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Chapter 249: A Murder Plot

Chapter 249: A Murder Plot

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"So... tell me about the mage gathering."

After accidentally striking a deal with the Crows, Benjamin withdrew his hand, wiped the smile off his face, and went back to the reason why he was here.

"The mage gathering is a night where the mages in the city of Rayleigh interact with one another." Jessica explained, "It was started by a renowned mage in the city, Mr. Vinci, you saw the address on the invitation right? It’s in his villa in the city of Rayleigh."

Benjamin nodded his head and said, "And?"

"I am not even a mage; I am not sure about the other things." Jessica raised her hands and said, ‘But Mr. Vinci is very famous, one of the best mages in the region. I put in effort to get this invitation, only because I hoped to join the dinner, to win over a mage. But now, I don’t need it anymore."

After hearing this, he gave it some thought, then Benjamin kept the invitation.

Looking at Jessica, the mage gathering should not be a trap. Of course, just in case, after he left he should look into the famous mage Vinci. If everything is fine, then he need not be worried.

In short, he was prepared to join the mage’s gathering.

And so, he confirmed the answer in his mind, after half an hour, he left, and went onto the streets of Rayleigh.

He used this half an hour to hold some initial discussions about his deal with the Crows. Jessica said that from now on, she was willing to give Benjamin twenty gold pieces every month. Benjamin felt that it was too little, but no matter how small the mosquito, is it is still meat, he placed more importance on the non-monetary help, that was why he did not waste time on bargaining about the price.

Jessica also said that, following the Crow’s expansion, the things she can provide for Benjamin would naturally become more.

Of course, in the same way, Benjamin needed to help her with her expansion, then only will he be rewarded.

He didn’t know why, when he discussed this, Benjamin felt as though he was part of the Crows, becoming a shareholder for the mafia. He entered though his magic, only when the Crows start earning money would he get his dividends.

It was an interesting feeling.

It was also to say, the more things he could provide, the more say he would have within the Crows. If one day, when the mafia can no longer function without Benjamin’s magic, Benjamin would divest, and the Crows would fall, then Benjamin would own the Crows, becoming their chairman, and Jessica would be the general manager that helps him to do his work.

At that moment, a sneaky idea suddenly appeared...

But, as he thought about it, Benjamin did not intend to actually do it.

Now the Crows were just a group of thugs with little power, every day they would bully the poor, collecting protection money. This kind of an existence, Benjamin was too lazy to think too much about it. Moreover, he had no ill feelings towards Jessica, there was no need to do things that way.

And so, in the end he did not object.

And before Benjamin left, Jessica brought up her first request on how magic can help the Crows expand.


"If you head east a few streets from here, there is a gang called the Eagles, they are our arch enemies." Jessica said softly, "Their leader, was once my father’s underling. A few years ago, he killed my father, betrayed us, gathered quite a number of followers, and constantly knock heads with us."

Hearing this, Benjamin thought before asking, "You want me to destroy them?"

Jessica shook her head and said, "How is that possible, they are three hundred people strong, with plenty of hiding places. It will be difficult to kill them all. Moreover, I don’t wish them all dead, I just want their gang to collapse, then I can get them all to join us instead."

Benjamin heard this and nodded his head.

It was as he thought. From the looks of things, Jessica had plenty of experience in this; him as a shareholder just needed to provide help, there was no need to get involved in her decision.

"Then what do you want me to do?" he asked.

"Kill Johnny, the leader of the Eagles, the man who killed my father." Jessica’s voice sounded sane and calm, he couldn’t detect any hatred in it, "If only he is dead, I can then spread a few rumors, with us slowly gnawing at it, their previous territory will then be ours."

Benjamin answered immediately, "No problem."

Jessica gathered up all the relevant information, and passed it to Benjamin, and even included that guy Johnny’s favorite places. Benjamin let the System memorize these places, and said goodbye to Jessica before leaving.

On the way back to the hotel.

Something like assassination, he was not eager to do it. He didn't know the other parties position, moreover when he makes his move, he should not reveal himself, this kind of relationship must be kept hidden, not to be revealed so easily, or it might attract other mages to join as well.

Moreover, it is not like Benjamin would be doing this alone, he had a whole gang of mages to help.

This point, when he was discussing with Jessica, he did not mention it.

When he returned to the hotel, after giving it some thought, he found a few mages who weren't busy, to investigate more about the mage Vinci. Very quickly, their investigations paid off, Benjamin was satisfied that Jessica was in fact telling the truth.

The mage Vinci, was a highly respected middle aged mage, and he was known to be highly skilled in potions, and he got along well with other people. And so, not only was he famous among the mages, he was very welcomed by the mercenaries as well.

Here in the city of Rayleigh, there was a store that specializes in potions, the owner of the shop was the mage Vinci. Of course, that store was also the largest potions store in the city, the prices of his potions were also reasonable, sometimes he even sold potions that he created himself, he was highly in demand among the mercenaries.

By having this kind of store, the mage Vinci was very rich. He was also known to be generous, lending out a helping hand to the poorer mages, and regarding the mage gathering, it was something he carried out on his own.

His story was, from the time the empire split, and the president of the Mage's Guild betrayed everyone, to follow the queen of Icor, the mages became distrusting and would rather be alone. He hosted gatherings, with the hope that he could connect with everyone and their feelings, to not let the day come when mages had to fight their own battles alone.

Benjamin couldn’t help but sigh, this Vinci was a good person.

And so, with the invitation in his hand, regarding next week’s gathering, he was still looking forward to it. Of course, what he was more interested is was whether or not he could get more ingredients and books from this amazing potions master, to improve his team’s production.

Benjamin hoped that he would be as generous as he was in the rumors.

After hearing about the news, Benjamin allowed the mages to return to the hotel, to let them meditate, to put in effort to improve their ability. After that, he prepared for the assassination of Johnny.

After giving it some thought, he went back to look for the thief Will.

Since it was his first time being an assassin, he needed some professional help. Will even dared to steal from a mage who had sensitive spiritual energy, his skills must be good.

Thieves and assassins, they took different directions in their career but the essence was the same. From him, Benjamin should be able to get some help.

And so, according to the System’s instructed route, he once again returned to that house.