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Chapter 160: Waiting for the “Prey”

Chapter 160: Waiting for the “Prey”

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Night fall, to the north of the Town of Crewe, behind some rocks in a narrow mountainous pathway.

"Do you really think this will work? What if you miscalculated?" Suddenly, the System voiced out in

Benjamin’s Space of Consciousness.

"I did not miscalculate." Benjamin answered expressionlessly.

He thought that once Augustine bore news to him, Varys would have prepared everything and that

he would be sneaking into a sack full of wheat, transported to the Crusader Gateway, and be

stealing the cross that very night.

He didn’t think that Augustine would inform him of something very different.

He came to Benjamin’s rented room during the afternoon. Benjamin returned to reality from his

meditation and was told about a Mage from the little guild — news on Andrew, the stammerer who

has a talent on magical equipment.

"Andrew? There’s new development?" Upon hearing his name, Benjamin was caught off guard. He

quickly came back to his senses and followed up. His plan to steal the cross was to help Andrew in

researching new ways to deflect the cross. He hadn't even made a move yet and Andrew came

through on his end. Benjamin wouldn’t have to put himself in danger.

He was filled with anticipation when he went up to see Andrew.

However, his anticipation was not met by reality. There was no new development in Andrew’s

research. However, he told Benjamin a valuable bit of information.

"My u-uncle is also a Mage. He has be-been secretly serving the nobles in Morten up north."

Andrew stammered with excitement, "He just to-told me, that a few days ago, a small army took off

from a lo-local church and is co-coming towards here. He said, the army is-is transporting new

backup cro-crosses to the gates."

Benjamin was dumbfounded.

New backup crosses?

Benjamin has always been curious on how the Church creates the magical equipment. For so

many crosses, surely the Church has some designated location and personnel for production and

research, such as some cross factory or cross research faculty. This was where Benjamin was


Take the crosses used at the gateway to check for mages as an example, the cross definitely did

not come from the gates but should have been pre-made elsewhere and sent over.

He quickly forced these questions to the back of his head but surprisingly Andrew knew the

answers anyway.

"Where is this army?" He asked, "They haven’t reached the Town of Crewe, have they? Which

route did they take, does your uncle know?"

A platoon of soldiers transporting backup crosses was like pork belly sent to his mouth for

Benjamin. Taking care of them, being in the middle of nowhere, without the protection of the

gateway and fortress would be easy for Benjamin who has recovered all his abilities.

Come to think of it, he could snatch the crosses right from the palm of their hands instead of risking

himself by being stuffed in a wheat sack and smuggled into the gates.

More conveniently, he could disguise the whole scene to look like there was a beast attack after

taking care of the soldiers. It wouldn’t raise any red flags - safe and highly efficient.

"He ru-rushed over, so he could reach before the so-soldiers, to inform u-us on this." Andrew

answered, "He said, tomorrow mo-morning, the soldiers would reach Town of Cr-Crewe, so to-

tonight is our only chance."

Tonight, it is...

Benjamin didn’t feel rushed, on the contrary, the timing was just right.

He had been in this forsaken town for far too long. They could finally leave the Kingdom of Helius

once they obtained the cross and Andrew finishes decoding the puzzle.

Benjamin immediately decided to make a move that very night to intercept the soldiers from

sending the crosses. In the event that the plan fails, he would have Varys execute plan B to sneak

into the gates.

After making the decision, he met with Andrew’s uncle. Andrew’s uncle told Benjamin that the

platoon took the road at the foot of the mountains around the border for safety and confidentiality

sake. He even told Benjamin the map of possible routes they would take later on. When Benjamin

investigated, he found that no matter which route the soldiers took, there would always be a

crossroad that they’d eventually pass by.

It looked like it was going to be an easy job. As long as he waited at the crossroads, the crosses

would show up.

Benjamin said his goodbyes to Andrew and returned to his room to prepare. He had specially

contacted the rest of the town’s mages and had another meeting. He took off from the Town of

Crewe and headed north of the mountains as the day was getting late.

And there he was, hiding behind the rock of a narrow mountainous pathway, not moving an inch.

The day has yet to darken when he reached the area. He had his patience tested as he hid behind

a bigger rock and closed his eyes to release the Water Particle Detection. Like a spider on a web,

he waited for his prey to come along.

He never thought it would take so long.

From afternoon to evening, from evening to night, there he was, hiding behind a rock, observing

his surroundings. A flock of birds flew overhead, a herd of rabbits scampered by ... This place

was indeed in the middle of nowhere and Benjamin had been waiting for more than six hours. Yet

not a single human shadow has been seen.

Using the Water Particle Detection spell for more than six hours was also draining his Spiritual


He couldn’t help but temporarily halt the spell as he was getting tired. He opened his eyes to use

his now impaired senses to visually observe his surroundings

He started to feel nervous.

What hadn’t they arrive yet?

What if nobody was coming ... that would be a problem.

And that was how the initial conversation with the System was initiated. Although the System was

such a weakling now, it still couldn’t help but remind Benjamin of a possible miscalculation.

Benjamin, on the other hand, just as he put it, believed his judgment couldn’t be wrong.

Luckily, it wasn’t.

After a long wait, the prey arrived.

About ten minutes after stopping his Water Particle Detection spell, a humanly figure started to

appear from the dark blurry mountain pathway. Benjamin saw the figure and a smile cheekily lit up.

Finally, they were here.

However, what emerged from the dark, wasn’t the figures of solders transporting crosses but rather

a single person.

Someone who Benjamin was familiar with.

He was wearing a pitch-black Mage robe with a hump on his back. If no special attention was

given, he could easily blend in with the dark. He was not wearing a hood, revealing his messy hair

which made it easier for Benjamin to recognise him.

He came in close and stopped short by the rock Benjamin was hiding behind.

"Mr. Grant, it’s better for you to come out. Although I don’t know where you’re hiding, but this game

of hide and seek is a waste of time. If you think you can escape now, it’s far too late for that."

Andrew looked around his surroundings after letting out the threat. He carried a cold smile and was

in high spirit. The fluidity of his speech bore no sign of stammer.