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Chapter 272: How Can It Not Explode?

Chapter 272: How Can It Not Explode?

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Because of that warning, Benjamin finally knew what was wrong with this place.

The cult named "Rabkauhalla".

The sheepskin scroll was taken from the boss of the Eagles, and he had very close

connections with that cult. There was nothing normal about this place, or that cult.

Unfortunately, Benjamin had very limited knowledge about them.

He had no way of knowing the secrets the cult was trying to hide.

As he looked up at the thousands of ice arrows coming straight at him, he put aside all his

thoughts. With his eyebrows closely knitted together, he focused all his spiritual energy on how to counter his own attack.

Five hundred ice needles is no laughing matter.

During his initial attack, he planned to defeat his enemy in one blow. So he was unscrupulous in the freezing of the ice needles. But it never crossed his mind that he had to face his own willful attack.

He also had no way of knowing if the green light increased the power of the ice arrows.

The ice fog that was protecting him was thin, he didn’t feel safe at all. So, he cautiously put up a few pillars of steam, allowing the hot steam to gather together. It became a small wall of wind, that blocked him from direct attacks.

In a moment, most of the ice arrows were embedded in the wall of wind.

Benjamin became even more nervous.

"This move should be effective, right?"

Fortunately, his estimations were correct. Even though the green light had infused the ice arrows, the power of the ice was still the same. And when they crashed with the steam, the steam liquefied on its own, generating a lot of heat. And this caused the sharp ice arrows to melt and become blunt.

And with the wind wall in place, the speed of the ice arrows was reduced. In the end, when they hit the ice fog surrounding Benjamin, even though they almost buried him, they didn’t hurt him at all.

Even though he was covered in the green infused ice needles, Benjamin breathed a sigh of relief.

He had managed to block it.

At the same time, he learnt that even if they copy their opponents moves, it didn’t increase the potency of the attack. They just turned it green.

Just then, Tony’s voice pierced through the ice and his thoughts.

"Master Benjamin, be careful! It is going to explode!"

Benjamin’s heart thumped in his chest.

No way.

He looked up at the green ice around him. When he observed carefully, he could also see that the ice was not stable. The green power that created them, had a sort of restless feel to it.

At that moment, Benjamin’s face changed drastically.

He didn’t understand what kind of power the explosion would pack, but at the moment he was buried under a small ice mountain. And with just a thin layer of the ice fog to protect him, he was surrounded by a fearsomely large amount of ice.

And now someone was telling him that the ice hill was going to self-destruct.

What else could he say?


Why was this zombie bull so troublesome, he hadn’t even touched it. Hit it once and it retaliated, and its attacks could even explode, how can someone fight against it?

Benjamin felt terrible.

He had no other choice, he didn’t know when this thing was going to explode. He hurriedly used the ice breaking spell and formed a giant drill.

He made the ice drill spin as fast as it could go.

The ground beneath his feet was not very firm. The ice drill was made of magic and it was abnormally sharp. In this kind of life and death situation, it’s effectiveness was surprising.

The green ice surrounding him gave a gentle pulse, as though giving a warning before exploding. And Benjamin was trying to make a hole in the ground before the ice could explode.

He didn’t dare to break the ice, he was not sure if a direct assault on the ice would speed up its self-destruction.

The only thing that was worth celebrating in this situation was that the time it took to explode was long.

In less than ten seconds, Benjamin managed to create a three-meter hole in the ground with the ice drill and escaped the ice hill. And just like cleaning a pipe, he conjured water that flushed himself out of the hole.

The three other mages who had found hiding places for themselves watched with an odd expression.

"That was unexpected."

Once he was out of the tunnel, Benjamin ran as far away as he could. He kept his control over the water and the drill that he used for his escape while conjuring a layer of defensive bubble and an ice shield to protect himself.

Two seconds after Benjamin escaped through the tunnel.


The green light around them distorted for a second before it went and swung open.

It was hard to describe the explosion, a strong force had pushed Benjamin from the rear. His ears were ringing, and even though he was miles away with extra protection, he still felt as though someone came at him from behind with a hammer. He fell to the ground and tasted blood in his mouth.

The three mages that were hidden in mid-air dug in further, their faces full of pain.

Without a doubt, this explosion definitely put a kink in their plans.

"What do we do? They are too near to the entrance of the cave; we have no way of getting near!" one of the lady mages said in panic. They had no idea that the entrance was sealed and was still hoping they could escape from there.

"That guy better not die, someone needs to distract the bull." Tony said and took a deep breath.

At the same moment, green light glinted in the resurrected zombie bull’s eye; as though there was someone controlling him. It stomped his foot, shook his body and charged towards where Benjamin had fallen on the ground.

"Crap!" Tony immediately yelled at Benjamin, "Master Benjamin? Are you still alive? Run! That thing is coming right for you!"

They were hoping that Benjamin would distract the bull so they could escape the cave. But how could they just let Benjamin die so easily?

The dust from the explosion hadn’t settle yet and Benjamin was buried under it. No one knew if he was dead or alive, he didn’t even make a sound.

The three mages got even more panicked.

"We’re doomed, he must have lost consciousness," the lady mage said, "this guy really was too reckless, using such a fearsome move so fast, and it retaliated. He wasn’t even prepared and was beaten to a pulp."

"We should get out of here, we have to think of another way to distract the bull and then escape through the entrance." Tony said as he shook his head.

The other two just nodded their heads.

Just as they were ready to escape, suddenly there was a strong movement in the elements, which pulled their attention.

They turned around in mid-air and watched in shock.

They could only see the ending scene of what happened.

They saw a strong wind blowing away the dust from the explosion, and Benjamin who was on the ground had flipped over onto his back. He was half lying on the ground, with a tired look on his face he raised his right hand, and turned to the zombie bull not three meters away.

Fresh blood poured out of his mouth and he coughed a few times.

It was like someone had hit pause. The bull still looked as though it was running; tail up, the front hoof just off the ground. But it had become an ice sculpture, even the green light in its eye had disappeared.

A thin layer of ice could be seen covering its entire body, making it look as fragile as a work of art, ss though just a bit of strength would break it into pieces, just that the zombie bull was stuck mid-charge.

"This is..."

Looking at the scene before them, the three mages had looks of disbelief on their faces.

Benjamin kept his cool and breathed deeply. Suddenly he turned his head to look at the three floating mages. He laughed at them as he said, "Everything is alright now, it’s not moving anymore. Come over and see it, this is an enchanted bull."