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Chapter 267: The “Rampaging“ Pure Blue Space

Chapter 267: The "Rampaging" Pure Blue Space

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Benjamin could not remember how long was the last time he was in the pure blue space.

Each time, the conditions he met to come here was quite different, but most of the time it was because he achieved a new milestone in his magic training. In this short period of time, he had surpassed the speed limit he could once go when flying, and continued growing slowly in magic, but did not experience much change. Thus, the pure blue space avoided him.

From his estimation, he felt that the next time he entered his dimension of consciousness would be together with the triangular rune.

But, in this totally unknown underground city, he saw a familiar rune, then through this rune, he entered the pure blue space. He totally did not expect this to happen.

With this, he was once again in the pure blue space, he looked around to see his surroundings.

This time, the pure blue space was full of triangular runes. They seemed to have been placed by something in this dimension, and even had life now, and could freely move.

Benjamin did not know why he felt this way.

At the same time, he did not hear that sound which represented "water", the pure blue space was dead silent, as if he was in medium which sound could not pass through, or maybe, sound could not exist here at all.

Well…..what could exist here?

Compared to the previous times, Benjamin was more conscious. Thus, he had a feeling that he was in confusion. He felt that he was looking at the runes in the pure blue space. But then, he felt as if he was looking at himself from a third-person view as well.

He found out that he could not move in this place.

That feeling was like as if he was a person drawn into a comic. He could not breathe, could not speak, other than thinking, he could not tell the passage of time.

This made Benjamin feel uneasy.

Right when he was thinking on how to make himself move, suddenly, a wave of energy came and collided into him, as if he was just hit by a train.

His brain buzzed and he almost blacked out.


What the hell?

Even though he had this feeling that he was not really here, but when that wave of energy hit him, it felt way too real.

The pain spread from the wave, that bone breaking and muscle tearing pain…..if he could move, at this moment he would probably but screaming till his veins popped and would be rolling on the floor.

But, this was just the beginning.

Following that, wave after wave like grenade explosions came from all unpredictable directions.

At that moment, Benjamin’s pain tolerance reached its limit, and felt as if he was being torn apart. But in reality, he was still fine, and was still the same, not being able to move. The pure blue space in front of him did not change either.

But, the waves of energy came relentlessly and collided into him all the same.

Benjamin was not sure whether he should spit out blood or cry.

How could this be? What was going on? Is it because of the bomb he threw before he came here, and now the pure blue space wants revenge?

He did not know what was going on at all, what he only knew was that he was about to die from the pain.

After a while, he could feel his will breaking, as if he was about to collapse. What was the hardest to deal with is that his consciousness remained the same, he was vigilant as ever, every wave that hit him made him feel clear pain, and continued tormenting his soul.

I cannot...

Benjamin could not withstand it any longer.

Who could withstand this at all?

He wanted to escape, but, there was nothing he could do. He was just like a character inside a comic, unable to move, he tried to scream, but the sound only reverberated in his own soul.

In his heart, his throat was nearly dried up from the screaming.

In his heart…..

Suddenly, Benjamin who was in great pain suddenly saw a light, a bright light flashing in his mind.

Even though he could not make a sound, he could still shout into his heart: "Hey System? Can you hear me? Use that ability of yours and turn me into that intangible form!"

The moment he said that,

As if a soul entered his body, Benjamin suddenly felt that he could freely move, the colliding sensation and that pain disappeared.

Who knew that could be so useful?

Because of the sudden change, he could not do much in time, but he consciously tried to feel a triangular rune that was closest to him.


There was a sharp sound from somewhere.

Benjamin felt relaxed, and could a pulse resonating through his body, making him feel so comfortable that he was in cloud nine.

But, this feeling did not last. Very quickly, the euphoria diminished, and a strong depressing feeling replaced it. He felt as if he entered an abyss and was continuing to plunge deeper, his will to move slowly died out.

At that moment, Benjamin realized the System’s "intangibility" was about to end.

Uh oh...

He did not want to go back to being hit by a few trains at the same time!

Even though he did not know what to do, but, before the "intangibility" vanished completely, he strongly grasped onto the triangular rune that was seemingly drawn here as well he was touching.

Right when he pulled the triangular rune,


There was another resonance, but Benjamin felt as if he just woke up from a dream.

Following that, when he regained consciousness, he realized he entered his own dimension of consciousness. What was most eerie was that he maintained the pose he was in when he was back in the pure blue space, his hand which was stretched out was clutching onto his own water rune.

Him struggling, his right hand holding tight onto something, the triangular rune being dragged…...the whole picture was the same as in the pure blue space.

Benjamin was stunned.

What…..was going on?

Before he thought of what was happening, he remembered, magical runes did not have solid shapes. Before this, when he was meditating, he tried touching them but his hand passed through.

Then…...how did he managed to clutch onto the water rune?

When he realized, suddenly, the water rune he was clutching on became intangible, and passed through his heart. He was like an imagination, and could no longer grab onto anything, falling from the sky.

"Fuck..."He could not stop himself cursing.

The floor of the dimension of consciousness was quite hard, he did not react in time to shield himself, and hit the surface quite hard, even the System dropped out, and slid all the way in front of Benjamin.

"Are…..trying to perform in a circus?" It mockingly asked.

"Perform your ass!" Benjamin rubbed his face and snapped back. After some thought, he continued asking," Oh yeah, what just happened?"

"I was meaning to ask you." The System replied, "You touched that stone board, and became stunned, as if you were frozen, and stayed that way for about half an hour. Then, not knowing why, you suddenly made me toggle the "intangible" form. Even though I thought you were already crazy, I still did it. Then…..then, next thing, I was looking at you trying to do some circus acts already."


Hearing this, Benjamin was silent.

Why was this encounter in the pure blue space so strange?

But…...it seemed that every time he entered it, all those instances were strange as well.

After some thought, he was too lazy to care anymore about these details. With the System not knowing anything, it was normal, but, thinking back, not knowing why, he thought of the Pope that managed to enter his own dimension of consciousness as well.

The Fourth Pope wrote on that book about something similar, "In a pure white space, as was knocked down by something out of a sudden", that was similar to what Benjamin felt!

He remembered when the Pope was knocked down, the holy light in the dimension of consciousness formed five balls and wrote him a "hello".

That…...Benjamin was knocked down so many times, what would happen to the water elemental energy he stored here?

Thinking of this, he used his mental energy to start feeling.

But, it was surprising, in this familiar darkness, he could not feel a drop of water elemental energy. The state of the dimension of consciousness was like when he overused magic, all the water elemental energy was gone, with the dimension experiencing a drought, there was not a single drop left.

What happened?

Where did the water elemental energy he stored every day go?

When he was extremely confused, he looked around, suddenly, on the side of the ice rune, he noticed some tiny objects that were glowing with a blue light.