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Chapter 274: Cross Again

Chapter 274: Cross Again

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After giving it some thought, Benjamin decided to do a brave experiment.

He wrapped the eyeballs the same layer of ice that could block out the green light. Then, without hesitation, he broke through the original layer of ice.

The pieces of the zombie bull’s body fell to the ground and the green light went straight for it. but, without its eyes, it could not use the body. The pieces of flesh remained on the ground, not returning to its original form.

The green light still surrounded the eyeballs, moving slowly across the layer of ice. It was trying to communicate with ti.

Benjamin nodded his head in satisfaction.

The experiment confirmed his thoughts, the ruins was communicating with the zombie bull through its eyes. Once he sealed the eyes, it was as though he sealed the will of the underground city.

At the same time, the amount of ice that he had to maintain was less, so he had to waste less energy and that bought two extra hours.

So, how should he use the eyeballs to leave this place?

Honestly, there was still too little information. He knew that the underground city was the cult’s home ground, but he didn’t know much about the cult. Moreover, more importantly, he didn’t know what power caused the original entrance to seal up.

Until now, he could only feel the power of the green light here. The area surrounding the entrance was black, the green light was not there. He knew that there was another reason why he could not leave.

And he still yet to figure out what was going on with this place.

What a pain in the neck.

He was still thinking about a way to escape when the three mages from the Mages Freemasonry, suddenly crawled out of the cave after meeting that dead end.

They saw Benjamin standing there deep in thought, their faces were covered with guilt.

"Master Benjamin, you made the entrance to the ruin, I’m sure you know how we can leave this place as well, right?" they asked softly, after a moment of hesitation they walked over. They looked so helpless.

Benjamin laughed silently when he heard this, he kept the eyeballs and shook his head.

"I don’t know."

The three mages panicked. Tony went to Benjamin and bowed, "Master, please don’t make any jokes now. If we can’t leave, we will die here.!"

"I’m not joking." Benjamin’s face was cold when he looked straight into the other person’s eyes and said, "let’s not beat around the bush. You definitely know more about this place than I do. If you don’t tell me then I will not know how we can leave this place."

These three people managed to make the bull appear, he would not believe it if they told him that it was a coincidence.

And things were out of his hands, once he finished talking, the three mages had doubtful expressions as they exchanged glances. They stood there without a word, looking as though they were hiding something.

Benjamin continued talking, adding more straw to the camel’s back.

"What is there to doubt? Honestly, I can only contain this bull’s head for another few hours." He said aggressively as he pointed to the pile of flesh and said, "do you want to tell me everything and everybody leaves, or do you want to wait a few more hours until that thing comes to life again and we all die?"

Upon hearing this, Tony closed his eyes and sighed.

"Honestly, we don’t know much either."

Benjamin shrugged and said, "something is better than nothing."

In the end, Tony bit his teeth and determinedly said, "what do you want to know?"

Benjamin pointed to the pieces of flesh all over the ground and asked, "where did you find this bull?"

"We found the creature in the basement." Tony replied softly, "it was in an odd coffin, we walked in and the coffin shook and it came charging out. In the beginning, we even tried to fight it. But then we discovered that we couldn’t kill it, we were just making it angrier, so we ran."

"Where is the basement?" Benjamin asked.

"Don’t go over there, it’s useless." Tony said, "it is hidden in the temple, the green light sealed the place up, we escaped with much difficulty."

"How did you find the hidden temple in the town? Don’t say that it is a coincidence."

"We," Tony hesitated, but he still continued on and said, "don’t tell anyone else this. There are records of this place in the Freemasonry’s ancient files, that is how I understand the makeup of the city. You saw the tapestry in the meeting room, before this, the power that is occupying this place was in a battle with magic."

Benjamin nodded his head.

Of course he knew this, this meant something in history of culture.

Thousands of years ago, the "Rabkauhalla" cult was much stronger than they are now. They could control this odd green light, and created a different culture. But after that, as the power of magic rose, it defeated them. That was why this power slowly drowned in the long river of time and history. In the end, all that was left was a few streets in the city of Rayleigh.

What he wanted to know was, it was supposed to be nonexistent. Why was there such a powerful force among the ruins, and it was able to seal them in here?

And so, he continued asking, "and?’

Tony opened his mouth and said something completely unexpected.

"That was a battle that occurred very far away, the details in the records were hazy at best. The only thing we knew was, in the end, the power of magic lost and the green force took over the entire earth."

Benjamin was stunned.

What did he say?

The power of magic lost, then what about the world they now knew? If the green force really did win, what was the cult doing down here in a godforsaken corner of the ruins, not even having the strength to attack?

"What do you mean by that?" he asked suspiciously.

It is normal to doubt, I don’t really believe the details recorded. But, this must be what remained of that world." Tony explained, "my guess is that because the green light was trapped in the temple, we were able to enter that world’s territory, the thing is, if we were to escape we would surely die."

Benjamin’s eyes went wide, he looked stunned.

Why was he getting more and more confused?

That world.

"So what you mean to say is, we are no longer in our own world?" he asked in surprise and doubt, "the city of Rayleigh, Ferelden, Icor, we are no longer in the same dimension as them. And when we went through that dark cave, you mean to say we came to a completely different dimension?"

Even as he was asking the question, he himself could not believe that he would ask this question.

"Dimension? Your definition is really interesting." Tony said thoughtfully, "what the records state was that the battle occurred in a different dimension from the magic one. And after the battle, that world was abandoned by the god magic, and was taken over by another god I don’t know the name of. But, these are all legends, the existence of the god of magic, there are many people in the world of magic that have a suspicious attitude about it, you can do your own research, we don’t dare confirm anything."


Benjamin was speechless.

Turns out he had the place wrong from the start.

This was not a place of prehistoric culture; it didn’t even have anything to do with their own world. Just like he crossed over from the modern world, this was another dimension and the world view has changed. That was why there were so many things that he couldn’t understand. Using the usual magic thought processes to think about things, was like using the modern day thought processes to think about the magical world, it just doesn’t work.

No wonder he was unable to leave.

From another point of view, did he just cross over again?