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Chapter 208: Appearance

Chapter 208: Appearance

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Sidney who was frozen in ice kept her mouth shut as she shivered, refusing to mince a word. However, it did not take her long before she spoke up, "She... She left, to watch the celebration, I, I don’t know where she is."

Benjamin immediately asked, "When will she be back?"

"I, I don’t know." She was turning pale, looking all unusually helpless, "Maybe in the afternoon, or maybe, maybe even at night, I really don’t know."

Benjamin nodded as though he was deep in thoughts.

Judging from her disconcerted situation, she could not possibly be lying. Without question, after abducting Augustine, "the Dame" came to Regina and in all possibility sought refuge from Sidney.

Benjamin finally found her!


If the "Dame" really settled down here with Sidney, why could he not find Augustine? Could it be, she did not even bring Augustine here, but...

When he thought about this, he could not help with the fear.

"How many people did she come with? Did she have a lot of tow sacks with her?" He quickly asked, "Where did she hide the sacks? Did she have an unknown middle-aged man with her?"

Sidney looked confused at Benjamin’s question as she replied, "What, what are you saying?"

Benjamin gave it some thought and asked, "Was she alone when she came here? Didn’t she bring along anything?"

Only Sidney’s head was exposed from the ice covering her body. She struggled to nod her head.

Benjamin frowned.

This was rather strange...

Regardless of Augustine’s whereabout, previously when they were in Garter, he heard the "Dame" and the unknown teenager were inseparable, and they had a lot of tow sacks with them. But now Sidney said she only saw one person, without any tow sacks and no unknown teenager.

Weren’t they partners?

Just as Benjamin was thinking about his next move, suddenly, from the hallway behind him, there came a sharp voice yelling.

"Sidney, why did you keep the door open? Quick! Something is happening outside!"

Benjamin turned, only to find a woman wearing leather armor, rushing in from the hallway. The sharp voice almost gave Benjamin a fright.

At the same time, the woman saw Benjamin and the frozen Sidney. At that very moment, her beautiful face revealed a stunned expression.

Benjamin’s heart went thumping.


Judging from the blond hair to the recognizable voice, he could guess who this woman was.

She was the "Dame".

So, before she could react, Benjamin made the first move to attack her. Following the gentle movement of magic, a few compressed water bombs flew from his hand, through the air towards the Dame in the narrow hallway.

"Be careful, Rebecca! He is a mage!"

Unfortunately, when Benjamin attacking, the frozen Sidney just had to yell loudly. So the Dame was not caught by surprise.

With Sidney’s warning, the blond woman quickly gathered her wits. She did not panic when faced with the water bombs as she moved in a blink of an eye and moved away from the hallway, dodging the flying water bombs. She pulled out a dagger and charged at Benjamin.

Benjamin was surprised at her speed.

But, she might be very agile, but compared to the unknown teenager, she was still lacking. So, Benjamin could still chant a spell, before his opponent could attack. He wrapped himself in a layer of water bubbles to protect himself.

In a blink of an eye, the woman rushed towards him, plunging the dagger down.

Just then, the dagger hit the water bubbles, and suddenly a blue red light flashed and bounced the dagger off.

Benjamin immediately realized, his opponent’s weapon was imbued with magic.

The situation became tensed. The dagger had just bounced off the bubbles, the woman had already turned her body around, and broken through the force that threw her away. She immediately launched her second attack on the water bubbles. And Benjamin knew in his gut, the water bubbles that he conjured might not be able to withstand against his opponent’s subsequent attacks.

And so, he suddenly adjusted his spiritual energy to control the few water bombs by making them change their flying direction; he targeted the blond woman again and let the water bombs charge towards her.

"Be careful!"

The frozen Sidney yelled again, like a useless spectator, making Benjamin so angry that he wanted to knock her out.

Unfortunately, the battle that he was facing was one of the fastest paced. So, he did not have the time to silence Sidney’s, and could only concentrate on the blond woman.

Before the water bombs could fly again, the blond woman moved quickly, wasting no time, using the magical dagger to stab the bubbles three times. As the bubbles burst, the water bombs were almost ready to fly. Just then, she laughed coldly, turned her body in a flash and was ready to dodge, as though expecting the bombs to hit Benjamin himself.

Benjamin could only laugh coldly and shake his head at the scene before him.

Was she really expecting him to be a mage who lacked control?

Just as the blond woman was ready to dodge, Benjamin snorted, controlling the flying water bomb close to her and it exploded in that moment, releasing a torrent of water.

Although it did not immediately kill her, a few of the bombs exploding together would inflict strong impact. The blond woman could not dodge it and was flooded under the water by the overwhelming waves.

The result?

In that moment, Benjamin immediately used the water elemental sensing technique to detect what was happening to his opponent.

However, not within a few seconds, the relief on his face fell completely.

In the water, the blond woman’s leather armor released a faint red light, blocking most of the water current. And so, his opponent did not faint from the water pump, instead, she quickly found her balance. After rolling a few times, she managed to escape the water.

This made Benjamin’s intention to control the water current, conjure it into a water ball, and capture his opponent went to futile.

He could not help but feel this was getting problematic.

His opponent was strong, a little stronger than he expected. No wonder she could effortlessly abduct Augustine. Now that he thought about it, among all the mages, there might not be anyone who could take her down.


It was just a small problem.

When he thought about this, Benjamin smiled.

His moves were not that simple.

When the blond woman escaped the water current, he gave up on trying to control the currents, changing it into the spell to transform it into a pillar of steam. Following the gathering of the water particles, the violent steam started gathering around him, then he conjured a gust of whirlwind twirling around all four corners of the parlor.

His thoughts were very simple.

Wasn’t this woman’s evasion skill really good? Then he just needed to seal off all directions and see how she could dodge it this time!

The steam went right at the blond woman, and at that moment, her agile body started losing balance. At that moment, she could only use the dagger to pierce through the wall, to stabilize herself to avoid herself from being blown away and to keep both her feet on the ground.

She knew very well that for someone like her who could only thrive at close combat, if she was blown away, then she would not be able to counter any attacks.

Immediately after that, as she was resisting the attack of the steam, her other hand reached into her waist pocket and with a determined expression, she pulled out a green potion.