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Chapter 177: Bidding the Gates Farewell

Chapter 177: Bidding the Gates Farewell

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The queen raised her brow curiously.

She was surprised by Benjamin’s overly calm demeanor. She paused for a while before replying, "Please do not misunderstand. I am curious to learn more about the mages who took down the Crusader Gateway."

Here’s another person who spoke in circles.

Benjamin felt annoyed but did not show it. He nodded, "Your Majesty has seen them now. Could we pass through? It’s really getting late and we would like to head out without delay."

Frankly, Benjamin was getting nervous.

God knows how much longer the Bishop and Icor’s mages would be engaged at the gates. If the bishop managed to escape or if Icor’s mages returned, then they would be in hot water. There was no time to lose.

The queen let out a welcoming smile, "Well, it is getting late. Why don’t you stay in our camp for the night before making a move tomorrow? It is dangerous to travel at night after all."

Benjamin’s heart skipped a beat upon hearing the suggestion. In the past, he would think well of Her Majesty’s "kindness". However, he knew the queen just did not want them to leave. Whatever the motive, she was intent on keeping them here.

The queen held up the conversation to stall time. As the rest of her mages have yet to return, she could not currently force Benjamin to stay. Once they did however, it would no longer be up to Benjamin to decide whether or not he could leave.

Benjamin wanted to avoid that result at all cost. "Your Majesty, there is no need to stall time for your mages return. We must leave tonight." He glanced at those standing in their way, "Do you honestly think that, you could stop those who conquered the Crusader Gateway?" The twenty over mages that stood behind him all had a cold, mysterious aura – truly worthy of an Oscar.

Benjamin was unsure of the abilities of the mages under the queen. Likewise, the queen was unsure of their abilities as well. Therefore, he was willing to try a bluff. He wasn’t even nervous. It could be because he has bluffed and lied to the bishop countless times that he was now an experienced and serial liar but it could also be that the queen just did not quite give off as intense a vibe as the bishop.

"Oh really? Straight to the point - interesting." The queen kept her cool despite Benjamin’s attempt to provoke her. She let out a soft laugh and continued, "I won’t beat around the bush. I really admire your talent and wits. I was hoping you would join my team of mages and strive for the greater good of Icor." Benjamin frowned while the mages behind him looked at one another, obviously confused.

"What’s the matter? Please do not misunderstand and think that I’m asking you to be my underlings." The queen felt there was room for negotiation and quickly added on, "You will have all the freedom in the world in my team of mages. If you decide to meditate or research, I will not bother you. In fact, I can even provide you with some assistance. All you need to do is to complete one task out of my yearly requirement."

... For real? Benjamin secretly glanced over at her mages. Although the mages didn’t show any obvious reaction but Benjamin felt that they were not keen on the idea. Benjamin had no interest in the queen’s supposedly perfect promise.

"Thank you for your offer. We will still be passing through Icor later. You could let us think about it while we are on our way and once we have made up our minds, we will provide you an answer." He politely declined.

The queen’s face didn’t look all that pleasant anymore. "Do you really have to leave now?" Benjamin nodded.

The queen narrowed her only eye and glared cruelly at Benjamin. Benjamin returned the gaze boldly — The queen could tell that Benjamin was the decision maker and so she did not speak with anyone else.

They did not break each other’s gaze for more than ten seconds.

After realising that Benjamin would not yield to both forceful and soft tactics, the queen turned her head away and focused on her next victim. She was prepared to solicit the other members of the party.

"He’s not willing to stay but what about you? Young lady, my palace is filled with diamond jewelries and beautiful clothes. If you join me, I will gift them to you." The queen spotted a young teenage girl behind Benjamin. She picked up her smile once more and asked.

"Diamond jewelries? Beautiful clothes? What do I need them for?" Joanna looked puzzled, "Your Majesty the Queen, these are shallow posessions. I want to be a great Mage. How could I be tempted by these little things? Your Majesty, you’re the ruler of a nation. You should focus on ruling rather than beautiful clothes and jewelry."


The queen looked as though she was going to snap. Benjamin shook his head and turned to look at the group of wandering mages from the Town of Crewe, "Among you all... Is there anyone here who wishes to stay?" Everyone laughed and shook their heads. Their laughter was filled with amusement at such an absurd suggestion.

"I have been a loner for far too long, and won’t be accustomed to working under someone. I apologise, Your Majesty the Queen but I will still leave with everyone."

"I wish to leave with Teacher Benjamin."

"We are thankful for your offer, Your Majesty but we do not intend to split up and therefore must politely decline."


Although Benjamin cringed at being addressed as "Teacher, he felt touched when he saw over twenty beaming pair of eyes looking admirably at him. He suddenly realised that these acquaintances had treated him as one of their own — although it was possible they had never thought about it before.

Benjamin took a deep breath upon this revelation. He calmed his emotions and turned to stand in front of this party of Mages against the queen who was looking at them from above. He let out a wide smile.

"As you can see, Your Majesty," His tone was calm and his gaze was unwavering, "There is none amongst us who is staying. And so, we will take our leave now. If you or your mages stand in our way, we will not hold back."

The twenty something mages all looked fiercely at those who were blocking their pathway. The queen’s mages were originally calm but after being stared down by over twenty pairs of ferocious gazes, they started to hesitate.

"You-Your Majesty...?"

The queen took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She slowly blurted out, "Let them go."

"Okay..." The queen’s Mage cleared a path.

The queen probably couldn’t measure Benjamin’s group’s capabilities, which was why she decided to let them go. Benjamin smiled and nodded. He led those behind him onward and away from the Crusader Gateway, disappearing into the night.

The entire Icor base camp went silent. "Your Majesty, we..."

The queen interrupted them. Her eyes were hollow and empty, as though gazing into a pool of nothingness, "Don’t panic, they will pass through Regina. We will leave whatever we have to say till then."

The mages were stunned at their queen who now seemed to be completely out of it. No one dared to utter a word.

Midnight was not peaceful at all. The battle for the Crusader Gateway was still ongoing; soldiers were rushing about while streaks of magic lit up the night sky.