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Chapter 289: A Conscious Farmer

Chapter 289: A Conscious Farmer

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The final test lasted for about a few minutes and ended with Varys admitting defeat.

Throughout the whole battle, he was being pressured by the unending flame to stay within the boundaries of the shield, unable to fight back, his loss was only a matter of time. Besides, this was just a competition, there was no need to fight until either side come to a dead end. Joanna was a mage who specializes in fire magic, giving her the fire element crystal was very reasonable.

In fact, Benjamin was at the sidelines watching over the whole field, he did not think that Joanna who won was the strongest of them all.

The reward was the fire element crystal, those who fought most seriously were definitely fire magic mages. Some of the mages who specialized in other magic were also quite good, but they were not as desperate as Joanna, so they did not make it to the final round.

"Thank, thank you everyone, that... ... I actually won."

After winning, when Joanna took the crystal from Benjamin's hands, she was already very tired, she didn’t even have the strength to talk and everyone started laughing.

"Take a good rest. After you have rested enough, you can start using the crystal to grind on your affinity with your element, you will become stronger in the future." Benjamin smiled and encouraged her.

"Thank you, teacher!" Joanna nodded, held the crystal in her hands and went back to the crowd.

Under the command of Benjamin, the test came to a successful end, everyone returned to their room to rest and get ready for dinner.

George who was responsible for the plantations in the backyard was finally relieved.

"Teacher Benjamin." As the crowd slowly cleared off, he went up to Benjamin, and approached him.

"What's the matter?" Benjamin turned around.

George hesitantly said, "That… … recently, in order to take care of the stone flowers, I took a few trips to the magic potion shops and learned a lot about gardening."

Benjamin nodded and said, "That’s good." George seems to be embarrassed, but still said, "That… … we can earn a lot by planting these materials but it can’t be put into good use with this small piece of land in the backyard. I think, what about we buy another piece of land and plant more materials on our own, wouldn’t it be better?"

Benjamin was surprised.

George was doing what he does best and it inspired him, so he wanted to grow plants in a larger field.

Benjamin was certainly thrilled to see that George had this idea. The only thing was, while it was good to further expand their income, but it will not be easy to start a farming business. As you can see, rich farmers who was being shown on television, didn’t they always talk about how they lost money in the beginning?

"We can still afford to buy some land, but, those materials that can be sold for a high price will not be easy to manage." He cautiously reminded, "The environmental requirements of each plants are different, the more expensive the plant is, the more troublesome it is, I do not know if I can buy such a piece of land."

"We can start with the cheaper ones first." George spoke excitedly and once he started, he could not stop. "Stone flowers is one of the cheapest kind, but there’s also water syzygiumto, which is not difficult to raise, we can use magic to dig a small pond and the water syzygiumto can be planted together with the fishes, it’s very convenient! There’s also knife rattan, although it has some requirements, but it is not difficult to manage as long as we... ... "

He was not even finished yet but Benjamin was already stunned.


There was not even a book about this kind of information in their studies. In other words, George, through his trips to the magic shops around Rayleigh City gained so much knowledge about gardening. What an impressive feat!

From a farmer who became a mage, Benjamin saw an honest farming desire in him.

"Alright, alright... ... how did you learn all this, did you go into other people’s shops, and asked so many questions without spending money, wouldn’t the owners get annoyed?" Seeing how George was still talking, Benjamin could not help but interrupt him and asked.

"Yes, I have been chased out by half of the shops in the city." George nodded his head and confessed embarrassingly, "But... ... it should be ok, there are still the other half. Now that I have experience, I should not ask too much every time and I could buy something cheap and then try to say good things about the owner. After a while, they won’t be angry and might even talk more."

Hearing that, Benjamin admired his perseverance.

He patted George's shoulder and sighed in his heart: What a promising young man.

"The age of this guy is much older than the age of your body now." The system suddenly spoke and mercilessly criticized him.

"Oh," Benjamin replied in his heart.

"..." The system had no words.

In reality, Benjamin nodded with a smile and said, "Since you’re so well prepared, of course I will not oppose it. How about this, how much do you need, just say it and I'll buy it for you."

These few days, the production of magic potions plus the income of the mercenary group had helped Benjamin's savings to finally reach four-digits. Finally, his purse was full for once, although it was still incomparable to the mage Vinci, but still allowed him say these words with full confidence.

He did not have any reason to not support him.

——This was an investment and George convinced him in his own way that this was a potentially rewarding investment.

"I have already thought about which land to buy." It seems that George was more prepared than he thought, "The fields in the city is not very good, but those on the outskirts of Rayleigh, there were some that had already been reclaimed, and the price is relatively low. I went over to have a look a few days ago and there were a few tracts of good fields and it will take less than half an hour to fly over, the soil is fertile and it’s suitable for planting a variety of materials, it only needs 50 gold coins."

So cheap?

Benjamin was surprised.

Not bad, among his team of mages there was finally someone who was capable; he learnt and found a place all on his own. The only thing Benjamin need to do was to pay the cost, as for the profit, there was no need to worry about it.

Although he felt that he had a worrisome life, but... ... being a capitalist felt good!

If only the others could be as capable as George.

Just like that, Benjamin without hesitation, agreed to the fifty coins trade.

Not only that, he was also very generous, from the materials that he planted, Benjamin only wanted thirty percent of the profits, George can keep the rest, which made George who was a tenant to be flattered, this caused his motivation to significantly increase once again.

Therefore, George, with the fifty gold coins that Benjamin gave him, without stopping for dinner, he immediately went off to buy the field. Seeing it, Benjamin can only shake his head with a smile.

He was also busy for the whole day, after dinner, he returned to his room and continued to concentrate on his meditation.

As the night fell.

Benjamin who was deep in meditation suddenly opened his eyes and looked out of the window.

A tree outside the window, a dark crow was flapping its wings and landed on the branches in front the window. It paused for a moment on the tree, and then familiarly flew towards Benjamin.