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Chapter 273: Autopsy on a Zombie Cow

Chapter 273: Autopsy on a Zombie Cow

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Honestly, even Benjamin would have to admit that freezing his opponent was sort of by chance.

With the zombie bull’s ability to come back to life and turn his attacks against him; he knew that his battle was not with the bull before him, but the entire ruin.

Unless he destroyed the entire ruin, there was no point to it.

Luckily, just as the explosion happened, he could sense a strong force that turned his surroundings green. At that moment, he had an epiphany and the idea just popped into his head.

The zombie bull needed the green light to power it, and the green light needed the zombie bull as a kind of host to use its limitless power. And so, if he were to break the connection between them, wouldn’t that solve everything?

Of course he knew that severing the connection between the zombie bull and the green light would be no easy feat.

Among the ruins, the green light was like air, it was everywhere. The two were also very closely linked. Any attack on either of them was like a ripple effect. And the explosion caused by the ice heap also gave Benjamin a great opportunity.

After the blast, the surrounding area became like a void, showing that the influence of the green light had been temporarily severed. And for the zombie bull to attack Benjamin, it had to cross into the void.

And Benjamin saw his opportunity.

In that few short seconds, the impact from the explosion made him feel as though he was falling apart. Sharp pain spread from his back and chest and he could smell blood. Before he could get his wits about him, it was like his head was cleared and the only thing going about his head was the sound of the zombie bull’s hooves.

Twenty meters... ten meters...five meters...

The void that the blast created did not last long, and Benjamin quickly seized his one and only chance. If he failed and the bull gets anywhere near him, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Even though the thoughts ran through his head, his emotions remained calm.

He raised his right hand and chanted the spell, and watched as the ice frosted over. It was unbelievable. His water element’s influence was very specific. He wasn’t sure if it would work on the green light, but he hoped, refusing to even entertain the thought.

When he raised his hand, he didn’t know why but he knew. It would work.

And reality confirmed his hunch.

Once he separated the zombie bull from the outside with ice, even if the void were to disappear, the strange power would be locked out and have no way of forcing its way in.

The ice that Benjamin conjured was thin, but it was compressed from a bigger layer of ice. The strength of it would shock others. With its own strength, the zombie bull would not be able to escape. It didn’t take long for the green light to leave its eyes, just like a toy car powering down.

Benjamin let loose a breath.

When he thought back about what he just did, he couldn’t believe that he had the guts to do it. If it failed, he would have been trampled by the hooves.

Just then, pain rushed through different parts of his body, and he almost lost his breezy expression. Usually he kept his cool just like Magneto.

"Nothing to worry about, it is not moving anymore. You can come see it, this is an enchanted bull."

After greeting the three mages that were still hovering in midair, he hurriedly conjured a healing ball. He placed it on his body one after another, slowly healing himself from the internal injuries he suffered from the blast.

The three mages looked at each other, but were too afraid to come any closer. Maybe it was because nothing happened, they finally gathered up their courage and slowly came back down to the ground after a long while. And they slowly approached the zombie bull ensconced in ice, their faces filled with awe.

In the end, they surrounded the bull in amazement.

"Master Benjamin, what magic did you use? Why can’t it escape?" Tony asked with a look of disbelief on his face.

Obviously, they tried to use magic to control the zombie bull, but the results must have been devastating. Or else they would not have chosen escape.

"It’s nothing, just a little trick that I wanted to try." Benjamin’s wounds were almost healed. He stood up and said, "that’s right, I wanted to ask, where did this strange creature come from?"

This creature that could bear the power of the ruins would not have just popped out of nowhere.

Benjamin suspected that the three of them must have found something, or accidentally stepped into a special place, and disturbed the creature.

"Ah, about that," Tony said with a guilty look on his face, "it is too dangerous here, who knows what other creature will suddenly appear, we should talk about this later."

It was obvious that there was a secret they were not willing to share.

Benjamin snorted when he heard this and said in a neutral voice, "Alright then, if you can leave you may."

The three of them frowned as Tony asked, "what do you mean?"

Benjamin shrugged as he replied, "nothing, if you want to leave you can leave, I want to stay here a while, so I won’t leave with you."

The three of them looked at Benjamin with stunned expressions.

After keeping silent for a while, Tony and his companions exchanged glance before he said, "that... if that’s what you want, then we will take our leave first. You should be careful, and leave as soon as possible."

After he said this, the three of them nodded to Benjamin, and went impatiently towards the entrance of the cave without caring about Benjamin’s reaction. They looked just like aunties rushing for a bus.

Benjamin just looked at them coldly as he shook his head.

"Idiots." The System said excitedly when it suddenly appeared, its voice dripping with sarcasm.

Benjamin couldn’t care less about them, and turned towards the zombie bull he wrapped in ice.

He could sense that the green light was still trying to break through the layer of ice to restore the connection between them. He didn’t know why, but it felt as though the green light was afraid of Benjamin’s control over water. It didn’t viciously attack the layer of ice, it was more of a slow gnawing.

To keep the layer of ice in place, the amount that Benjamin would use would be less than an anti-magic ball. But by his estimations, he would only be able to last three hours.

In other words, in three hours, the green light would be able to break through the layer of ice and the zombie bull would be able to escape. It would gain its power to not be destroyed, and attack Benjamin again.

Benjamin could not completely relax.

He had to find a way to leave this place, time was of the essence.

After giving it some thought, Benjamin decided to use the zombie bull. Even though it looked as if the creature was just a pile of rotting meat and bones, but it was able to host the power of the ruins. To be able to do the unimaginable things the green light wanted, it must have something special about it.

Or else the statues on the street would be controlled by the green light and attack Benjamin.

More importantly, Benjamin felt that he could learn of a way to escape from it.

He laid a hand on the layer of ice and release his spiritual energy, and took control of the zombie bull stuck in the ice. Under his command, sharp knives appeared across the layer of ice, piercing through the coat of the zombie bull and started to perform an autopsy.

Benjamin knew that an autopsy was not his strong suit but he had no other choice.

The knives moved across the zombie bull and it didn’t take long before it was cut up into pieces. Benjamin held in his disgust as he leaned forward to examine the pieces.

Unfortunately, he was unable to find anything wrong with it.

The bull had no internal organs, aside from the rotting flesh around a giant ribcage. It was empty inside, and Benjamin could not find any enchanted jewels or anything else .

Then how was it able to host the green light?

Benjamin could not think of anything else, he could only conjure another small knife beneath the layer of ice and continued to cut the zombie bull apart to see if he could find anything else.

"I think you should look at its eyes." The System suddenly said.

Benjamin was shocked.

The System was finally making some sense; this was something really rare!

Despite the ridicule, the System’s words still gave him motivation. Every time the bull started its attack, its eyes will light up with green light. And once the power was used up, the green light disappears, just like the light on Ultraman’s chest.

Benjamin took control of the knife and cut out its eyeballs, and ran a few tests on them.

He used needles, knives, water bubbles, steam. But the zombie bull’s eyeballs were like steel. No matter what he did there weren’t any changes, as though they were ancient jewels.

At that moment, Benjamin’s heart thumped.

The key to the question was in this creature!