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Chapter 230: The Disguised Carriage Driver

Chapter 230: The Disguised Carriage Driver

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Just like this, after clearing up traces of battle on site, Benjamin and the group sat in the carriage and quickly left this place.

The battle had caused quite a big commotion. Luckily, the location of the place was quite far from Regina. The inspection teams in this area were also not that frequent. If not, the commotion would have attracted the attention of other soldiers.

Now all the witnesses have been dealt with. Hawk also would not tell the secret to endanger himself. So there was nothing to worry about. The whole incident would probably just be about a bunch of inspectors going missing for no reason in the end. The Mage Guild would actively participate in the investigation of this case due to ‘shock’, but the investigation would be stopped due to all kinds of excuses in the end.

For Hawk, once he sent Benjamin and the bunch to a distance, he also said his goodbye and left. Only Benjamin and the bunch were left sitting in the carriage, heading forward.

During the journey, Benjamin planned their route again with the System. Since they had carriages now, their speed of travelling had become a lot faster. They could also meditate while they hurried in their journey. It was very convenient. Thus, Benjamin decided to rely on the carriages throughout their journey until they reached some place near River Fett. Then, he would let the carriage drivers to leave.

At that time, they could use magic to fly over the river. They would not be far from Ferelden by then.

But the credibility of these carriage drivers...

Upon thinking of this, the corners of Benjamin’s mouth turned into the shape of a cold smile.

Soon, it was already the first evening after leaving Regina. The group stopped their hurrying footsteps. They parked the carriages beside a forest. They came down for some fresh air, rested for a bit and prepared for dinner.

"Hmm you... What was your name again? Come here. I have something to ask you."

Suddenly, Benjamin tapped the shoulder of one of the carriage drivers and spoke in a soft voice to him.

That carriage driver was stunned for a while. But since it was Benjamin, he would not dare to oppose him. Thus, he put down the bread in his hands. With a face full of confusion, he followed Benjamin to the trees not too far away.

Making sure that no one was noticing them, Benjamin turned around. The smile on his face slowly dissolved as he stared coldly at the carriage driver. He spoke. "Why did you come here again?"

The carriage driver showed a perplexed expression and said, "Sir Mage, wasn’t this your request? I... am here to drive the carriage for you all."

Benjamin shook his head and said, "Fine. Stop the pretending. I was cheated by you last time. Do you think I will fall for your tricks again? Miles, wasn’t it? Disguised as a carriage driver again, what actually do you want to do?"

He was not stupid either. If he let these four carriage drivers to come with them, surely he would have to observe them closely. When he turned on his Particle Detection, he was quick to realize that this carriage driver who spoke most ‘sincerely’ at that time was disguised by the young man from before.

This guy just would not leave them alone.

Regarding this situation, Benjamin truly did not know what to do. Because he had to be extra cautious, it would not be right for him to talk about his true identity in front of other mages. He could only find an opportunity like now to directly ask him about what he actually wanted to do.

Because of the curse on Sidney, at least Miles would not do anything to him. But if this guy would actually interfere with his schedule in the future, then Benjamin would have to think of a way to deal with him.

"How did you recognize me?" Finally, Miles stopped acting. With a face of the carriage driver, he asked in disbelief.

"Because your disguising ability was too bad." Benjamin of course would not speak the truth.


Probably because his working ability had been doubted, Miles was pissed and could not speak a word.

"Why in the world are you following us?" Benjamin asked.

"For the mission." Miles’ answer was still as usual. "Moreover, Sidney still has your curse on her. If you leave Regina just like this, what would happen if one day her curse just break out?"

Benjamin shook his head and said, "As long as I am alive, the curse won’t lose control. I don’t want to let it break out, so it won’t."

Miles knitted his eyebrows. "Why do I think that your talk about the curse is all a lie?"

Benjamin seemed indifferent. "Fine. You can try killing me. Let’s see if that woman will die of the curse or not."


Once again, Miles could not find a word to speak.

At this point, Benjamin was getting really impatient. Continuing this talk seemed like it would not be much of use to him except only that he could use words to piss this guy off.

Therefore, he spoke for one last time. "What is your true purpose? If this is really your mission, who gave you this mission? What is the content of this mission?"

"I can’t tell you that. This is against professional ethics." Miles spread his hands and said, "But, be rest assured. I won’t do anything to you guys. Give me a few days more, my mission would be completed. At that time, I assure you that you won’t see me ever again."

"You won’t do anything to endanger us?" Benjamin stared at this guy’s disguised face, trying to figure something out from his expression.

"No. If I really wanted to do something, I have so many opportunities to do so. I will have done it by now. Why do I have to wait until now?" Miles replied in an extremely natural way.

"What about the other three carriage drivers?" Benjamin asked this instead.

"I have no idea. They should simply be carriage drivers, I guess." Miles seemed a little helpless. "I am not a real carriage driver. I am not close with them."

Benjamin went silent for a few moments, then he shook his head. He was lazy to ask anything more in the end, so he turned around and left without another word.

This guy was too troublesome. He could neither kill him nor chase him away. Let him just continue his tricks. At least in front of his eyes, Benjamin could still keep a close watch on this guy. If Miles did something, he would be alerted as well. This was better than the situation of not knowing what the enemy was doing.

Moreover, throughout the journey, he could still find a chance to see if he could completely deal with this trouble.

"Hey, you finished asking your questions? Why did you just walk away?" Behind him, Miles shouted.

Benjamin turned around and gave him a look. "Dinner time is over. Let’s continue the journey, carriage driver."

Didn’t he wanted to be a carriage driver? Then let him be.

".... I didn’t even have a bite." Miles complained.

"You’re too slow, dawdling here. Now you’re blaming me?" Benjamin shrugged and acted as if he could not do anything about it. He said this in a righteous way.


Just like this, the short dinner time finished. Under the light of the setting sun, Benjamin and the bunch went back to the carriages. As for the carriage drivers, they could only diligently swing their whip under the orders of Benjamin, regardless of whether they had a full dinner or went on with an empty stomach. The carriages carried more than twenty mages, continuing their journey towards the southeast.