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Chapter 158: I am “Grant”

Chapter 158: I am “Grant”

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The mages’ passion for learning was so high that they started the "dual practice" on the spot, to experiment on their reformed meditation.

It could be perhaps that the Water Balls were more convenient that they chose it to strengthen their affinity for the water element. One person would cross their legs and start to meditate while another would be slamming him with Water Balls. The attack of these spells would be weak enough to not disrupt the other party in meditation mode.

The rest gathered around at a corner and held their breath while observing. Some of them were holding and scribbling on their note books. Although it was unclear what they were writing but they looked like biologist jotting their journal on cultivating specimens.

Benjamin was at loss whether to laugh or cry at the scene.

The whole "experiment" took about ten minutes. After which, the person who was casting Water Balls repeatedly had drained his Spiritual Energy. Therefore, the meditation would come to a halt.

The other mage who had just enjoyed ten minutes of Water Ball showers, opened his eyes, swung his drenched clothes and slicked his wet hair up.

"How was it? How’s the effect?" Someone impatiently asked.

The man laid silent for a while as if trying to feel his bodily changes. Quickly, his face brightened up, "I... I never felt Water Particles were easy to maneuver until today."

The crowd cheered at the response.

The usage and effect of the "Dual Practice" had been proven and now they had to think about its sustainability. It wasn’t as though someone could continuously cast Water Balls for a whole day and not feel tired.

They started their discussion once again.

"About that... Now, everyone can quickly learn the Flight Spell." Suddenly, Frank jumped out and pointed at the wooden bucket and exclaimed, "Does this mean, we could go with the plan to use the horse essence to lure the griffins away and just fly over the border?"

The group stopped their discussion. Augustine who was standing next to him shook his head and rejected his idea.

"Some griffins can be lured away with the horse essence. However, there are many griffins on the mountains and how much can a little bucket help? They might be lured for not more than a minute before this bucket is emptied." He patted Frank’s shoulder and continued, "Even if you were to kill all the horses in the Town of Crewe, you wouldn’t have enough horse essence to guarantee our safety flying over the mountain top."

The rest smiled at Frank and nodded.


Frank’s head tilted down and he stared disappointingly at the ill scented wooden bucket.

"Don’t worry about it. You discovered a way to improve the meditation and this is indeed an extraordinary find." Benjamin went over to comfort him. "Everyone is able to stretch their potential all thanks to you."

Frank was flattered, "Thank me? There’s really no need to. I just came up with it." The group looked at Frank who was still out of it and laughed.

They continued to explore and discuss ways to practice magic. This had to be their longest meeting in history. Everyone had something to say. They realised it was late when it was past dinner and quickly ended the meeting. They all returned home using the secret pathway.

Benjamin returned to the inn.

He still had his business to take care of.

It could be perhaps their stay at the Town of Crewe was too long; nobody except him was completely focused on the plan to escape the kingdom. They seemed more intent to continue training in the town. However, Benjamin was clear that the kingdom was under the play of the Church. A temporary calm didn’t mean that the mages could hide away in a tiny town such as this.

The Church was either killing mages or on the way to kill mages. Unless they escape the kingdom, one day it would be their heads on the chopping board.

That was why Benjamin didn’t charge head first into training like the rest.

He had to think about crossing the gateway.

Frank’s plan had provided Benjamin with new string of ideas — If they couldn’t penetrate the Crusader Gateway, they could still think of ways of getting pass the griffins on the mountains. Although griffins were large in quantity and had incredibly strong attacks, their intelligence did not surpass that of humans. Using the horse essence to lure them away was smart but not a feasible solution - all he needed was a better plan.

Over the next few days, he persisted on his meditation homework while collecting all sorts of data about the griffins. There wasn’t a library in the town, but he was able to collect unverified data through conversations in the inn. Data such as griffins liking shinny items, their favourite prey being horses, how they have excellent vision, hearing and a sense of smell...

He was afraid that if it kept up, the list would be about dragons instead of the griffins.

In the meantime, he had even looked for the merchant, Varys. This merchant cum Mage was also heels deep into training and after the class with Benjamin, also held Benjamin high in his heart. Therefore, when Varys found out that Benjamin was looking for him, he was excited to welcome him.

"Teac-….. Sir Benjamin, what brings you here?"

Varys was a thirty or fourty year old man with Fu Manchu moustache. He looked sly as he broke into a smile. Perhaps that was the look of a merchant.

"I heard that the people at the gate will order their food supply through you." Benjamin closed the door to ensure nobody was listening. He then turned and continued, "I want to know if they have purchased any new supplies."

Varys lifted his thin eye brow in surprise. It could be because his eyes were simply too small that his expression seemed comedic.

"They did..." He nodded and said, "A few days ago, they placed quite a large order and stated that they required the goods urgently. Sir Benjamin, may I ask the purpose of this question?"

Recently, huh...

Benjamin nodded his head as he fell deep into thought.

This would be the right opportunity then.

"I want to use this opportunity of them buying the supplies to get into the gate and steal one of their back up crosses." He told Varys solemnly.

Varys was stunned by the statement.

"This... this would be too dangerous, Sir Benjamin. Please do not act irrationally. There will always be chances to leave the kingdom. We have been waiting for more than a year now, you don’t have to rush this."

Benjamin’s tone became firm, "More than a year of safety does not guarantee the security of the next second. We have been right under their nose - just a few hundred metres away is the gate with a Pope. They could find us at any given time, don’t you understand?"

Varys let out a sigh, "I understand, but... but why is there a need to rush?"

Benjamin helplessly scratched his head.

How could he not?

He was still under a search warrant by the Church for the huge Water Ball that flooded the capital, for the fire that almost burnt down the village by Perseus Lake and a companion that planted a curse that kill over 30,000 civilians...

The Church could let anyone go but him!

Benjamin hesitated for a moment but decided to convince Varys to help him. He decided to let out his trump card.

"Have you heard that about a month ago, there was a huge Water Ball that appeared from the imperial capital’s sky? It was I that summoned the spell." Benjamin took a deep breath and slowly said, "I am ‘Grant’, the man who the Church is searching for."