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Chapter 279: Breaking Down Forbidden Spells

Chapter 279: Breaking Down Forbidden Spells

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Even though Benjamin has now seen the difficulty of the forbidden spell’s incantation, he still believed that if it was only the difficulty in its recitation then it wasn’t totally non-functional.

Although the incantation was long, it could still be recited slowly. After a couple of weeks of practice, they might be able to get the reciting down to one or two hours. After all, it was a large scale damaging weapon. Using a few hours to cough up such a secret weapon would be more effective than launching a missile on a battlefield.

Hence, Benjamin fixed his gaze on the last part of the book.

After the explanation of the incantation, there were a few notes on introducing the effects and summoning points of the spell. Magic such as Descent of Glacier could impact ranges up to a thousand square kilometer, which was about a half of a city. The forces were great and it was a combination of snow storm, projections of ice pricks, freezing spell... an assortment of magic effects.

Regarding the difficulty of the summon, one would need to have a high demand for Spiritual Energy, affinity to water element and volume of the water element.

Though nobody would know how high the "high demand" needed to be.

Benjamin was rendered speechless.

That extremely huge water ball he released at Havenwright did have some forbidden spell feel to it. But without a doubt, the demand of the water element for the Descent of Glacier was higher by multiple holds; its complicated process was incomparable. How does one direct such a large amount of water element by combining it to complete the complicated structure of the incantation? The amount of Spiritual Energy needed would be impossible.

No wonder nobody was willing to learn the forbidden spell.

This thing had such a huge impact on people. Even the most talent mages that meditated for a lifetime would not have accumulated such a large amount of Spiritual Energy and affinity to the element, what more a mortal?

It was as if a mountain was so high, one could not see its peak. Because from the foot of the mountain, one would already have felt that it was impossible to climb and therefore, nobody was willing to give it a go.

Benjamin was overwhelmed with disbelief.

Was this bizarre item, really invented by a human?

He refused to believe that anyone in this world could master it. He started to question the authenticity of the forbidden spells and thought that perhaps it was a ruse that researchers came up with after researching countless spells and that no one has ever attempted it before.

After all, apart from this, he could not figure out the origins of forbidden spells.

He disappointedly places the book aside and started flipping through other forbidden spell books. The end result was similar.

Every forbidden spell was rustically simple — it all included a horrifying length of incantation with unreasonable high summoning demand and a theoretically explosive effect.

In the end, Benjamin realized that he did not attain anything from reading all six of the forbidden spell books. He himself could not learn any of its magic. If he were to distribute these to the other mages, they would probably take one glance at it and be scared off like Benjamin with no possibility of learning them.

Honestly speaking, if these magic were to be summoned, then they would probably be immortals. A god, perhaps?

It was no wonder the mages thought of the forbidden spells as little to nothing.

He thought it through and felt that it was best to leave. He placed these books in the library for those who were interested could take a look. Even if no one could learn it, it could still enrich one’s knowledge.

"Teacher Benjamin, what book is this?" Frank was also at the library. He saw Benjamin and curiously asked.

"Incantations of the Forbidden Spell." Benjamin nonchalantly replied, "You can just take a look. Nobody could actually summon it so don’t get too attached to it."

At the words of "Forbidden Spell", Frank’s eyes lit up. He took one of the books and appeared to have disregarded Benjamin’s last few words.

Benjamin could only shake his head. Even he himself shot a few glances before giving up so he wasn’t worried if one was headed into a blind alley. But what caught him by surprise was that when Frank opened the Sky-ripping Wind book and flipped through the dense incantation pages, he wasn’t in a daze. Instead, he read with full focus, with his heart and soul poured into it.

Benjamin was startled.

He... could understand the book?

Moreover, did someone actually like reading such lengthy boring incantations in this world? Even if there really was one, Frank didn’t seem to be of this character.

Out of curiosity, Benjamin did not leave. He stayed in the library and patiently waited aside. He wanted to see how long Frank could last on this book.

What he didn't cross his mind was that this wait would go on more than an hour.

It wasn’t that Benjamin couldn’t wait any longer but instead, it was almost mealtime so he called Frank out of his state. He suspected that this young man may be able to continue reading all day.

"You... think you can learn this?" Benjamin perplexingly asked.

"How can it be possible? Nobody could complete this kind of magic." Frank’s head shook like a punk rocker.

"And yet you’re here reading with such enthusiasm?" Benjamin was deeper into confusion.

"This incantation is pretty wicked!" Frank was excited, "I only read a few pages but found that in this incantation, it combined the wind blade spell, flight spell, wind wall spell, over ten wind spells. These spells themselves are similar but I didn’t think that it could blend together beautifully to become a magic. Forbidden spells are simply awesome!"

Benjamin stopped in his tracks.

"... You’re well versed on incantations?"

Frank scathed his head and answered embarrassingly, "I guess it can’t be helped. I have a hard time correcting my southern accent and suck at reciting incantations and so I spend my time look through these things to try and change up the syllables or else I wouldn’t be able to summon much magic."


Benjamin felt that he was looking at a tone-deaf but has immerse passions for music and hence, ended up burying his head in researching the theory of music.

Could this count as an inspiration for being handicapped?

"Wait... So you’re saying that the forbidden spell blended in many other spells. Does this include intermediate level magic and advanced level magic?" Suddenly, Benjamin had a thought flashed by.

"Although there is a lot that I don’t understand from this incantation but I can confirm on that point." Frank nodded.

"Were you able to break down the incantation?" Benjamin sought.

Frank was hesitant, "This... I am not very sure as I’m not that well versed but if we were to try one by one, we might be able to come up with some new incantations."

Benjamin patted Frank’s shoulders with joy, "Not bad. If you could spend more time on this and break down one incantation that we don’t have, that would help a lot."

Who would have known that they had one potential person in mastering incantations among them.

It was impossible to use these forbidden spells but at the same time, if they were being treasured by the Mages Freemasonry, surely it has its value.

Incantation was a requirement to summon magic and control elements. Its existence itself must have some sort of law. Benjamin’s circumstance was unique and could only use three incantations in his lifetime and that was why he was lazy to research them.

However, dissecting and enhancing incantation was a noble cause to other mages.

Although Frank was a silly bumpkin, but if one thought about it, he was the one who first prompted on the dual practice meditation.

Perhaps one day, he could break down advance incantations or even simplify forbidden spells that it would be possible to summon forbidden spells?

Looking at the six forbidden spell books right now, Benjamin swept off the earlier disappointment and felt like he won the lottery.