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Chapter 262: Establishing Mercenary Group

Chapter 262: Establishing Mercenary Group

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On the way home, Benjamin was thinking about the words Sir Vinci said to him.

Such a wealthy man must have information sources that others could not compare to. Without the need to ask, he knew that Benjamin was listed as wanted in Icor, but... what about other things?

Benjamin had difficulty figuring that out.

On the surface, Vinci displayed an attitude as if he did not care. He said he did not care whether Benjamin committed any crime before at other places. But if that was really the case, he would not specifically come to him and say such things. From these words, Benjamin could also hear the slight threatening tone in his words.

Although rather obscured, the message that he received was similar to ‘be-nice-and-don’t-go-around-causing-trouble’ kind of message. He did not know what the other person’s objective was as well.

From the news that he heard, Benjamin understood that Sir Vinci was not one who advocated for strength. Apparently, his combative ability was fairly normal. Even though he was good at all kinds of marketing and had a large influence, he rarely recruited bodyguards. He did not create his own personal armed forces.

In other words, this person had wealth that was comparable to the country, but he had no intention to develop himself in the area of military power at all.

This was probably due to the oppression by the officials in Ferelden.

Benjamin had no intention to participate in these secret fight for power in the middle of things. All he needed to consider was the safety of his people. But, after thinking about it, he felt there was nothing much that he could do except to be a little more cautious.

Sir Vinci did not display any obvious hostility towards him. So if he rushed into things now, he would seem to be guilty of the things he had done and cause others to doubt him. Thus, he could only act like none of this happened and just carefully go about his life.

In short, he had already settled down in the City of Rayleigh. He would not be like a bird who was so easily frightened and ran around in fear.

"Can you share the sight that you see during the casting of Water Particle Detection?" After giving it some thought, he suddenly spoke to the System suddenly in his heart.

"Yeah, sure. Every time you detect things, I can also collect data from your sight." The System replied. "But, if you want me to become a 24-hour alarm that works for a large range, then I won’t be able to do that."


"Because it is impossible for you to operate Water Particle Detection for 24 hours." The System said it naturally. "When you sleep, I can only notice things that are in a close range around you. Moreover, in a lot of times, I also need rest to update myself."


Requesting help from the System had failed. After he returned to his house, Benjamin called up the mages again and discussed their safety concerns. He briefly told everyone about Sir Vinci. Everyone also expressed that they were not worried about others planning to do something bad to them.

At last, they made a schedule. When the night came, they would make sure there would be two people guarding the surroundings of the house every hour. The people on guard would observe the changes in the surroundings to prevent any unknown dangers happening to them.

Of course, he also taught them the spells that he had just earned to the mages during this opportunity.

After he had done everything, Benjamin was slightly more at ease. He led by example by taking the first shift to be on guard. After that, he returned to his room and meditated for a while. Then, he fell deeply in sleep with his quilt covering his body.

The night passed.

According to every mages who were on guard for the night, it was calm. There was no unknown force that came to spy on them. Neither was there was any mysterious killer who wanted to take their lives and money. They were very safe.

But, Benjamin did not let down his guard because of this.

After confirming that this system would be continued to be implemented in the future, he ate breakfast then left again. He headed towards the direction of the Mercenary Association.

"Hello. About the mission of searching for a person which I released before, is there any results from that now?"

The uncle by the reception took a glance at him and turned around to search for something. He took out a book and then looked at it for a while. Then, he turned around and shook his head at Benjamin.

"I’m very sorry. Currently, there is still no one who had found the mage named Morris." Even though he did not seem apologetic at all, but he still said, "The time frame of seven days had already passed. If you want to withdraw the mission, we could also return the bounty back to you."

Benjamin was a little disappointed, but still he said, "It’s fine. Just leave it here."

This teacher of Michelle was really hard to find. He wouldn’t be dead, right?

After thinking for a while, he put this matter at the back of his mind. He said again, "Oh yes. I would like to establish a Mercenary Group. May I ask if there is any procedure to that?"

The uncle gave him a doubtful look. "Establish a Mercenary Group?"

Benjamin nodded and said, "Yes, I am a mage. There are many mages together with me. We would like to establish a Mercenary Group. Also for your information, it is Viper the Mercenary Group who introduced us to this place."

The uncle with doubtful look finally changed his expression. He presented an attitude which he should have as a person working in the service industry.

"I am sorry, Sir Mage..." He almost fell from his chair. He quickly searched for a few form-like papers and handed them to Benjamin. "This is the document needed to join the mercenaries. On it, please fill in the details of your companions and yourself. After being reviewed by our people, we will notify you to complete your registration as a Mercenary Group."

Benjamin took the few papers and took a few glances of these papers. He frowned. "Just these papers? It is not enough."

The uncle was stunned for a bit and asked in a rather perplexed tone. "You... How many of your mages in total will be joining the Mercenary Group?"

Benjamin answered. "If I am counted as one, there should be twenty-three mages."

That uncle was stunned.


After a while, he recovered. He looked at Benjamin in disbelief. After that, he turned and continued to search for a while. Finally, he found more than twenty documents for them to write their information and handed all the papers to Benjamin.

"I’m very sorry, Sir Mage." He took a deep breath and continued. "After you have filled all of these, you can send all of them back to us. Or you can book a time with us, then we will go to you and collect the documents. After you have completed the registration of the Mercenary Group, the reward will be given to you then."

Upon hearing this, Benjamin took the small stack of papers and nodded.

"Thank you."

After saying this, he turned and left. Benjamin ignored the perturbed expression of the uncle by the reception as he wiped off his sweat.

About the matter regarding establishing a Mercenary Group, Benjamin informed everybody yesterday night although he did not go into the specific details. It just so happened that he could take this opportunity to discuss this matter with everyone else.

There must be some who were interested in being a mercenary. There were some who did not like it as well like those two potion mages. They must hate battle in comparison to the others. But, weren’t there benefits if mages joined? Thus, Benjamin simply counted all of them in. After establishing the Mercenary Group, it was not compulsory for them to join their missions. These people would only need to have their names on the register.

Back in the house, he once again gathered all the mages. He distributed the documents to everyone and began discussing the matter of establishing a Mercenary Group.

"I love fighting! I think it would be fun becoming a mercenary!" Joanna spoke.

"Aren’t there benefits? If there are freebies for us, we surely won’t let this opportunity pass by!" Boss lady had this thought.

"If it is necessary, then so be it. We can’t fight, so we’ll just back up everyone else." Hannah said without a choice.

Finally, they had all agreed on the decision of establishing a Mercenary Group. It was as if they could not help but to try their new magic after they learn it. After they settled down here, they had lost most of their opportunities to engage in combat. Fighting once or twice when the opportunity presented itself was rather nice as well.

Just like this, the mages actively wrote down the basic information about themselves on the forms. The information that the Mercenary Association asked for was actually quite simple: their names, addresses and basic introduction about their type of ability. The documents did not ask for their origins. It was probably that they knew they would only get fake stories even if they asked.

Without using much time, they finished filling up the forms. Benjamin then left with a few mercenary enthusiasts and arrived at the Mercenary Association once again.