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Chapter 259: Continuing to Challenge

Chapter 259: Continuing to Challenge

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Jack went silent for a while as if still in disbelief. After a while, he reluctantly spoke, "Mage Benjamin, I... Could I ask what magic this is?"

Benjamin hesitated but decided to tell the truth.

"It was the Water Ball spell."


Jack’s expression after hearing those words, were as though he stepped in dog poop whilst wearing a brand new pair of shoes. His aggrieved feeling was indescribable.

It was only after Benjamin went over to him and mentioned that he would definitely inform the Mercenary Association that Jack was the referrer that he did not look so beaten up.

"... You ain't that bad. I’ve lost." Jack slowly came to his senses and shook his head, "Alright, which incantation would you like? I’ll exchange it with you."

Benjamin took a silver coin from his pocket and handed it over, "Anything for an Intermediate level magic."

Jack sighed and in the end exchanged the Earth Armour Incantation with Benjamin.

Of all the matches that began at the same time, Benjamin’s match was the fastest to end. Even the referee at the side lines couldn’t hold back his shock.

Upon returning to the crowd, the other mages in the "Viper" mercenary group looked at Benjamin differently.

"How did you do it?" One of them couldn’t help but ask.

Benjamin didn’t know how to reply, so he just gave a smile and shrugged. From their point of view, Benjamin now looked even more mysterious.

Jack walked over and whispered into the ears of one of his companions. The mage’s eyes brightened up and he went on to speak with Benjamin, "That’s interesting, I wish to challenge you. Would that be okay?"

Naturally, Benjamin nodded.

He only gained an incantation from the first match, how could he stop now? Of course, he would try to obtain a fortune first.

Obviously, Jack’s whispering was to reveal Benjamin’s tactic. Judging by the confidence of the second mage, perhaps they had found a way to counter the Water Ball spell. But, Benjamin wasn’t very worried about it.

"Remember to take that seal of elements magic from him." Jack recalled and patted on that mage’s shoulder prior to entering the metal nettings.

Benjamin could only shake his head helplessly.

... That confident?

Did Jack think that Benjamin said it was the Water Ball spell just to brush him off? Alright, to be honest, if Benjamin were in his shoes, hearing that it was the Water Ball spell did seem like sarcasm - instant mood kill kind of sarcasm. It was no wonder that after the match, Jack wasn’t as friendly anymore.

After informing the match keeper, the two headed to an empty lot. Looking at the other lots, most of the mages were still blasting at each other, and had yet to end their first match. Benjamin couldn’t help but wonder if he would end up with the most victories and gain the half price for half a year reward.

Would that be too flashy? Whatever, he’d think about it after the fights.

After what had happened to Jack, the new mage didn’t dare look down on his opponent. He immediately chanted to strike first, right after he was in position.

Benjamin didn’t dare underestimate the enemy either and went on to chant as well.

Because he only knew three beginner level spells, his cast time was quick. So even though he started chanting later, he was still able to summon his magic before his opponent.

This time, he didn’t cast the Water Ball spell.

Benjamin gathered up the surges from the water steam and adjusted the water element structure to increase its temperature — quickly starting to simmer. Although it couldn’t compare to fire magic but the water steam still thrusted forward with high temperature and strong force.

At the same time, the opponent’s chanting had just completed.

The mage flew with a surge of the wind elemental energy — He did not choose to defend head on, instead he increased his speed and kept on flying midair to dodge Benjamin’s attacks.

Benjamin shook his head. This was how they intended to counter the Water Ball spell?

Using high velocity movements to avoid water current surges so that the Water Ball couldn’t form properly so they would not be silenced. Hmph! That would have worked if Benjamin had only one attack and couldn’t think of any other way to attack.

Too bad Benjamin knew more than one attack.

Taking another glance at the mage that was flying in midair, Benjamin summoned a few Pillars of Steam. He then controlled the water stream to vaporize and form a mild windstorm with Benjamin at its eye.

The rushing air currents caused the velocity of the flying mage to drop.

"He actually knows the windstorm spell..." There was an ugly look on his face.


How weak did these people think he was? Did they really think that apart from the Anti Magic Waterball, he did not have the any means to defeat others?

They must have lost their minds to think that they had found a way to decipher his spell and so hastily came up to challenge him.

As he was thinking, the mage in the air started to counter attack. Benjamin changed the direction of the steam to surge at the mage.

Immediately, the force of the wind increased ten-fold. It was as though he was riding a roller coaster - he could no longer depend on the Flight spell to maintain his balance.,

He could only be tossed around according to Benjamin’s will, repeatedly thrown up and spun around in circles. He couldn’t even control his own flight spell, let alone cast a new spell.

Even if he had other powerful magic, he couldn’t summon them. In other words, the circumstance he was in was similar to that of being locked inside an anti-magic water ball.

After being tossed around for a bit, he could not take it any further and let out a scream.

"I-I surrender! Plea-please let me down... I..."

Benjamin nodded satisfactorily. He slowly put the poor mage down. Once he had landed, the mage lay face down on the ground and threw up. The watched with an odd look on his face.

"Are you alright?"

Benjamin summoned a healing water ball to help the mage so that he would recover sooner. However, when the mage got up and raised his head to look at Benjamin, Benjamin was surprised to find that his eyes were filled with fear. It was as if he was looking at some sort of alien or murderer.

Benjamin innocently scratched the back of his head. Was he that scary?

He shook his head and pat the person’s shoulder as a sign of friendliness, "Don’t feel so down, your boss has lost, so there’s no shame in you losing. I’ll take any intermediate level magic, it’s your choice."

The mage looked at him full of despair.

And just like that, another incantation, Wind of Bodily Illusion was added to Benjamin’s loot.

Under the gaze of many shocked faces, Benjamin and the defeated mage returned to the group.

The arena between the two of them was a bit further away. Throughout the match, the "Viper" mercenary group could only watch their companion flying normally one second then get tossed around like a lunatic the next, before finally losing the match. They were utterly confused.

That being said, the result was clear enough.

They had lost again.

Facing all kinds of stares from the group, Benjamin encouraging patted the two losers’ shoulders. Then, turned to face the rest of the group.

Filled with anticipation, he excitedly asked "So, who’s next?"