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Chapter 194: The Plan to Leave

Chapter 194: The Plan to Leave

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"Master Benjamin, are there people hunting after us? Is that why we have to run away again?"

Everyone was squeezed into a small room in the hotel. More than twenty mages were staring at Benjamin, wearing various facial expressions. Ferrand scratched his head and asked uncertainly.

Then, Benjamin shook his head and smiled. He reassured all the mages who seemed a little restless.

"You are worrying too much. There’s no one hunting us down. I called everyone here because I have attained an introductory book about the Study of Magic Potion. Is anyone interested in studying this?"

The Study of Magic Potion had been developed to the extent that Benjamin could not simply ignore it even if he did not plan to learn himself.

Magic Potion was an external tool. That was true. But, even if he was confident that he did not need this tool, these mages in the team might need it as well.

This was an important part to consider if they wished to gain a foothold in the world of mages abroad.

Therefore, grooming a few potion mages in the team was, in fact, rather necessary. Among these people, it was not like everyone possessed the talent in combatting. Giving them another option in practicing Magic should advantage them as well.

"Study of Magic Potion? Was it the study that utilized strange and rare materials to create expensive potions? This kind of books seem to be managed very strictly." As an ex-merchant, Varys was quick to comprehend the underlying focal point as expected. "If we are able to sell the potions that we have made ourselves, the fortune that we will receive will be immeasurable."

Upon hearing this, Benjamin also nodded.

It appeared that the mages in the team was not doing nothing in these few days in Icor. They had also asked around about the related information about Magic Potion. Just as Benjamin mentioned this, they were able to react quickly to the subject.

In reality, the benefits that Magic Potion were able to bring upon them were not only limited to money.

According to what had been described in the book, Magic Potion was an area in which its demand had always exceeded its supplies. Therefore, if they were able to mass produce Magic Potion, the elevation of their status would be truly significant. Government agencies, civil organizations, mercenary group... These big shots would eventually come to socialize with them. The status of their bunch of mages from foreign lands would definitely elevate significantly.

Of course, this was only the wonderful fantasy of Benjamin. Like what was mentioned in the book, there was a certain requirement needed to learn Magic Potion. Not everyone could become a potion mage. It did not require the mage to have any remarkable talent in Magic, but it required the mage to have Spiritual Energy that was extremely sensitive to changes. This was so that the mage could keep track of the changes of the many elements in it during the making of the potion.

Benjamin also had no idea whether there was such a person with such special talent within his group of mages.

"This is the introductory book to the Study of Magic Potion. You guys can take a look at it and read for yourselves. But be extra caution so that no other people find out about this book. Make sure not to let the people from the Mage Guild learn that we have a book that teaches Magic Potion." As he was thinking about this, he took the book and passed it to the mage nearest to him, while giving instructions in an extremely serious manner.

Monopoly organization like the Mage Guild might put on with some wild potion mages, but they would never allow another Mage Group who could produce Magic Potion in the country.

Therefore, they had to go about this matter in secret.

"Also, here are some materials and tools needed to make some simple potions. I have them here as well. So if anyone is interested after reading this, you can come and take these from me." As he said, Benjamin pointed to his bulging bag.

Before the meeting, he even went to the old man’s store once again in secret. He bought some materials and tools according to the formula in the book to prepare for the necessary situation.

Surprisingly, these things were rather cheap in price. By using the coins taken from Dick, he bought so many items to the extend he had trouble fitting all the items in his bag. Comparing with the high price of Magic Potion, Benjamin realized how profitable this business was. How could they not participate in this business?

After listening to Benjamin’s introduction, the mages received the book ‘Introduction to Magic Potion’ from him and curiously sat around the book.

"It seems interesting. May I have a look at it first?"

"I think I’ll pass. I don’t think I’ll be able to sit still in a room for a whole day to deal with these things. You guys go ahead and study this."

"I want to study this next. Make sure you read it quickly. I’d like to try it out..."

After the fight at the Gateway, the mages now were more organized than before. As the there was only one book, they quickly decided the order for them to have a look at the book and the time they were able to study it. By using this method, it could ensure that everyone who was interested could have the chance to study it.

Watching their organized action, Benjamin nodded as he smiled.

Luckily, he would not have to be worried about the way for them to study the book.

After having some thought, he waited for the discussion to cease, then spoke of another matter to them.

"About our next move..." He organized his thought and spoke slowly, "From every signs, Icor won’t be much peaceful soon. So it is better for us to leave as soon as possible. We are currently not allowed to pass through the borders at will. So, I suggest that we go to the border between Icor and Ferelden first. Then, we observe at which point the defense will be weaker and flew over to the other side at that point."

Even though he told them that they would leave Icor before, but he was not sure whether they would be agreeable with sneaking away forcefully so soon.

However, Benjamin quickly realized that he was worried for no reason.

Boss lady simply rolled her sleeve with the composure of a bandit and spoke without mincing a word, "When are we moving out?"

This was the same for the others. Everyone’s expression was serious as they looked at Benjamin. Not even the slightest hint of hesitation or doubt.

Benjamin immediately understood something.

He had no need to worry about them. They were the people who left their homes and fled to the border while being hunted down by others. They longed for a stable life and spent every day cheerfully as if they did not care about the world. But, once there was a change to the situation, their decisiveness was incomparable.

They were after all a gang of desperados.

As he thought about this, Benjamin was slightly... proud? To be the head of a bunch of desperados, he might just be a reckless desperado by nature.

Thus, he flashed a smile that a head of a group of desperados would show and cleared his throat.

"Everyone, get ready. We will leave tonight."

Everyone nodded. No one opposed to his words.

The secret meeting where everyone was squashed in this hotel room like sardines officially ended. Since their schedule was really tight, they had to be well prepared for what was going to take place next. Those who needed to learn Magic Potion did so; those who had to pack their stuff did what they should do too.

Of course, there was someone who reacted by suddenly asking a question. The person mentioned that a lot of them still could not cast Flying Spell. How could they possibly fly over the border? Benjamin smiled and said those who could not fly could stay in his Pillar of Steam. Just like last time, they could ‘roll over’ to the other side with the others.

His words scared the remaining mages. They swore that they would surely learn Flying Spell properly before they reach the border.

Benjamin showed a relieved smile.

After he settled all the matters in the team, he did not rest. Instead, he left the hotel alone.

He had a small matter to attend to.

"Mor’s Magic Store". Benjamin thought that that old man was pretty impressive and, at the same time, helped him a big deal. So, before he departed, he made sure to pay the old man a visit. He told the old man that he was preparing to leave now. The old man was still acting as usual. He impatiently waved to him and indicated to him that they could go wherever they wanted to.

Benjamin shook his head and had no choice but to leave the store.

When he returned to the hotel, other than the old man in Town of Hank, the two mages from the Mage Guild still lived here and had not left the hotel yet. Thus, Benjamin had to deal with the two of them. He could not afford having them found out that he would leave by today.

He had no choice. The intention of the Mage Guild was too mysterious. So, Benjamin would rather be more mysterious in the eyes of the Mage Guild as well.

Therefore, before the night came, he brought along a few sturdier mages from the group and knocked the door of the room where the two mages were residing, with a cordial smile on his face and malicious intention.