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Chapter 220: Escaping From Certain Death

Chapter 220: Escaping From Certain Death

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The whole room entered a state of silence.

It was probably because they had never seen such a shameless person, both the blondie and young man were stunned and speechless. Even the dagger that was pressed against Benjamin seemed to have been let loose due to the young man’s astounded reaction.

Suddenly, Benjamin had a light bulb moment.

An opportunity?

In an instant, he started casting spells without chanting, and conjured a few water balls continuously. The water that came out of nowhere surrounded Benjamin, almost flooding the whole room.

The dagger that was pressed against Benjamin by the young man was distanced from Benjamin due to the sudden surge of water pressure.


Benjamin was delighted at this.

He managed to divert their attention by talking to them garrulously. This was his plan all along. By casting a spell without chanting verbally, he managed to retaliate without them realizing at all. Even if his opponent’s reactions were to be any faster, it would be hard to prepare for him to strike them.

Moreover, he had witnessed previously that they could not kill him for various reasons. Right now they had no control over his life, thus the dagger pressed against the back of his neck was just an act of intimidating him. There was no need to be afraid.

The water he conjured came pouring down without warning, flushing the two far away from Benjamin, thus securing him his freedom again.

But the blondie and the young man regained their composure immediately. Unexpectedly, before Benjamin could conjure more magic, the young man dashed into the water, and with unbelievable speed charged closer and closer to Benjamin who was shielded by the water screen.

Benjamin was shocked.

Did this guy just turn into a fish?

The water that protected Benjamin was different from normal water. Even though there was no time for compression, but the water balls inside could be controlled with just a spell chanting. The water had great pressure force and could just push the young man away effortlessly.

But in reality, the young man was unaffected.

As if the young man was a man of steel, no matter how continuous the water pump slammed on his body, it was like gentle breezes to him and not inflicting any sort of threat. Benjamin who was covered in the water could only see his opponent charge towards him and approaching him closer like he was moving on ground.

Benjamin’s jaw hit the floor.

Was he really human?

Benjamin was left without an option. In view that the young man was able to move against the current and about to punch him, Benjamin had to use the flowing current of the water to send himself out of the water. Then, he quickly compressed all of the water and conjured an icy mist like before, and changed it into freezing mode. Within a blink of an eye, he froze the young man in an ice ball.

These chain of events happened too fast. The young man could not escape in time and was frozen.

However right after escaping from the water, Benjamin had to deal with another attack.

"You shameless fellow!"

The blondie was not as formidable as the young man. The water he conjured just now proved to be a challenge for her to overcome. But at this moment, all of the water was used up to seal the young man. She lifted her dagger and charged at Benjamin furiously.

From the way she looked, she appeared to bear murderous intent, as if she did not care what Benjamin had said about Sidney dying from the curse anymore.

At that moment, Benjamin was shocked.

The blondie’s movement was reinforced by the effects of the potions. She was much faster. In this short amount of time, Benjamin could only conjure a giant Icebreaker, he had not time to compress or change its form, and could only use it to block her from charging awkwardly.

But, just a piece of ice could not block the potion-buffed blonde-haired girl.

-----The fuming blondie rushed headfirst into the ice block, and created a human shape hole in the half meter thick ice. What was even more terrifying was that she did not slow down much at all after charging through the ice. She sustained minor wounds and had blood flowing from her face. Yet she continued charging towards Benjamin without a change of expression.

Benjamin did not have time to dodge.

He had no choice, the fast form of spellcasting would take at least one or two seconds. But, judging from the speed she moved at, she would probably not not even use half a second to launch an attack.

It’s over...

Seeing that sharp blade reflecting the cold light appeared to be more and more magnified in an unformidable speed within Benjamin’s sight, his heart sank.

He had no other choices, and had no way to dodge or block this attack. In fact, judging from the looks of the blondie, she would definitely show no mercy.

This was probably... Where he was about to die.

"Rebecca, don’t kill him!" At this moment, the young man managed to break out of the ice ball and shouted. But it was obvious the blondie was too furious to hear anything, and wanted Benjamin dead at all costs.

The ice ball he used to trap the young man was the whole reason why he had not way to stop the blondie.

The enchanted dagger sliced across Benjamin’s throat. The shadow of the blade created a dash of light in the air, indicating how precise, quick, and smooth the blondie’s motion was.

Smooth like cutting air.

"What…..in the world?"

At that moment, the blondie was stunned. The young man who was too late to prevent this was also stunned. Even Benjamin who thought he was about to be killed was stunned.

What was going on?

With everyone in shock, Benjamin could only stretch out his hand and feel his own throat.

He…..did not die.

Other than not dying, his throat was fine. Not only was there no sign of any wound, he touched the whole neck and could not feel one small wound.

What just happened?

When the dagger sliced through his throat, he was sure that actually happened. That feeling, like lightning passing through his throat, deadly, precise, unavoidable, and with zero chance of mistake.

But, he did not suffer any damage at all.

That strong sense of confusion not only only made Benjamin, but also the blondie who attacked him, as well as the young man, all stare in shock and went silent for a very long time. It was very obvious, this hit was meant to take his life as it cut his throat. Right now, Benjamin should be lying on the floor with blood gushing out dying from convulsion.

Thus, they saw Benjamin in a new, ghastly, light.

How did this end up this way

Those gazes made Benjamin suspect himself, unless…...he was like Michelle, not knowing when, he has already turned into a phantom?

This was unbelievable!

But, why did the dagger not cause any damage to him at all?

"Cough cough..." But, at this moment, Benjamin suddenly heard a familiar, robotic voice coming from the depths of his brain.

At that moment, Benjamin frowned. The System was missing for so long. Why did it suddenly decide to show up again>


After some thought, he asked unbelievingly, "Are you…...responsible for all this?"

"Responsible for what? I saved your life, alright? If it weren’t for me, you’d be really dead right now." The System had never sounded so pompous like it was now," Oh, right, that…...I was just incubated a moment ago."