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Chapter 225: Bribing Soldiers

Chapter 225: Bribing Soldiers

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Just like this, from the old man’s accounts, Benjamin felt as if he just had a class on "How Much Can One Bullshit When Discussing Legends".

From the rumors, Miles was extraordinarily skilled, and an expert at disguises, which fitted with Benjamin’s impression of him. And so, there were no descriptions of his actual appearance in the rumors. Most people think that he’s already in his forties, there were also some who think that he’s in his sixties and even some who think that he is actually a woman.

Benjamin felt that it was beginning to sound like quite a stretch at this point.

From the rumors, Miles only began to garner attention these past few years. He made his mark in Carretas, and rose to fame in Ferelden. As for his origin, many believed that he is a foreigner from the mysterious, unknown lands far east of the two countries, beyond the unexplored Ross Desert.

As for how he became famous, it was due to his accomplishments of completing countless "impossible" missions after becoming a mercenary. Going deep into the Forest of Death to gather ingredients, assassinating a certain very well-known and powerful mage, guarding and delivering highly confidential documents through the borders of many countries....the missions given by the Mercenary Association are all confidential but quite some information still leaked out, and although no one was sure how true they were, people would naturally pay attention to that one person when all these information pointed to him.

And in the process, rumors like him slaughtering a dragon, him being the true master of the Mercenary Association, him not being human but was actually some other type of life form...all these nonsensical stories also popped up, and Benjamin listened helplessly.

It’s wasn’t as if Benjamin hadn’t met him before, he wasn’t that powerful, please.

With a body immune to magic and his remarkable skills, to have him kill a few mages was definitely a piece of cake. But his other rumors which sounded like conspiracy theories was definitely mumbo jumbo.

In fact, from the information given by the old man, Miles was very famous in the world of mercenaries, but there was a lack of reliable information. No one mentioned his immunity to magic, nor did anyone mention which side he belonged to. The only similarity among all the rumors was that Miles had never consumed potions before.

Listening thus far, Benjamin was still a little surprised.

Is this guy an actual mutant?

Without the blessing from an external source, it was difficult to imagine that an average human being could obtain that level of physical ability. But, looking at it from another perspective, Benjamin too had a strange defense mechanism towards magic. He felt that that he was nothing extraordinary all of a sudden.

All in all, Benjamin could only try his best to think positively, hoping that there was no greater scheme behind this.

After coming to an understanding of Miles, finally, he also discussed the search mission with Chief "Silverfox". Circumstances have changed, so he still brought himself to ask the old man to scour for news, to see if Augustine was really taken by the Mage Guild.

The old man seemed to not quite be able to handle the Mage Guild too, but finally, he still nodded in agreement and promised he’ll do his best.

"Oh, and..." Suddenly, Benjamin seemed to have remembered something. Before the old man left, he followed up with another question. "How’s your son’s wound? Is there anything I can do to help?"

Hearing that, the old man turned around and smiled wryly. He said, "Would you like to tidy up his grave from the funeral last month?"

"...My condolences."

The old man didn’t make any expressions of sadness, but instead kept that smile. "Is that it? Is there anything else? If there isn’t, I’ll be on my way first. I’ll look for you again if there’s any information."

Benjamin shook his head and replied, "That’s it, sorry for the trouble."

"Well, one’s gotta work after receiving money." The old man waved his hand and left.

Seeing that, Benjamin breathed a sigh and left too, returning to his room. He saw that it was about time, so after meditating for a while and washing up, he laid on the bed and sank into deep sleep.

In the next few days, Benjamin and his group of people hid in the hotel and stayed in their rooms, patiently waiting for the situation in Regina to change. The number of interrogating soldiers in the streets did not decrease, but rumors of the unexpected incident at the square slowly trickled out into the city.

From the streets to the alleyways, everybody was talking about how that day at the square, a man who looked like a beggar descended from the sky and killed all the rebelling soldiers surrounding the square. Then, he led everyone at the square to bravely rescue the mages imprisoned behind bars. However, just when the Queen was thinking about awarding him a medal, that man disappeared into the crowd without anyone knowing where he went.

All the citizens of Regina call him ‘The One From Above’.

