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Chapter 171: The Hope to Leave the Gateway

Chapter 171: The Hope to Leave the Gateway

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Even if equipped with mental preparation, Benjamin never expected such a result.


At that moment, his brain was flooded with a myriad of advertising slogans and songs that connected seamlessly with the aforementioned word. He quickly tucked all these nonsense away from his mind as he shook his head in disbelief.

What was that?

This word which consisted of five alphabetical letters, existed in both worlds Benjamin had been to. It existed in the English language of his world of origin, and the main language used in this world. Although both worlds had a different pronunciation, but it had the same meaning of expressing one’s regards. Thus, Benjamin did not feel that this ‘hello’ was related to his world of origin.


It was very strange!

After the Pope left the Pure White World, the light particles in his Space of Consciousness suddenly arranged themselves in a peculiar manner, and used a riddle to greeti the Pope?

What the heck was going on? Was this a horror movie in the making? Benjamin shook his head again. There was no way that he could accept the fact that he just watched a snippet of the late Pope’s memories. He could not help but heave a sigh, and he soon accepted the reality as he adopted a rational mentality to scrutinize this word.


Since it was a very humanised way to send someone your regards, there must be a source for the regards. There must be someone, or something that possessed intelligence, that manipulated the accumulated light particle in the Pope’s Space to form that word at that exact moment.

If that was the case, who would that ‘person’ be?

Firstly, to control the magical elements in another person’s mind, the ‘person’ must be very powerful, so powerful that it was out of Benjamin’s comprehension. Next, since the whole phenomenon happened right after the Pope left the Pure White World, this would mean that the ‘person’ must be related to that world. A mysterious, out of this world, seemingly friendly, unable to show itself in this world but could send regards through strange circumstances…...

This could not be the God of the Church and the conservative mages.

Although there were eerie similarities, Benjamin persisted with denying this thought and shook his head. Putting aside the definitions of ‘God’ and by just observing at the description of the legends from the Church and the mages, their almighty and superior beings appeared completely different from this dude who said ‘hello’.

For now this being shall be labeled a ‘weird organism’.

Although naming the unknown being made it less mysterious, Benjamin still thought this finding was very surprising.

There was an unimaginable existence in the Pure White World!

Although he did not actually access the world, but he did enter into the Pure Blue Space before. These two worlds were incredibly similar in his opinion, and both of them probably came from different alternate timelines respectively. The light elements and water elements were on different planes, and it was very likely that there will be other planes for fire, dark, earth, and other elements.

If there was an intelligent being within the Pure White World, then there would also be one in the Pure Blue Space. However, he never noticed it. To be fair, his experience with the Pure Blue Space was always rushed, as he would always be shocked out of it by the sound waves, or he would pass out from it in effort to forcefully stay in it. Thus, he never really had the chance to properly inspect that place.

From the extremely few pieces of information he managed to gather, this dude did not seem to be malicious; he said ‘hi’ to the Pope and did nothing else. Still, when Benjamin reminded himself that there was an unknown presence watching him silently, a chill still shot down his spine. That chill became a freezing force when he remembered he recently threw something akin to a bomb into the Pure Blue Space.

An organism on an unknown plane?

How great would it be if he had more information in his hands. His eyes abruptly stopped on the System, who was rolling past in front of him.

His gaze probably looked strange, as the System realised he looked threatening and spoke with a terrified, shaking voice, "W-What? Didn’t I give you a decent idea? You’re no longer allowed to use me as a cushion and sit on me."

Benjamin could not stop the smile from gracing his lips as he shook his head and replied, "No, it’s nothing. I was just curious about what you are exactly in this current state."

This thing before him could be considered an organism of the Pure Blue Space.

He wondered if there was a special connection between this roe-like ball of his and that unknown being that said hello to the Pope.

"Who shall I query if I cannot answer your question? Do you understand how awful it felt to be trapped in here? I really want to know what the hell is happening to me too!" The System looked particularly helpless as it lamented with resentment.


Benjamin laughed.

Well then, it seemed that it would be difficult for him to obtain any answers today.

Thus, Benjamin decided to put this matter aside after thorough consideration. It had been a while since he went to the Pure Blue Space, and even if he could visit it again, the odds that he could uncover something was slim - judging by how mysterious the Pure Blue Space was, it would be unlikely that the present Benjamin would be able to explore much.

The Pope did not take down any other extraordinary events after that in the book. Benjamin could only convince himself to set his mind at ease. He could start puzzling over this again when the water particles in his Space would be able to be arranged in the formation of the word ‘fXck’.

That was the end for his study on the "Pure World of the Holy Light". He stored the book.

After meditating for a while, soon it was nightfall. He then left his room for the newly renovated restaurant for a scrumptious dinner with the other mages.

As he planned to head back to his room to read the other books he planned to study, a surprise visit interrupted his plans.

"Sir Benjamin, are you available?" Varys asked as he knocked on Benjamin’s door.

Benjamin heeded his call, put down the book and walked over to open the door

"Why? Did you come across any problems in your meditations?"

Since they moved into the Crusader Gateways, communication within the folks became easier, and Benjamin was getting an increasing amount of visits. They probably assumed that Benjamin was well-versed in magic. Benjamin did effortlessly churn out a series of law for meditation, after all. So they would always approach him whenever they had questions.

These days Benjamin would need to answer more than ten questions on a daily basis; he was quite overwhelmed.

Thus, Benjamin felt relieved when Varys told him that he was not here for questions regarding magic.

These ‘students’ were really enthusiastic with questions.

"What then? Did anything happen? Those people outside the Gateways came out with new tricks for us?" Benjamin asked, his eyebrows raised.

"No, not yet… But I feel like they will be able to do exactly that very soon," Varys spoke solemnly, his face seemed serious, "The others might be unable to understand the situation we’re in and are contented with where we are, but Sir Benjamin, I believe you’re well aware that it is impossible for us to hide in the Gateways forever."

Benjamin no longer looked carefree when he nodded, "Indeed. The people outside would eventually find a way to break in."

"What can we do, then?"

Surprisingly, Benjamin smiled, "We wait."

"Wait? What are we waiting for?" Varys was utterly confused.

Benjamin arranged the books on his table before he turned to Varys. "The words written in fire that was on top of the Gateways in the night was not only seen by the people in the Kingdom. The people outside of it would’ve seen them, too. The relationship between Icor and the Kingdom is rocky at best, and they would never let this opportunity slip away from their grasp."

When he ordered the mages to spell out ‘The Church Is A F*cktard’ with fireballs on top of the Gateways, he did not only intend to humiliate the Church childishly. It was also to spread the word to the other countries and informing that the Crusader Gateways were no longer within the Church’s power.

Moreover, the Kingdom Army had been surrounding the Gateways for a few days already, and Benjamin assumed that the other countries would have already gotten enough information on the situation here.

They would certainly take action.

"I know, but so many days have passed, and we heard nothing from the outside. Will they really show up?" Varys was still worries and he sighed.

Benjamin nodded at his statement.

"That’s true. I thought they would’ve done something at least a few days ago, but we’ve seen nothing up until now."

However, Benjamin suddenly turned and flashed a confident smile as he continued, "This is enough to prove that what they wanted was not only a commotion, but a meticulously planned operation."