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Chapter 284: So Tiring Being the Mediator

Chapter 284: So Tiring Being the Mediator

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While watching a confrontation was entertaining, Benjamin wasn't here for a show.

In order to uproot the cult entirely, he needed the help from Ferelden authorities. While he could just wait patiently and let the Mages Freemasonry deal with the officers, it would probably be more efficient if he took charge of it himself.

After intentionally provoking the few soldiers on the streets, he ended up being arrested and sent to a basement interrogation room, just as he desired.

All things accounted for, Benjamin was still unsettled with his plan. What if the knight that arrested him was a complete idiot? What if the knight doesn't actually do his job and ends up being of no help?

Plus, who was he to demand help just like that?

Hence Benjamin waited patiently and silently in the basement. The knight in charge never showed up. Instead, a bureaucrat named Mikel showed up faster than anyone else.

"First things first, none of those soldiers are my people, but for their rash actions, I am incredibly sorry," Mikel even brought a bottle of wine with him as he smiled and apologized,"come, tell me. What did the soldiers do to you? How were they disrespectful? I'll have their superiors fire them immediately!"

Benjamin was still confused, but he still said,"those soldiers did not bully me into this, I came here by my own free will."


Mikel's face seemed stunned.

Benjamin saw this and was fazed as well, but he could guess that whoever he was facing definitely wielded a lot of influence.

With that influence, it meant that this Mikel might just be helpful to his cause, so he had to say something to break the awkwardness.

"Hi, I'm Benjamin, I'm a mage," he stood up and said with a wide smile.

Mages in Ferelden lived a life of glory and respect amongst their peers. This was a denotation of their influence amongst Ferelden society in regards to their abilities. If this Mikel is truly a bureaucrat, he should show some respect to a mage.

"Oh so you're a mage, I am so sorry for my disrespectful attitude," Mikel seemed shocked, but he came to his senses quickly and reached out to toast Benjamin,"I am an officer sent by His Majesty, you can call me Mikel."

Benjamin took out his aristocratic stance and toasted Mikel's glass.

"I heard that a great mage had come out of Havenwright recently, and his name is Benjamin. Could that be you?" Mikel took a small sip from his cup before putting it down and asking.

Benjamin was rather shocked to hear that.

News sure travels fast in Rayleigh! Benjamin didn't even do much except for his 10 consecutive match win at the Mages Gathering, yet his name had already reached the ears of a bureaucrat all the way here! This was truly shocking. Unless this official named Mikel is simply very well informed?

"There are many powerful mages within the borders. I can't say that I am among the best. The other mages are too kind."

"You must be joking, Mr. Mage....."

Originally, Benjamin had intended to just cut to the chase and talk about the cult, but Mikel kept making small talk and jokes. Suddenly, Benjamin realized that this was probably how bureaucrats socialized, and since he had exposed his identity, he must play along or else he'd be disrespectful.

Hence, Benjamin begrudgingly played along.

The socializing didn't last for long as the Head of Knights Lance stepped in after a while. Benjamin didn't even have time to speak up before Lance gave Mikel a stern and cold look, dropping the room's atmosphere to a chilly below 0 in human warmth.

Feeling helpless, Benjamin had no choice but to step up and diffuse the awkward situation.

"Excuse me, you are.....?" Lance frowned, like he had missed out an important briefing about this meeting.

Before Benjamin could speak up, Mikel had interjected.

"This is the great mage, Benjamin. One of the finest young talents who had just recently won 10 consecutive matches in the Mages Gathering at Rayleigh. He even formed and runs his own mage mercenary group," he looked at Lance, smiling cheek to cheek, "However, someone as slow as you probably hasn't even heard of him right?"

Lance took a deep breath, and looked at Benjamin, "Mr. Mage, I apologize if my men were disrespectful earlier to you."

Benjamin just shook his head, "They did not disrespect me at all. In fact, I practically begged them to drag me here, that was why I ended up using some extreme methods. For that, I am sorry."

Lance was even more confused now, "Why would you do such a thing?"

Benjamin smiled, "I heard that your excellency was working on the assault case recently? I just so happen to have some important evidence for you that will help you in your investigation."

Lance's eyes seemed to glow, "Really?"

Benjamin nodded.

"Well, get on with it," Lance was impatient, but he still took a quick look at Mikel, "Mr. Mikel, not everyone gets to lounge around and not do anything like you. Can't you see that I'm trying to do my job here? I'm about to finish the assignment His Majesty tasked me to do, you can move on to lounge around elsewhere now."

Mikel squinted his eyes in response, "Mr. Head of Knights, my job is to supervise you on behalf of His Majesty. Now that you have new evidence, I must stay to listen to it! What if you miss out an important detail and end up not cracking the case? That would be my undoing!"

"You're too funny, a big man like you must have important responsibilities waiting for you in bed. Go on back home."

"No, I must stay and help divide up your stress."


Benjamin was speechless.

How could two adults argue like kids?!

"Mr. Mage, these news are coming from you. Why don't you tell us what you think?" when the both of them couldn't resolve their differences, Mikel decided to seek Benjamin to help.

It was just a matter of whether one, or two persons should listen to the news. Why were they making such a big fuss out of it?! In fact, now if he chose wrongly, he might end up being perceived as siding with either one of them, hence pissing off the other side.

After some thought, Benjamin said, "It is good that Mr. Mikel stays as well. Two heads are better than one, so are two pairs of ears. I bet Mr. Lance wouldn't mind the extra help either."

Mikel looked like someone who was selfishly overconsiderate, surely Benjamin wouldn't want to cross someone like that. At the same time, Lance is a formidable leader of a large group of soldiers, so he shouldn't mind something like this.

Not to mention, they could always use the extra help in their fight against the cult.

"The mage speaks wise words, unlike some soldiers and knights who swing their swords around so much their brains seemed to have dissolved. Right, Mr Lance?" Mikel declared victoriously.

"There are advantages to practising your swordsmanship, so that we don't end up like you bureaucrats who use your sword so little I bet that if you tried to unsheath yours now it's so soft it wouldn't even come out!"


Benjamin felt so tired being the mediator.

Seeing that they were about to fight again, Benjamin interrupted their fight by yelling,"LISTEN TO ME, THOSE CULT MEMBERS WHO GOT ASSAULTED, THEY ARE PLANNING A COUP!"