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Chapter 219: The Feel of Hijacked Senses

Chapter 219: The Feel of Hijacked Senses

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When faced with this situation, Benjamin could only breathe in deeply with both hands lifted, indicating that he surrendered.

Before Benjamin came here, he had thought of the possibility that these people could be setting a trap and even considered the young man’s presence. But he did not predict that the young man would have such bizarre abilities; that the young man was able to disguise himself as Augustine to such extent that even Benjamin was unable to see through him at all.

He had underestimated them...

After identifying it was "Augustine" that was surrendered to him, he did not use his water particle sensing technique to verify his identity. Otherwise, no matter how great his disguise was, Benjamin would have been able to see through it.

But there was no use regretting over what had already happened. Benjamin was put in a tricky situation as he did not know what was his opponent's motives, thus, he could not predict the young stranger’s next move.

All the young stranger had to do was to forcefully press the dagger and Benjamin’s puny little life would be gone.

Thus, he had to think of a way out.

"I suggest you be careful with that thing in your hand." Feeling the slight pain from the back of his neck, Benjamin said this calmly, "If you kill me by accident, no one can remove the curse on Sydney. She will die from the recurring pain eventually."

He could not help but admire his capability at speaking nonsense.

In reality, if he died no one would be able to control the curse; it would just remain dormant forever and never activate again. Her life would no longer be in danger. It was just like removing the curse.

But…..these people did not know this!

The blondie had mentioned that magical curses had long extinct outside Benjamin’s country of origin. No one knew why. Thus, Benjamin could just come up with lies. His opponents would be wary because of this even though they did not believe him fully, they had to be careful out of precaution.

As for the stranger, even though he was all mysterious, he was still a gang with the blondie. If he really understood curses, the girl would not be confused when Benjamin talked about curses.

"Relax, if I wanted you dead, I would have killed you long ago. There would be no chance for you to be talking right now." The young stranger said so jokingly.

"What do you intend to do?" Benjamin asked helplessly.

"Get rid of the curse on Sydney." The blondie said so immediately, with that gaze, if not for Benjamin’s lies, she would have asked the young stranger to take action already.

"Then you should return my companion to me." Benjamin replied the blondie bluntly while calculating his next moves.

What about casting a spell without verbally chanting to ambush them? Seemed to be…..Viable. But, he had to find a perfect opportunity, not giving the stranger time to react which could turn the tides immediately.

Otherwise if the ambush failed and the stranger’s hand shook, his puny life would be gone.

Speaking of that, where did that damned System go missing? Before the stranger ambushed him, judging from the System’s personality, it would have noticed something wrong and came to warn him!

Why at such a crucial event the System did not alert him as if it was dead?

How mentally tiring.

"Why are you asking me? I don’t know where he is." The blondie replied coldly.

Benjamin felt that something was not right.

"What do you mean? You took him away." He refuted.

"No, she’s right." The stranger standing behind Benjamin suddenly spoke," That….. She purposely brought bandits to find you, and the person she took away was me."

Benjamin was even more confused.

"What are you talking about?"

He felt that he was missing out on something.

"Let me just tell you, it’s not my first posing as that old man called Augustine." The young man said so in a carefree manner, as if he was joking, "After leaving Hank, I dressed up as Augustine and joined your group. Thus, she came to find me and had nothing to do with you at all."

At that moment, Benjamin started to feel his brain was freezing.

…...What are they even talking about?

"You…...why did you join us?" After a long time, Benjamin finally uttered.

"Mercenary work. I can’t reveal too much." The young man sounded as if he was just casually speaking with Benjamin, "All you have to know is that it’s part of my mission, and I won’t hurt you for the moment. You can relax."

Relax his ass ...

Benjamin was speechless.

But... After giving it a careful thought, ever since they left Hank, Augustine did change a lot. His presence in the group was less outstanding. Sometimes Benjamin would even forget his existence.

After some consideration, the young man’s words seemed convincing ...

What was going on? The guy disguised himself as Augustine, and hid himself among the group, but was not discovered at all? What was he up to? If not for the blondie’s appearance, would this guy hide in his group and continue observing their every action while spying on them?

Benjamin felt a chill up his spine.

What was more important-----where was the real Augustine?

Where did this fellow throw him to?

"Where is the real Augustine?" Benjamin asked immediately as he thought of this.

"At that time, I knocked him out, and tied him like how you tied those two mages, and left him in the inn room," the young man replied, "He was probably discovered the next day like how the two mages’ guild people were discovered by the owner of the inn. As for where he is now, I have no idea."


Benjamin was not sure why even though he was being held at knifepoint he did not feel any threat, only that he was…...cheated.

What a mess...

"What are your real motives? If you don’t tell me, I will never remove the curse." Thus, Benjamin said this adamantly.

But after saying this, before the young man could reply, the blondie seemed to be provoked by his words.

"Miles, this guy is too much, we have to teach him a lesson." She ordered.

The young man called Miles smiled and told Benjamin," You heard that? Your fate is in my hands. Please act like you have no control at all, if not, she’s going to be furious."


Benjamin saw this and felt strange.

Were these two competing?

Moreover, it was like…...He had no need to be fearful at all?

"Didn’t you say you followed us to complete your mission?" As he was thinking of this, suddenly with an overbearing and shameless attitude, he said, "If so, you probably would not want me dead. If I won’t be dying today, then why should I be afraid of you? If you don’t follow as I ask, I will torture Sidney to her death and commit suicide."

As he was speaking, he stopped for awhile, just to look at the blondie who was blowing her top, then continued, "What are your motives? Tell me honestly, if not, you will all suffer!"


Even the blondie who was fuming looked at Benjamin now with her jaw on the floor.