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Chapter 290: Strange Disease

Chapter 290: Strange Disease

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Benjamin went over to the window, looked at the crow that flew away and frowned.

This was the signal that the Crows gave him, it means that they have something to discuss with him so he should hurry over there as soon as possible. However, Benjamin was still a little surprised, why would Jessica suddenly summon him at this time?

The letter he wrote in the morning had only been sent to them, could there be a problem with the plan?

In that letter, Benjamin wrote two things. One was to secretly spread the news of Vinci’s scandal, and the other was to let them forge an incident, to worsen the reputation of the ‘Rabkauhalla’ Cult, so that the authorities of Ferelden will make a move and wipe them out.

Benjamin’s plan was like this: First, use the scroll to lure a few members of the cult then kill them, and then go to the Eagles’ stronghold to start a fire, take advantage of the bodies and put the blame on the cult, it will look as though they killed themselves just to get revenge.

It was a very simple and ruthless plan, it might cause some people to be suspicious, but it does not matter. Either way, the cult also had ulterior motives, all Benjamin needed was just to draw more attention so that the authorities will be more suspicious of the cult, that was it.

Once the authorities start to pay attention to the cult, they will certainly reveal their weaknesses.

However, the plan needs proper planning —— not just for Benjamin, but the Crows too. If they really wanted to do it, it will be at least a few days later.

Therefore, Benjamin was surprised. If they were to start doing something, it should not be today, right?

While his heart was filled with doubts, during the night when no one noticed, he quietly left and rushed towards the stronghold of the Crows.

However, he did not see Jessica there.

"Mr. Mage, you remember me? My name is Bernard, I’m the boss's most trusted subordinate." In a dark room, a thin and familiar man carefully said to Benjamin.

Benjamin nodded his head.

"I remember you, were you the one who called me over? Where is your boss?"

Hearing that, Bernard suddenly sighed and said: "Our boss she... ... no, we do not know what’s the problem, it just happened today, you should come and have a look."

Benjamin was confused, but nodded and agreed, "Lead the way."

"Thank you, Mr. Mage." Suddenly, Bernard looked relieved and gratefully bowed.

He turned, and led Benjamin through a few narrow corridors, and came to another small room. The hidden room had the lights on and a bed, whereas the Crows’ boss Jessica was lying on the bed at the moment, her face was really pale and she was unconscious.

Instantly, Benjamin frowned.

This… … something happened?

"What happened?" He asked immediately.

But Bernard shook his head and said: "Nothing happened. This afternoon, the boss collapsed without any reason. And it’s not only the boss, there are a few members who collapsed today also, one after another, even the doctor could not tell what is going on."

Hearing that, Benjamin had a puzzled look.

What’s with this situation?

From what Benjamin could see, it seemed like an infectious disease. But if it was an infectious disease, even if the doctor could not cure it, they should be able to recognize the disease, so it should not be a poisonous strange disease.

That’s strange… ...

"Do you have any clues? Recently, did the Crows made any new enemies? Or did those who collapsed ate the same kind of food? "He thought about it and asked.

Was he joking? He had only just become a shareholder of the Crows for such a short period of time, he have not even earn the money that he invested. If Jessica continued to be sick, no one will lead the gang, and then he would have lost a lot of money.

He had to save them.

"No, the food that the boss and the others ate was completely different. Recently we were being very careful while expanding, we have been laying low, so there should not be people who wants to take revenge on us." Bernard thought, but suddenly said, "But… ... if you want to me to find common point between those who collapsed, the boss and the others have touched the scroll that was received from the Eagles."

"Scroll?" Benjamin was surprised, he took something out, "You mean, this scroll."

Bernard nodded and said, "One of those who fainted, had not been very active in our gang recently. The only thing he did was to deliver the thing. Otherwise, I would not have thought of that. "

Benjamin glanced at the scroll in his hand, he suddenly felt a slight chill, as though he was holding a test tube filled with a virus.

Could it be? He touched the scroll too, does that mean that he will collapse soon?

But he did not feel any abnormalities with his body.

After thinking about it, he activated the water element sensing technique, try to examine what was happening to Jessica. However, while he examines, he was stunned to find that there was something on Jessica that felt very disgusting, the water element on her side was restless, it was flying around, unwilling to get close to her.


Sick or poisoned, both of them should not have this symptom, right?

After thinking for a while, Benjamin bowed his head and began to examine at the scroll in his hand. And after carefully observing using the water element sensing technique, he found that the elements also did not like the scroll. Although it was not as obvious as those that were surrounding Jessica, but the water element was still repelling the scroll.

This explains a lot.

The culprit, was really this scroll?

However, he put his focus on his own body, the water elements on his side was normal and very close to him, naturally there wasn’t any feeling of disgust or the intention to escape.

Benjamin felt more perplexed.


He understood that the scroll in his hands was not simple, it can open the door to the other world, and was also a map that can turn into an exotic city, it certainly contains something other than magic which was beyond supernatural power.

And now, those who have touched it will faint and will be rejected by the elements as though there was hatred, which was even stranger.



Hatred of the elements?

At that moment, his mind flashed, he remembered the wall paintings in the relic —— a battle between magic from the other world and green energy.

If it was said that the scroll also contained a lot of energy of that sort, and some of the energy was leaked, when in contact with it, it will invade the human body and eventually lead to a series of symptoms, that explains a lot.

As for Benjamin, why did he not feel anything... ... perhaps because he was a mage, he already has the power of the elements, so he was not afraid of the hairy green stuff, he can even directly hold the scroll in his hand.

Therefore, the more Benjamin thought about it, the more likely it was it.

"Mr. Mage, are you alright? What about you put down the scroll first, what if you faint like the others?" Bernard stood aside, saw Benjamin bowing his head to meditate with no action, he could not help but panic.

"I'm fine." Benjamin recovered, put away the scroll and shook his head.

"What about boss and the others ... did you think of a way?"

Benjamin narrowed his eyes and said, "I have not dealt with this kind of thing before, but ... I can try."

Since this energy of the scroll was an enemy to magic, then if we change our perspective, by using the power of magic, can he try to force out the green energy that was attached to the human body?

The energy only leaked out from the scroll, it should be too strong.

Benjamin thought, so he began to try.

He blurted out a spell, the water element gathered, he first summoned a waterball of healing.

Regardless of how the water element was disgusted by the green stuff attached on Jessica, Benjamin still controlled the water element to form a ball, aimed at Jessica and poured it on her.