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Chapter 221: Revenge

Chapter 221: Revenge

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Benjamin was a little taken aback by the System.


Quite some time had passed since the System was trapped in that weird round bead. At first, Benjamin was quite curious about what would come out of this "fish egg", but with the passing of time, this thing had not changed a bit, and so, his curiosity faded.

--- After all, this was something which came out of the Pure Blue Space. It was not surprising even if it underwent changes eight or ten years later.

Unexpectedly, the bead chose this moment to undergo changes. It seemed that was probably the reason the System did not provide him a warning just now.

More importantly, the System developed a new ability, and saved his life just now?

Benjamin was in disbelief.

His ignited flames of curiosity compelled him to want to return to the Space of Consciousness and examine the changes on the System in detail. But the problems outside the Space had yet to be solved; he should attend to matters in accordance with priorities. So, he could only set this matter aside and look into it thoroughly in the future.

Before Blondie and the young Man could react, Benjamin rushed to first create a distance between himself and his opponents, and summoned an ice fog to properly protect himself, in case he fell into the same danger again.

"You ... How did you do that?" The two of them snapped back to their senses. The young man looked at him in disbelief, and asked hesitantly.

"No comment," answered Benjamin, after giving an icy ‘hmph’.

While he was responding coldly, he once again used non-verbal spell casting, very suddenly summoned a load of ice arrows and began his attack directed at Blondie.

This woman most definitely wanted to kill him just now. If it was not for the System’s sudden appearance which miraculously saved his life, he would be a cold corpse by now.

He was not a particularly vengeful person, but he was not going to swallow his rage so easily this time.

Faced with Benjamin’s sudden attack, Blondie could not react in time. She could only dodge and somewhat sloppily, avoided this strike.

However, Benjamin eyed her coldly and detonated the mass of ice arrows. Along with a loud explosion, the ice arrows turned into countless smaller pieces of crushed ice, scattering apart aggressively, and launched a full-blown attack regardless of any.

In that moment, crushed ice filled all corners of the room as if a lethal hail had occurred.

Benjamin remained unmoving; a water bubble emerged beside him, and blocked the pieces of crushed ice which flew at him. As for the others, Sidney was initially washed into the corner by water, unconscious. Just when she was about to be hit by the countless pieces of crushed ice, the young man suddenly appeared before her and blocked all of the ice shards which flew at her.

As for Blondie, she shielded her weak spot with her hands, as her enchanted leather armor lit up with a faint redness. But because she had sustained an injury from her previous crash into the ice boulder, and now with this strike, she was beaten black and blue. Fresh blood pooled into a big puddle at her feet.

Due to the flying pieces of crushed ice everywhere, it was very hard to have a clear view in the room. Benjamin had to rely on his water sensing technique to see through all all this.

He did not pay attention to Sidney and the young man in the corner, and instead used the steam steadily flowing from the Pillars of Steam to surround Blondie who had not recovered.

If things were as usual, Blondie might still be able to resist a little. But after getting hit by so many attacks and having her sight obstructed, before she could grasp onto any shield in time, she was lifted into the air by the steam and lost her balance.

Following that, Benjamin once again used an Ice-Breaking Spell, summoned four icicles and shot them right at her.

Blondie was blown into the air, and so had no way to dodge. The icicles hit her precisely on her four limbs, and with a shocking, bloodcurdling scream, she was nailed directly onto the wall in the room.

Benjamin completed this series of acts very quickly. Just when the line of sight in the whole room was still totally obstructed, just when nothing could be seen, he had already nailed Blondie on the wall. And after the specks of ice, smoke and dust had all dispersed, what emerged in front of everyone’s eyes was a dying human figure on the wall, along with meandering trails of blood left behind. In that moment, the whole wall was akin to a gory painting depicting religious sacrifices.

"You... Shameless ... Bastard ..." Blondie already looked like a man of blood. After getting deeply wounded, she could not even speak properly.

"Thanks for the compliment," Benjamin smiled as he heard Blondie speaking. He conjured a small piece of ice and drove it into her left cheek which pierced through the right side of her cheek.

Immediately, Blondie let out a chilling scream once again.

Along with low moans of pain and fresh blood which spilled incessantly, her slowly lost her consciousness and was unable to say a thing.

But Benjamin merely watched the whole scenario, poker-faced, and shook his head.

"Benjamin Lithur," At this moment, a voice suddenly came from a corner of the room. "Don’t kill her."

Benjamin turned around, and saw that the young man was shielding Sidney with her behind him; his body unhurt from top to bottom despite experiencing the crushed pieces of ice. At that moment, he was quietly staring at Benjamin.

Although he was quite surprised at the fact that he was unhurt, Benjamin still lifted his chin and indifferently said, "She wanted to kill me in the first place, why can’t I kill her?"

The young man made an expression of uneasiness. Putting his hands up, he said, "I was about to stop her."

"But you failed to," Benjamin raised his eyebrows and gave a jesting smile, "You couldn’t stop her from killing me and you can’t stop me from killing her. Isn’t that fair?"

While he spoke, a piece of crushed ice flew up. Just like the previous dagger, the piece of crushed ice gently glided over Blondie’s throat, slitting a smooth, lovely line.

Accompanied by the gushing of fresh blood, the low groans of pain suddenly stopped.

The head of the bloodied human figure nailed on the wall gently lowered.

While doing all this, Benjamin also finished phrasing the last point in his sentence. Only at this point did the young man turn around, and look towards Blondie who had stopped breathing. He made a peculiar expression.

Benjamin looked at the wall with a poker-face, like an artist admiring his own work.

"Could you use that, something like a Fireball Spell, to cremate her? It doesn’t look quite proper like this," said the young man, suddenly heaving a sigh.

"I don’t know the Fireball Spell," replied Benjamin.


After glancing once more at the corpse nailed on the wall, Benjamin turned around, and once again threw his gaze on the young man and the unconscious Sidney.

"Don’t rush into planning her funeral, I’m not even done with you yet." He looked at the young man coldly, and said, "What are both your identities? Why did you follow us disguised as Augustine? How did you know my name?"

He needed to properly deal with this mysterious bastard.

But, the young man shook his head and said, "You’ve just killed her, and immediately turned around to ask so many questions? Isn’t that a little inappropriate? At least leave me some time for a moment of silence to mourn for her."

Benjamin’s expression was as cold as ice. "I don’t have time for jokes with you. If you don’t talk, you’re next."

Hearing that, the young man suddenly began laughing, and opened his arms, acting like he wasn’t putting up any resistance. He said, "Alright, if you manage to really kill me with magic, I’d be grateful to you in hell."

Assessing the situation, Benjamin frowned.

Blondie was fine but this person ... was definitely a little more difficult to handle. Although he did not know what magic potion he consumed, but so far, his speed, his power were way above Blondie’s. Moreover, judging from his behavior the other night, Benjamin really could not think a way to defeat him in a moment.

If it was not for the protection of the ice fog, Benjamin might not even be able to rival him.


Since he asked for it, then he should give it a try. Wasn’t that right?

Thus, chanting the incantation for an Ice Breaking Spell, Benjamin summoned a large sword of ice. He wielded the sword and stabbed the young man, who had no intention to dodge.