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Chapter 253: Framed explosion

Chapter 253: Framed explosion

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A day before Benjamin and his gang moved into the new home.

In one of the "Crow" secret strongholds.

"Boss, do we start tonight?"

Under the dim light, Bernard asked nervously as he bent over and looked at the head on top of the table.

Bernard joined the "crow" a long time ago and was considered one of the oldest in the gang. However, Bernard himself was not that old -- he just turned thirty. For a punk on the streets, he was still in the prime of his career.

Sometimes, he felt that this was the reason why he became Jessica’s trusted subordinate.

When Jessica's father was still here and Jessica was still not their boss, Bernard was already a member of the "crow". In other words, since he was a teenager, he has been part of the gang and has witnessed all the chaos and changes that have occurred.

Which does not happen often.

Generally, a gangster’s career will only last as long as three years. No matter how wild and reckless they are, after three years of grinding, they either die in an unknown sewer, or they will come to their senses, turn over a new leaf and return to their bright and beautiful normal lives. Only a few people like Bernard will stay in the hell hole, lingering to live on.

Bernard also thought about changing as well, but he was already accustomed to this lifestyle. He can no longer live a so-called normal life.

"Well, tonight it is then," Jessica wrapped Johnny’s head with a cloth and handed it to Bernard with a smile. "Johnny has not been seen recently, and the 'eagle' gang must begin to find it suspicious. This is the best time."

Bernard suddenly felt pressured. He nodded, took the head and dare not say anything.

Since becoming the leader of the "crow", Jessica has been even more ruthless than her father. The gang members were all in awe of Jessica. Even Bernard, whenever he saw Jessica's gentle smile, he will feel chills running down his spine.


"Boss, are you ... ... really planning to join forces with a mage?" As Jessica’s most trusted subordinate, Bernard asked hesitantly.

"I’m not planning, I've already done that," Jessica looked at the flickering lamp. He did not have a clue about what is she thinking.

"But ... this way there’s no turning back," With his head down and a heavy heart, Bernard said.

"What if the Mage is cheating on us, what if... what if our relationship with the mage is exposed..."

Jessica suddenly turned around and interrupted him.

"Bernard," She smiled sweetly, looked into his eyes and said, "We never had the chance to turn back."

Bernard was shocked.

Then he silently nodded his head.

Under the pitch dark night, the City of Rayleigh looked like an empty body of a dragon. Just like a fly on top of corpses that no one pays attention to, Bernard dressed like a thief, held Johnny’s head that was wrapped in black cloth and quietly left their stronghold.

Along the dark streets, he headed toward one of the biggest stronghold of the "eagle" and carefully sneaked in.

It was almost midnight, and there was no one on the streets. All the doors were closed so tightly that no light was coming through. The sky was cloudy and the only way to light up the road was Bernard’s memory.

——He has traveled these streets countless times, even with his eyes closed, he can still find his way through.

Ten minutes later, Bernard came to the entrance of the "eagle" stronghold after avoiding some night patrol soldiers.

It looked like a small hotel and the door was printed with dirty mud stains. But Bernard knew that no one will live here, unless they were gang members of the "eagle" or the target they were planning to put their hands on. Whenever there is an uproar between two gangs, the members of the "Eagle" will gather here.

In the words of Jessica, this was the spiritual symbol of the gang members.

After coming here, Bernard carefully observed the surroundings. Making sure that no one saw him, he went up, unwrapped the black cloth, messed with it then hung Johnny's head on the hotel’s window along the drying racks, which was the most eye-catching area.

After hanging the head stably, he took a small and rounded bloody hat from his pocket and carefully put it on Johnny’s head.

He retrieved his trembling hand. Looking at his completed task, Bernard nodded his head and quietly left this place. When he was back on the streets, it was still as quiet as a graveyard,

even the occasional barks from dogs did not disrupt those who were deeply asleep.

Until the next morning.

The gang members woke up late, so they were not the first witnesses. However, when a neighboring old lady screamed, it spread across the streets, and the gangsters were not able to sleep peacefully.

One of the bullies in the hotel opened the window and shouted at the old lady:

"Damn you ..."

Unfortunately, before he could even finish his sentence, he was so frightened that he choked.

He saw a pale-faced, withering bloody head, hanging on the clothing rack of his window. A pair of big eyes was staring into the bully’s huge nostrils.

At that moment, the whole street was silent.

"Fu, fuck——!"

Then, very embarrassingly, the bully took a few steps back and fell to the ground. He let out a scream that was even louder than the old lady. He sounded like a pig that was going to be butchered.

The gang members in the entire hotel were awakened.

With expressions of disbelief , more and more members of the "eagle" gathered around the head, and the whole street was dead silent like a funeral. Those who stayed in the hotel temporarily, those who moved to other places, new members, old members ... ... insiders of the gangs, the news travelled fast, especially after they recognized the head, the news travelled even faster.

In less than half an hour's time, the hotel was surrounded by hundreds of people, there were people occupying three levels from the inside and three layers from the outside.

"You ... take the boss's head down."

A seemingly high-positioned member in the crowd said sadly.

A young bully walked towards it, held out his trembling hands and took down Johnny’s head that was hanging on the clothing rack.

However, at this time, an undetectable strand of hair in the nose of the head was for no reason attached to the clothing rack. The young bully pulled it and it was as if it triggered a trap.


A loud noise was accompanied by heavy smoke and sudden impact. The gang members who were surrounding this place were shocked. They instinctively cursed, closed their eyes and took a few steps back.

Then, they looked ahead again.

The bully who was holding the head has fallen to the ground, and it was unknown if he was dead or alive. His two hands were missing, blood was flowing out like steady streams of spring water and the ground was dyed red.

As for their boss's head, it was also blown apart. His mouth was split into three halves and his brain was splattered all over the floor.

"This this..."

Everyone was in shock.

They surrounded the hotel and looked at the horrifying scene from afar. The smell of gunpowder mixed with the smell of blood was spreading across the dead still air.

As though it was silent for a century.

"Who.... who did this?" The man, who looked like the one with the highest position, took heavy steps towards the body and said, "Who... who is it? Who is it?"

He walked to the side of the young bully and squatted. He looked at the situation and did not know where to start. His neck was bursting with bulging veins and his eyes were as red as those of a preying lion.

The atmosphere of the whole street slowly turned from astounded into raging anger.

Right at this moment.

"Look, look! There ... ... there seems to be something!"

Among the crowd, a bully found out something. He stretched his hand, pointed at the corner of the hotel door and shouted suddenly.

Immediately, the others also looked at the direction that he was pointing at.

At the corner was a dyed gray cap, but they could still tell that it was a white round cap that was stained with blood, quietly lying in that corner. The hat was embroidered with unique ornaments, but in their eyes, they suddenly found it familiar.