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Chapter 222: Immunity to Magic

Chapter 222: Immunity to Magic

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When the large sword of ice touched the young man, something incredible happened.

For some reason, the sharp sword of ice didn’t hurt him. The young man was only wearing ordinary clothes, no enchantments, no defences - yet the sword of ice strangely bounced off, not even a hole in his clothes.

Benjamin furrowed his brows. There was something odd going on here...

"You’ve seen it for yourself, I’m different from the average person," The young man patted the spot he was apparently stabbed and calmly replied, "You can’t kill me anyways, so why waste your energy?"

But Benjamin didn’t reply. At that point, it was as if he had discovered something new - his curiosity peaked. He was clear about the fact that magic was the only supernatural power in this world; there was no existence of Dou Qi (a power in the Chinese web novel series ‘Battle Through the Heavens’) or spiritual power or any bullshit of that sort. To be able to flick away the bullet without any effort- there was something off about this person.

Thinking along this line, he suddenly imploded the large sword of ice, once again releasing large pieces of crushed ice as an attack.

Since the young man was facing the edge of the sword, the damage he received should have been fatal. But after the ice shards scattered everywhere, Benjamin looked again only to find that there wasn’t a single scratch on his body.

"Why?" Benjamin couldn’t help asking. "You want to know?" The young man stretched lazily and replied, "Remove the curse on Sidney first"

"You wish." Benjamin rejected him without hesitation.

However, this peculiar phenomenon piqued his interest. Since his opponent had a "Hit me however you want, if I die it’s on me" attitude anyway, Benjamin naturally didn’t have any qualms.

He suddenly chanted the incantation for the Pillars of Steam spell and used steam to wrap him up, attempting to lift him. But, still, the result was the same. The young man didn’t move an inch, only his hair gently billowed. There was no effect whatsoever.

However, Benjamin didn’t look one bit disappointed.

During the process of controlling steam, he had observed everything in minute detail. After observing, he discovered that there seemed to be a strange energy revolving around the young man. This energy could repel all particles away and so, magic was unable to touch him, resulting in this illusion that he couldn’t be "harmed by water or fire".

On that thought, Benjamin once again directed steam and forcefully tried to close in on the young man. But, when the steam was inches from him, it suddenly seemed as if the steam lost control of itself. It split back into water particles and left the young man, like it was fleeing a calamity.

.... Is this why he wasn’t not afraid of magic?

Benjamin fell deep into thought.

"Did you get this power as a result of consuming magic potions?" Benjamin couldn’t help but ask.

The young man crossed his arms and stared at him, not showing any signs of wanting to respond.


Benjamin thought for a while and then pulled out a gun. As fast as he could, he started firing. Aiming at the weak spot between the young man’s legs, he pulled the trigger.


The bullet hit the wall, making a dent.

Benjamin was surprised by what just happened. All he saw was that the young man had jumped to the side and was now clearly in a panic – the moment he pulled the trigger, the young man dodged the shot at an incredible speed.

"Motherfucker..." The young man glared at Benjamin and weakly shook his head, "Do you really think that I can’t kill you?"

Benjamin shrugged and was just about to say some provocative words. However, he suddenly remembered the earlier result of his observation. Whether it be water, ice or steam...no magic could maintain its form next to the young man. This also meant that this wall of ice fog surrounding him couldn’t actually stop his opponent.

If the young man wanted to forcefully close in on him, he could technically break through this ice fog the way he did to the water flow Benjamin created earlier on, and could quickly close the distance between the two of them.

And with the opponent’s speed...

Thinking about this, Benjamin couldn’t hide his slight change in expression. He awkwardly smiled at the young man. When the young man looked puzzled, he turned around and ran.

You must be kidding me… this bastard is immune to magic, and was so good at dodging it’s crazy. Since Benjamin was on his own, he better hide as far away as possible.

But, the young man had no intention on letting him leave.

"Excuse me, you want to just escape like that after killing a person?" In the blink of an eye, the young man had ran past Benjamin and now blocked the exit to the hallway, obstructing Benjamin’s way out.

"So? You’re planning to avenge her?" Benjamin frowned, tightening his grip on the gun in his hand.

"Why should I avenge her?"


Benjamin was speechless for a while. He took a deep breath before slowly saying, "Then, what do you want?"

The young man pointed into the room, "Release Sidney from her curse."

"Why should I release her from the curse?" Benjamin said defiantly, "I don’t know your purpose, but I’m sure you can’t kill me, correct?"

The young man pondered for a bit, "I could return your friend to you."

Benjamin laughed out loud and replied, "Augustine isn’t even in your hands, how are you going to return him to me?"

"I don’t know his current location, but I’ve left him and the other two blokes from the Mage Guild in the hotel at Town of Hank," replied the young man. "There is a high chance that he was taken away by people from the Mage Guild. Do you really want to look for him at the Mage Guild? I heard that they’ve been looking for you for a while. You ought to be careful."


Benjamin really couldn’t retort.

If Augustine was really taken away by the Mage Guild, then he really wouldn’t know what to do. He couldn’t just walk up to their doorsteps and ask for him, or he might as well be a sheep walking to slaughter. The Queen would definitely look forward to that scene playing out.


"Alright, you bring him in and I’ll release her from the curse." After some thought, Benjamin suddenly decided, "We’ll settle it this way. Is there anything else? If there’s nothing else, I’ll excuse myself now."

He still planned on leaving this place first and calming down before making a decision.

Whether or not Augustine was actually in the hands of the Mage Guild was something yet to be determined. The bottom line was that he didn’t want to stay in a place with some dude he couldn’t defeat – what if this bastard suddenly changes his mind?

Although he had Sidney’s curse as hostage, but he still felt that he should stay away as far as he can.

He had experienced enough in this so-called "massage parlour".

Finally, the young man nodded and moved aside, clearing a path for him.

"Okay, as long you don’t bilk."

"Am I someone who would bilk?"

The System spoke up ‘Yeah, you are’ in his mind at the same time Benjamin replied.

Just like this, Benjamin walked right up to the door of the shop. He turned around and gave a suspicious glance at the young man, turned back, and left.

Walking through the empty street, he didn’t rush to return to the hotel. Instead, he disguised himself and sneakily arrived at the Regina branch of the Mercenary Association.