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Chapter 226: Chapter 226 - Guild Master

Chapter 226: Chapter 226 - Guild Master

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"Brother, you can’t do things this way." Benjamin said as he wore a helpless expression after being deceived by them.

"I’m sorry. This is the rule. We can’t do anything about it." The soldier replied coldly.

"Then give me back my money." Benjamin immediately said with a straight face.

"What money? How come I don’t know about it?" Probably because their faces were covered by their helmets, the soldiers were starting to talk in a shameless way.

Benjamin was so pissed off that he almost hit them.

To tell the truth, if he was not afraid of revealing his identity, destroying these three soldiers would be a piece of cake for Benjamin. He even had magic oscillations. But if the three soldiers were to disappear for no reason, surely the officials would start to look into it. Thus, Benjamin had no choice but to hold back the impulse.

The bribe money of a few gold coins, to be honest, was quite a lot. Even so, these soldiers still had to cheat after taking his money. Benjamin had no idea what these three soldiers meant to do.

"Fine. I don’t mind walking for a bit. Let me talk to your commanding officer." So, he squinted his eyes and acted like an experienced person, as if he was not afraid of the Sky or the Earth. He said, "It’s not like I don’t know anyone here. If your higher ups knew that you took my bribe, let’s just see if you can still live here in Icor."

He knew clearly that he should not meet with any officials to protect his identity. But at this moment, he can lose anything but the momentum. They would just have to compare which of them had more bargaining strength.

If he acted as if he had friends in high places, they would not dare to do anything to him.

The reaction of the soldiers were the same as he had expected. After hearing this, the three of them fell silent, as if they were considering something.

At that time, no one spoke in the whole room.

Upon seeing this, Benjamin stared coldly at the three soldiers with his arms crossed, trying to pressure them further.

"... This Mister." Finally, one of the soldiers spoke. He said, "Okay then. If you want to meet our commanding officer, we can bring you to him. He will talk to you."


What is this attitude?

Benjamin suddenly felt like something was wrong.

Could a normal soldier speak of this without any misgivings?

Thinking about this, Benjamin could not help but to turn on his Water Particle Detection and feel the three persons hiding inside the armor. However, what shocked him a little was that he actually felt Elemental Change and Spiritual Energy Disturbances on these three people.

These three were not just any soldiers who was searching the area. They were mages.

This was shocking enough. However, the stranger thing was that Benjamin thought one of the guys’ faces was really familiar to him for some reason.

Where... Where did he see that guy before?

"At the Town of Hank." System suddenly came out and reminded him. "Do you still remember that time? That person from the Mage Guild who was told to invite you. That person who called Hawk. The one that you knocked out unconscious, you tied him up and kept him locked up in the hotel room."

Upon hearing this, Benjamin’s heart thumped.

The Mage Guild...

After being reminded by the System, he immediately recalled all the details of that time. During that time, it was this guy who said he wanted Benjamin to go to Regina. But, the note in his pocket wrote not to let Benjamin come to Regina instead. It made Benjamin really confused then.

And now, this guy actually pretended to be a soldier and came to him!

What did he want to achieve?

"No, I’m not going." Thus, Benjamin suddenly went back a few steps and pulled away from these three. He said, "I doubt your identities. You’re not soldiers at all. Please leave my room immediately, or else do not blame me for what I do."

Three mages came to him sneakily. Ninety-percent of this was related to the Mage Guild. If they were under the order of the Mage Guild, that meant they had found out Benjamin’s now-hidden identity.

This was trouble...

At this time, Benjamin could not think of any good idea. The Mage Guild would not stop hunting him. Who knew what their motives was? Should he just kill the three of them and leave Regina immediately?

But could he escape?

"Sir, it seems like you have recognized me." Just at this moment, Hawk suddenly removed his helmet and showed his true face. He smiled as he said, "Before you left the Town of Hank, you really left me with a great gift."

Upon seeing this, Benjamin could only take a deep breath and remain calm.

When the soldiers came, I shall stop them; when the water came, the earth buried. In this situation, he could only see what they wanted to do and act accordingly.

"I’m sorry. I am not used to accepting weird invitations, especially during the time when the other party’s aims is not clear to me." Benjamin carried out Non-Verbal Spell Casting as he spoke, summoning a small Waterball.

He took the compressed Waterball in his hands and looked at them with cold eyes that was filled with a faint killing intent.

"If that is the case, we are extremely sorry. But in the end, Sir, you still came to Regina, didn’t you?" To this, Hawk still had no intent to fight at all. He replied calmly.

"I have my purposes of coming to Regina. It’s none of your business." Benjamin replied.

"Maybe..." Hawk shook his head and said, "Sir, please understand that we did not come to you with ill intent. Pretending to be soldiers is just a method to avoid the attention of some people. If you’ll just follow us to the Mage Guild, you will understand everything. This includes your companion whom you left in Town of Hank. He is also now in our Guild as a guest. Nobody else knows yet."

Upon hearing this, Benjamin raised his eyebrows.

Augustine was truly in their hands now?

To be honest, Benjamin was more willing to do a trade with Miles and had him bring Augustin over here. Then, their bunch of mages would figure a way out by themselves and leave Regina behind as far as possible.

But, the Mage Guild came to him with this timing. Thus, the situation now had become rather troublesome.

Could he get involved with an organization that was so large and mysterious?

"Following you guys..." As he thought of this, Benjamin shook his head and said, "After going there, can I still return to this place? Let’s get straight to the point. I saw the note in your pocket, too. What is your true motive? I may not have any clue how to fight the whole Mage Guild, but taking you three on won’t take much of my energy."

As he said this, he shook the compressed Waterball in his hands.

Upon seeing this, Hawk immediately spread out his hands to indicate that he had no plan to fight. He said, "Please believe in us. Our motive was only just hoping that you can leave Icor as soon as possible."

... Leave Icor?

Benjamin was thinking about it.

It seemed that what was written in the note was true. The Mage Guild did not want me to enter Regina at all. The talk at the beginning was just to scare Benjamin off.

"Don’t worry about it. We won’t stay too long here." So, he replied calmly. "Just give Augustine back to me. We will leave once the alert in this area had been lifted."

However, Hawk shook his head and said in a hurried tone. "No, you don’t understand. Tomorrow Her Majesty the Queen will return to the palace. You must leave Regina before tonight. If not, the news may be reported to the higher ups by the other mages in the Guild. Then, you won’t be able to leave even if you wanted to."

Benjamin frowned. "What do you mean?"

As Hawk was prepared to answer his question, all of a sudden, an old voice sounded from behind of Benjamin.

"It’s okay. Let me talk to him."

Benjamin turned around, stunned, only to see that the figure of an old man suddenly appeared in the previously empty corner of the room.

The old man wore a black mage robe. His hair was white without a spot of dust and his beard was flowing like a waterfall, reaching almost to the floor. He had both of his hands in his back and wore a faint smile on his face as he stared at Benjamin, his eyes squinted.

Benjamin almost broke out to a cold sweat.


When did he come into the room? Why didn’t I feel anything at all?

When Benjamin was shocked by this, the three mages who were disguised as the soldiers came forward. The other two took of their helmets as well. Together with Hawk, they looked at the man and bowed respectfully.

"Guild Master." They said in unison.