you seen where our boss went to?"

Augustine? Benjamin frowned as he tried to recall his whereabouts. He shook his head. "No idea. Why, what happened?"

If his guess was accurate, Augustine was probably hidden somewhere in town just like everyone else, obsessed with meditation. It would take some time for him to get out of the exercise.

"Oh, what should I do? There’s a conflict in the tavern, and it looked like a fight is going to start soon. We have no idea how to handle this!"

Benjamin scowled. Although he was reluctant to waste his time, but Augustine did take him in when he was looking for lodgings. Besides, Benjamin could not consider coldly driving the bartender off when the latter looked as helpless as a kitten up in a tree. Thus, he answered, "I’ll go with you to see what’s going on."

If someone was indeed causing trouble, he could scare off the crowd easily; not with his magic, mind you, but with the gun that he still carried around. Thus, they started towards the tavern and arrived shortly after.

The atmosphere in the tavern was delicate indeed. Most of the people remained on their seats, very much interested in the events developing before them. At the area near the entrance, the patrons who sat around two tables were rattling with anger, and looked as if they were going to start a fight.

Around a table was four strong-looking men who dressed like hunters and looked very fierce; while on the other table was two mysterious man clad in cloaks, swords pinned on their waists.

"Say that again, and I’ll turn your arms to paste," One man in cloak spat mysteriously.

"Come if you dare, you f*ggot son of a b*tch," barked a hunter from the other table, "Go home and lick the soles of your blind queen; we do not welcome you here!"

Benjamin felt a headache growing after he accessed the situation. Nation conflicts are always a hot potato. This was probably not a rare occurrence in the Town of Crewe; it was a town by the borders after all, and Icor was just outside the Crusader Gateways. It was normal for quite a number of people to drop by from Icor, as although the countries’ relations was not exactly amicable, it was at least better than what it was back in the war days.

Based on the hunters’ words, these two mysterious men were probably from the country ruled by that Queen - Icor.

To be frank, he usually would not be bothered to intervene in these issues. He did not possess the sense of belonging towards the Kingdom of Helius, nor did he have any impression towards the other countries. He was entirely neutral, which was why he was not inclined to involve himself in this.

However, the hunter’s words were indeed too grating for the ears, and if there really was a fist fight here, the tables, chairs, plates, and cups will not survive unscathed. Benjamin will never allow that to happen.

Thus, Benjamin drew his pistol and released its safety before the two mysterious men drew their swords out of their sheaths. Then, he aimed at the filthy-mouth hunter and fired.


Everyone in the tavern, including the bartender behind Benjamin, was shocked at the sudden noise. As he was standing close to Benjamin, the thunderous crack of the gunshot made him weak on his knees as he nearly collapsed on the ground.

Meanwhile, the bullet grazed the hunter who Benjamin aimed the shot at. It did not cause any injury, but it tore through his belt and split it clean in half. The belt broke apart immediately, and the hunter’s pants dropped to his ankles with a swish.

The hunter was stunned.

As the crowd recovered from the shock, they remained silence. Their eyes soon arrived at the more ‘interesting’ places after they stole a glance at Benjamin. The hunter who stood at the centre of attention failed to realise what has happened, but his instincts took over when his hands went straight down to cover his nether regions.

It was too late. Some of the people already caught a clear view, and their faces were one of surprise or disappointment. Some of them even barked an unintentional laugh.


The situation was very awkward for a moment. Face bright red in embarrassment, the hunter glared at Benjamin who made the shot.

"Step out if you want to fight. Don’t try to make a show of your strengths here," said Benjamin with a tone of annoyance as he blew out the smoke emanating from the pistol, shaking his head.