Benjamin coincidentally heard this at the hotel hallway, and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Descending from the sky, rescuing the mages...these people sure have a knack for imagination, exaggerating a motley crew into a courageous revolutionary army, and even giving him all the credit for the Queen’s efforts. But it makes sense, the mob was made up of the city’s people. Once the people adjourned to their homes respectively, they naturally had to boast about themselves a little, and at the same time, took the opportunity to also embellish Benjamin.

Furthermore, the title ‘The One From Above’ definitely sounded a little better than ‘Water Ball Demon’. After all, he was wearing beggar clothes; he should already be grateful about the fact that no one called him Ji Gong (a beggar monk from China’s Song Dynasty).

Thus, although it seemed like there was nothing to be proud of, Benjamin still felt an inexplicable sense of accomplishment.

Of course, now that the rumors have spread, the quiet glee in his heart was also further layered with wariness. The rumors would definitely reach the ears of the Queen. She is busy with capturing the spies now but once that is over, the Queen would definitely open up an investigation on this matter. Many people had seen Benjamin’s face when he was in the air, so he couldn’t guarantee that they wouldn’t recognize him.

He still had to be more careful.

And it was also due to this that the mages didn’t dare to even meet these few days; they were too scared of exposing themselves. The skill of Double Meditation that was researched and developed earlier couldn’t be used either as it gives off magical oscillations. Thus, everyone could only meditate respectively, curb their traces and wait patiently in the hotel.

Benjamin was also waiting. He was waiting for news from Chief "Silverfox", or if Miles had found Augustine and was prepared to make an exchange with him. The bottom line was, he will not be making the first move for the time being.

The thing was, he didn’t receive any news with all the waiting but instead, received unexpected guests.


On an afternoon four days later, a hurried knocking came from the door, interrupting Benjamin’s meditation. He opened his eyes and an expression of confusion showed on his face. After hesitating for a bit, he didn’t open the door. Instead, he asked, "Who is it?"

The other side of the door fell silent for a moment. Then, a voice said, "We are under orders from the Queen to check if there are spies from the enemy nation here. Please open the door. If there are no problems, we shall not trouble you."


Benjamin couldn’t help but rejoice a little. Thank god he had slightly disguised himself when he went out for a meal earlier, just in case. He was worried if he’d be recognized had he met the guards with his real face.

Thinking along those lines, he stood up and opened the door.

Outside the door stood three soldiers cladded in armor; they were even wearing their helmets which obscured their faces. Immediately, Benjamin made a mental warning in his mind. However, he still welcomed them with a smile, and didn’t display any suspicious behavior.

"Sirs, look around as much as you want, there are definitely no problems here!"

Hearing that, the three soldiers nodded. Two of them walked into the room and began searching everywhere. As for another one, he faced Benjamin and began a list of interrogative questions.

"Where are you from?"

Benjamin answered naturally, "I am a merchant from the Kingdom of Helius, here on a business trip."

Being born in the Kingdom of Helius was still quite a sensitive issue, but it wasn’t right to hide it. If the soldiers discover a loophole from his accent, then it would be easier to elicit their suspicions.

Lies are meant to be a mesh of truth and false, so that they won’t be seen through by others.

Just like Benjamin had expected, the soldiers were unsuspecting and asked a few more simple questions before ending their inquiries. The two soldiers had also finished their search of the room. Benjamin had a few items related to magic, but this was still quite normal in Icor. There was no way he could be a spy for the Church.

"Are you still a mage?" The soldier asked in a surprised manner.

Benjamin shook his head and said, "Goods. I know the regulations for the sale of books of magic in Icor are quite strict, but hopefully you guys will be more accommodating."

While speaking, he took out a few gold coins and placed them into the soldier’s palm.

After disguising as a merchant for so long, he had also grown to be very familiar with the tricks of the average merchant - he knew this tactic would work. He also understood the way things were in Icor; these few pieces of gold coins were enough.

The soldier realized the situation, and silently pocketed the coins. He nodded, as if silently acknowledging it.

However, just when Benjamin thought these three soldiers were ready to leave, the soldier who had just pocketed the coins suddenly turned hostile and in an extremely stern tone, said, "The sale of books of magic warrants confiscation of the said goods and a fine of 100 gold coins. Sir, I’m afraid you will have to come with us for a while."


Benjamin felt cheated.