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Chapter 229: Straight to Battle Once in Disagreement

Chapter 229: Straight to Battle Once in Disagreement

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"Xanders, you’re here too?" Hawk’s tone was really surprised. He was truly surprised, and not acting surprised as a courtesy.

It couldn’t be that... The guards in this area were not in their data?

Immediately, Benjamin had a bad premonition.

"Her Majesty the Queen specially ordered to add a few more inspection teams today. Since there are too many things to be done recently, it has not been reported to the Guild yet. It’ll probably be in the record in a few days." The mage Xanders flashed a smile and said, "What is this? Four carriages, huh? Where are you guys going?"

Hawk took the letter out and passed it to his hands. He said in a calm manner, "This is also a recent news. There have been cases of Magic Beast attacks at the town near River Fett. They are calling for assistance, so we are sending some mages over. It’s normal that you don’t know about this."

Upon hearing this, Xanders seemed a little surprised. He took a glance at the carriages and said, "What kind of Magic Best attacks need the assistance of so many people? Mage Hawk, are they also mages in the Guild? Why don’t they come out and say hello?"

Hawk answered then. "They are mages who just joined the Guild. You may not recognize them as well. The Guild Master wanted to train them, so he let them go for this mission."

What he did not expect was that Xanders became even more surprised. He said, "You should’ve told me sooner. They are new friends. All the more reason for us to meet. There have been so many things going on lately, I don’t even have time to welcome them properly."

At this moment, upon hearing this, Benjamin felt like he did not know what more to say.

This guy was so annoying.

Even though the both of them seemed to have a lot to talk about – as if they were close and the way they acted was also courteous, but for some reason, Benjamin thought that this guy was probably not in good terms with Hawk.

Somehow, he felt like something was going to happen.

So troublesome...

"Why bother? We have our own mission to accomplish. Let’s not waste time on this kind of stuff." To Xander’s request, Hawk tried to decline politely.

"Why not? There is almost no one in this area. It’s just meeting them for a while. It won’t take much time." But Xanders was smiling more passionately than before. As he was speaking, he even walked up to the front without caring about Hawk’s refusal. He reached out his arms, and in a swift movement, he opened the carriage door.

Immediately, Hawk showed an expression that said ‘Oh no!’

The door swung open with a click.

Once the door was opened, Xanders saw Benjamin who was in the carriage. At the same time, Benjamin’s cold gaze fell on him.

By the torches’ light, the two of them stared at each other. The exchanged glances revealed the faint coldness in their eyes. The atmosphere just now when they were happy in conversation seemed to disappear suddenly at this moment.

A moment of silence.

"Hello, I’m Xanders. Nice to meet you." Xanders suddenly reached out his hands and, with a courteous smile, he said, "I have no idea why, but I feel that...You looked rather familiar to me."

Of course. Duh.

Benjamin criticized him in his heart.

This was because this mage named Xanders was one of the members that followed the Queen to the Gateway. When Benjamin and his bunch ran away from the Gateway, he saw everyone in the Mage Guild.

This was truly... what scared you the most eventually would appear before you.

He was going to be recognized by this mage.

"Nice to meet you, I’m Benjamin." As he was thinking that, Benjamin also showed a smile and shook hands with this person in a friendly manner.

Just at that moment when they shook hands, the passionate Xanders a few moments ago suddenly stiffened. Just like the wax that was thrown into the water, the smile on his face became stiff and did not change again.

For a moment, no one spoke. Benjamin maintained the smile on his face with no intention of smiling. He slowly pulled his hand back.

As for Xanders’ hand, it still remained at that place just like a statue.

It was as if he was dead.

Immediately, Hawk who was standing beside them seemed to realize something and showed an extremely stunned expression.


He exclaimed in a soft voice. He seemed like he had something to say, but he did not speak.

"Sir Xanders?" At the same time, since it was night, the lighting was rather bad and so was the vision. The soldiers who were guarding not far away saw that Xanders did not move for some time. So they could not help but came closer and asked.

However, that soldier only realized that Xanders’ body now has a layer of frost on it after he was really close to Xanders.

In that moment, his expression of disbelief was frozen.

For Benjamin, he jumped from the carriage while carrying a friendly smile. He stared at the soldier and spoke softly. "What did you see?"

"I...I..." Suddenly, it seemed like the soldier realized something and he took a few steps back. He stammered and could not even speak properly.

Benjamin reached out his hands and lightly tapped the soldier’s shoulders.

Thus this poor soldier was turned into ice statue as well.

At the same time, without even a slight magic oscillation, a large amount of Ice Arrows that reflected the moonlight suddenly appeared above the heads of the other soldiers. Along with the bone-eating chills, the dense Ice Arrows fell straight downwards and showered upon more than thirty soldiers.

Not only that, the mages on the other carriages also understood what to do. They jumped out of the carriage consecutively. Along with the casting of spell, numerous Wind Blades and Fireballs... They all appeared one after another and was showered upon these soldiers like a hailstorm.

The scene where all kinds of magic were used was rather spectacular. It was like fireworks in the dark night.

The soldiers were all wearing armor that had been blessed with magic. There were quite a few that took out their Magic Potion in a rush. However, facing such a decisive attack, their efforts were all in vain.

Not even in half a minute, the whole inspection team had only ashes left. No one survived.

"Oh, oh my god..." Hawk stared at the mages who came out of the carriages as if he was watching a bunch of monsters.

Benjamin scattered the Ice Needles in his hands and tapped Hawk’s shoulder as if he was comforting Hawk. He explained to him. "That guy called Xanders. He has seen all of us in the Mage Guild before. He will recognize us, so we had to seize the chance when we still can. Kill all of them, so that not a single word will be leaked."

However, Hawk was still shocked to the extent that he took a few steps back. When he touched his shoulder where Benjamin tapped on, he was still a little bit afraid. He was probably worried that he would become an ice statue just like Xanders and that soldier.

After a while, he came back to his senses. He only shook his head and, with a bitter smile, said, "You guys... How could you do this? Once you’re in disagreement, you go straight to battle mode?"

Benjamin smiled. "Be calm. At any rate, you’re still a mage. You see those few carriage drivers? They are all calmer than you are."

As he was saying, he pointed to the four carriage drivers who were sitting by the carriages. Upon hearing this, the carriage drivers immediately smiled to him as if they wanted to please him as they said "Hi". They waved at Hawk as if they were greeting him.

"Sir Mage, we won’t say anything. Can you please don’t kill us?" One of the carriage drivers spoke and asked this sincerely.

Other carriage drivers nodded like the chicks were pecking the rice.

"Sure." Benjamin thought for a moment and turned to Hawk and said. "Lend us these four carriages and the carriage drivers. We will take them and leave Icor. This way, it is impossible to have any news leaked."

Hawk’s jaw dropped again. He could not speak a word. Maybe... This plot was developing too fast for him. He could not understand anything at this time.

"What do you think? Just these four carriages. If not, let me buy them using money?" Benjamin continued to ask.

"... Just take it." Finally, after he was stunned for a moment, Hawk took a deep breath and nodded. His expression was helpless when he said this.