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Chapter 252: Moving into a new house

Chapter 252: Moving into a new house

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Hearing that, although Jessica had some doubts, she was not too surprised.

"After chopping the head off, the body is usually more difficult to be identified, they will not think that Johnny is already dead," She wrapped the head and kept it. "I have also heard about that cult, I will be careful of them."

Although she looked as though there was nothing to be worried about, but after personally getting involved with the neighborhood, Benjamin felt that the cult was not something to be taken lightly.

Therefore, he could not help but warn: "Anyway, you better be careful, I think those people are a little strange."

Jessica nodded and said, "Rest assured, I know what to do. Moreover, with the lesson from the Kingdom of Helius, Ferelden is very careful about the development of various religions. With people from above watching, the cult will not dare to make any major move."

However, after listening to this, Benjamin still intuitively felt worried, but he was not in the position to say anything.

She was a professional, he should let her to deal with it

After bidding Jessica farewell, without drawing any attention, he quietly left the place.

He went to the mercenary association to ask Ms. Michelle about the progress of the mission. However, the worker in the front desk shook her head and said that there was no news, and that he should come again in a few days.

Benjamin had no choice, so he returned to the hotel.

One day later.

The time limit for the mercenaries to finish tidying up the house was up. In the west of Rayleigh, Benjamin led the mages to move into their new home as they had hoped to.

Spacious corridors, empty living room, rows and rows of rooms ... ... it was such a simple yet enormous house. Each of them carried their luggage, walked to the front door and looked around. Their faces showed an irrepressible look of excitement.

"God ... ... there are a lot of rooms here, I can finally sleep in a bed of my own!"

"I like this room, it has a good light source."

"Such a big house, it must have cost a lot to buy... ..."

They ran around the house as if they had fallen into a strange state of passionate love, even opening the doors to empty rooms was like making rewarding discoveries that brought them boundless excitement.

Even though Benjamin had already seen this house before, the atmosphere affected him. He could not help but start laughing too.

They finally found a place to live...

Most of the time, the significance of having a house that belonged to you went beyond just having a place to stay.

The sense of security, sense of belonging ... ... When people feel tired, with just the thought having a small bed of their own, no matter how exhausted they are, they can still muster up some power.

Furthermore, putting aside emotional factors, in all fairness, this house suited them very much.

After going through a few owners and finally the modification by the mercenaries, there were over 50 rooms. Although the size of each room was not large, the lighting was quite good. Even with all of them living together, it would not be uncomfortable. The distance between each room was relatively close like the structure of a tube-shaped apartment. In case anything happened, communicating with each other would be very convenient.

In addition to the bedrooms, Benjamin also planned to make a room dedicated for studies. All the magic-related books will be kept inside where mages can freely borrow. A room will also be made for drug refining, and he will get better equipment so that two people would not be rushing to fight for a pot. There will also be other kinds of rooms like the discussion room, meditation room, practice room... …

Not to mention, there was still a spacious backyard.

The backyard looked very messy, filled with old furniture and weeds. However, Benjamin believed that after rearranging it, he can make a small battlefield and during their free time, the mages can spar and learn from each other while working on their battling skills. It would be wonderful.

"Mr. Benjamin," When Benjamin was in the backyard, ready to use the magic to clean up this place, Varys suddenly came and called out to him.

"What's the matter?" Benjamin turned and asked.

"This yard should also be ours right," Varys looked at the backyard and suddenly, he took out a bulging small bag from his pocket. "Some of the refined drugs require special plants that can be planted. Previously when I was selling magical drugs, after half day of bargaining, the store ended up giving me this bag of seeds, we can try to plant it here."

After hearing that, Benjamin was surprised. He took the bag of seeds from Varys.

He opened the bag and saw that it was filled with round yellow balls with magical textures like thick stone beads.

Varys also said: "This is the seed of stone flowers, it is considered as one of the easiest plant to keep to get materials for magic potions, the petals can be used to enhance the defense magic potion. Although we do not know how to refine this potion, but if we harvest the raw materials, it can also be sold."

After listening to Varys, Benjamin looked at the seeds in his hand and smiled pleasingly.

"Plant it, of course we plant it," He looked up, and glanced at the backyard, "This area is relatively big, we can open up a small area and try to plant it. The rest of the place we can use to practice magic and train our fighting skills."

Of course, if they were to really start this, they must follow the rules. Fighting is not allowed in the plant field, and a fence or wall must be built to act as protection. Otherwise, it is impossible to plant the stone flower.

Hmmm… ... that was another thing to be busy about.

After Varys told Benjamin the method of planting the stone flower, Varys went back to the house and continued to clean the house with other mages. There was still some basic furniture here, but they had to change the bedsheets and blankets. They are mages, but they also have their own preferences in life, be it they want their bedsheets red or green, or if there should be a picture hanging on the wall. They should handle these things by themselves, there was no need for Benjamin to worry.

He stood by himself in the backyard as he casted a spell and begun his cleanup magic.

The water vapor that blew like a gust of wind was his most loyal and useful servant. The garbage littered in the backyard flew up obediently like countless little birds, and formed neat lines that headed towards the bins in the house. Even the abandoned furniture was being blown up and piled up in order, waiting to be sold in a low price.

This way, half an hour later, the whole backyard looked brand-new.

Seeing how it turned out, Benjamin smiled and nodded with satisfaction. Then he used Icebreaking spell to condense numerous ice sickles to trim the weeds that are already at his knees. After clearing the weeds, the ice sickle became a hoe, and under the command of Benjamin, in no time, there was a small field in the corner of the backyard.

According to method that Varys told him, Benjamin used water vapors to plant the seeds, then he went back to the house to look for a mage who specialized in earth magic.

The method to plant the stone was quite special, it does not require watering, instead, a wall-strengthening magic must be casted on it every other day so that the soil will become stiffer. It is said that when the piece of land became as hard as a rock, the flower will start to bloom.

Benjamin was amazed by this method of growth.

Fortunately, a few people from the group of mages used to be farmers of the noble family. After Benjamin asked them about the rock flower, a mage named George showed interest in it. So, Benjamin told him about the relevant knowledge of the rock flower.

Together with George, they made a small wall with magic. After the field is protected, he will leave everything in George’s hand and will not be involved in it anymore, then he will be free to continue working on other stuff.

——Those rooms with special features in his plan needed to be done one by one by himself.

Fortunately, while Benjamin was busy working on the rooms, the other mages have also cleaned the whole house nicely. Materials like magic beast materials were kept neatly inside the treasury, they even sorted out the best room and kept it for Benjamin. Otherwise, who knows how long will Benjamin stay busy.

——However, he was not tired, instead, he felt very contented.

After all, this will be their home.

As this group of people hurried around, time flew by too quickly. For the whole day, Benjamin did not have time to pay attention to the expansion of the "crow", all of his time was spent on their new home.

As the night approached, the house, which stood on this chilly street, had lively lights shining through every window, as though it was the only light source on the street lined with broken lamps.

The illuminating lights was burning up until midnight and two to three o’clock. Only then did some of them put out the light reluctantly.