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Chapter 255: Complete Collection of Magic Potion Recipes

Chapter 255: Complete Collection of Magic Potion Recipes

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However, this was something that Benjamin wanted to spend on so he wanted to make sure that at it is working properly. He suddenly spoke and asked, "Can you demonstrate on how to use it? I have not used such a tool, sorry to have trouble you."

The man frowned, looking embarrassed: "But ... ... I don’t have any material here?"

Hearing that, Benjamin was surprised. He looked around the room carefully, it really had a subtle sense of abjection, he basically did not see any functioning furniture.

Well, as a potion mage, how did he turn out like this?

Since the trade might not be successful, he hesitantly asked: "I am sorry, I don’t have any bad intentions, but... ... are you facing any difficulties?

The man was stunned, he was silent for a moment, however, he still shook his head: "I ... ... there’s nothing. Well then, I will briefly explain to you about this tool, then you will understand that I am not lying to you. "

Thus, Benjamin did not question him anymore, smiled and said, "Okay then, go ahead."

The unfamiliar mage nodded his head, put the instrument on the table, pointing at the round glass container and slowly said: "By making use of some magical tool’s technique, this furnace was made. This glass is not just any ordinary glass, It can stabilize the elements to avoid them from getting out of control which causes failure in drug refining. Under the groove, it has the addition of fire element, after refueling, it can release a high temperature and concentrated flame ... ... "

While listening to his explanation, Benjamin carefully observed the container, gradually, he found that it was exuding a faint trace of magic.

He was a little surprised.

The production of magic instruments, wasn’t it almost being monopolized by the church, why is it not as popular here? Such a potion refining tool was using this technique, what did it represent?

So, after listening to his introduction, Benjamin asked: "Where did you buy this?"

The mage hesitantly said, "Yes ... …my teacher left it to me, it’s very old. I’m not sure who made it."

Benjamin was stunned.

It can’t be ...

Right then, the one in front of him, was a poor and penniless mage, without even having the material to refine drugs, due to desperation, the only thing he could do was to betray his most valuable tool as a mage, furthermore, the tool was left to him by his teacher.

Benjamin was a bit embarrassed to take this deal.

"This thing is too precious, I don’t think I can buy it." He thought, then he opened his mouth and said, "Well then, do you have any magic potions recipes, or related books? If you just want to sell them, I’m willing to buy it. You should keep this tool. "

The mage had a stunned expression.

"I ... don’t have any books." He hesitantly said, "My teacher taught me how to refine drugs, there is nothing such as recipes."

Benjamin shrugged and said, "Then why don’t you just write down the formulations?"

The mage frowned: "That’s going to take a long time to write."

Hearing that, instead of being shocked, Benjamin was happy.

If it would take a long time to write, does that mean that he had a lot of recipes in his mind, so he need a very long time to write them out?

At that moment, Benjamin felt like he got lucky.

"It's all right, just write it." He took out a bag of gold coins and put it on the table. "These fifty gold coins will be used as deposit, start writing first and in the afternoon, I'll come over to get it from you. Start off with entry-level potions, then I will let you know about the rest later. Is it ok?"

The mage looked at the bag of gold coins on the table and he was stunned for a while, suddenly, he came back to his senses, nodded his head hardly.

"Thank you… ..." He slowly picked up the globe like instrument, carefully keep it into the box, then gratefully looked at Benjamin and said, "You can call me Allen."

Benjamin smiled and nodded his head.

Just like that, Allen took the deposit and began to prepare the recipes to sell to Benjamin. Although Benjamin did not get to buy any drug refining tools, he unexpectedly got magic potion recipes which are far more valuable, as well as a connection with a mage.

To him, he got a nice bargain.

Of course, looking at how Allen is suffering, Benjamin was thinking about inviting him to join mage team. However, looking at how Allen was, he knew the he certainly will not agree to it, they just got to know each other, before getting to know each other, it will be abrupt to make such an invitation.

After leaving Allen's house, Benjamin took a trip to the blacksmith, ordered a pot, so that the two potion mages in the team can it at the same time instead of fighting for a pot.

Then he returned to his new home.

Looking at how the mages nicely cleaned up this big house, Benjamin pleasingly nodded.

Most of the things have been settled, finally, he can take a break and have a good rest.

Therefore, he returned to his room and began meditating.

After lunch, he went to Allen’s again. Did not expect Allen to have almost finish writing the entry-level potion recipes: the primary magic increasing potion, primary strength potion, primary endurance potion, primary fire resistance potion, primary shrinking potion... ... Benjamin was surprised to find that Allen was just like a magic potion dictionary as he knew numerous magic potion recipes.

Benjamin could not help but sigh, how did he ended up like this when he had so much knowledge?

By buying these recipes, Benjamin almost spent all the cash he had on him, even though the price Benjamin offered was relatively cheap. He looked at his rapidly shrinking pockets and his heart started to ache, training a group of mages really does take a lot of money.

However, he believed that these recipes will bring more profit in the future.

"How about this, you can stop writing the rest of the recipes, I will come to you again when I need it." He clipped the valuable papers together, patted Allen's shoulder, smiled and said, "If you are facing any difficulties, you can come to me, if the conditions allow, I will definitely help you."

Allen looked at the pile of gold on the table, he had a dull expression, but he still nodded his head.

Therefore, Benjamin gave the new house address to Allen and went home with full yield.

In the specially arranged drug refining room, he called the two potion mages, Andy and Hannah over and gave them the stack of thick papers.

"This is... ..." They looked at him with doubts.

"The potion recipes that you both wanted, take it." Benjamin smiled, "Learn properly, do waste my effort and money. After learning them, we can even open a shop."

Instantly, the two of them looked at each other with a surprised expression.

"Thank you, Mr. Benjamin!" They took the papers with messy handwriting; their eyes were glinting in excitement as though they were candidates who got their admission notice.