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Chapter 296: Crime of Treason

Chapter 296: Crime of Treason

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When he was in midair in the night, Benjamin glanced at the old man that flew towards him. He took a deep breath and removed his panicking disguise. He slowly regained his calm expression.

Finally... It was here.

The Water Particles around him told him that Lance and his bunch were hiding at the abandoned house at the side and witnessing all of these, were stunned.

And all of these were the most decisive evidence that Benjamin presented for them.

More than ten minutes ago.

After he brought Lance and his bunch here, Benjamin turned around and went back again to the street where the Cult was at once again. With an unreserved arrogant posture he had no intention of hiding, he searched the street.

Those two men in black must have fled back to this place and notified their boss. What Benjamin wanted was solely to lure their boss out to this outskirts of this city in the end. He wanted to expose the true identity of this boss in front of Lance and his bunch.

Not to forget that he still held the most deadly bait in his hands.

Although this old man was extremely cautious, he followed Benjamin in secret for a long time without launching an attack. It was just that when Benjamin wandered into the deserted area of the city, he still could not hold his urge to attack Benjamin, trying to snatch the parchment that was in Benjamin’s hands.

To this, Benjamin had been prepared earlier on.

The strange green light gathered into a whip. The moment right before it hit Benjamin, the steam whipped up a strong whistling wind that brought Benjamin to the sky.

"You... Who are you?" In order to lure the old man into a trap, he had no choice but to act like he was scared. He flew in the air, took a few glances at the old man then turned around and fled.

Upon seeing this, the old man used that strange language and cursed. Maybe he had his doubts in his heart. But in order to snatch that parchment, he could only fly in the air and quickly pursued Benjamin.

Just like this, they kept on pursuing and fleeing. Slowly, they came near to the location Benjamin had already decided before. And in this process, Benjamin had briefly exchanged blows with the old man.

The energy that the old man manipulated was really strange. Its power was exceptionally great and gave off a different feeling to people from that of magic. Thinking of the words that he heard from the men in black, Benjamin could not help but be suspicious of this situation. Was this the status in which he had or had not summoned "God’s Power"?

In order to prevent them from keep on fighting, he had no energy or time to test his opponent out. He could only try his best to dodge the attacks and lure that person towards the outskirts of the city.

The source of the energy must come from the green light in the Remains, but it was very different from the green light in the Remains for some reason.

The lucky thing was this power, although strong, was not enough to totally overwhelm Benjamin. Thus, just by dodging the attacks left and right, he had successfully lured that person to this place.

And since he had arrived here, he had no need to continue his pretense.

"This is what you called the God’s Power?" Therefore, Benjamin raised his head and asked coldly while he stared at the old man who was not far away in front of him.

"Give me the scroll!" The old man did not answer. Instead, he said this by using the lingua franca.

Upon hearing this, Benjamin suddenly flashed a hint of cunning look in his eyes.

"What exactly is that scroll? And that Remains too." He showed a puzzled look and said, "Why would you possess such existence of that level? What exactly do you plan to do?"

"You will know when you reach hell." The old man snorted instead and prepared to fight with him.

Upon seeing this, Benjamin screamed immediately. "I have hid the scroll in another place. Even if you truly defeated me, you can never find the thing."

Before the fight broke out, he still had to sprout a little more nonsense.

After all, there were some words that he should speak for the bunch of Lance’s who were at the side.


After hearing the sly words of Benjamin, the old man seemed to be considerably furious. His long beard was quivering from rage. But, that scroll was probably extremely important to them. No matter how angry he was, he still did not attack just yet.

"Give me the scroll, or else I will let you experience life that you wish you can be dead!"

Benjamin naturally shook his head and said, "I can give the scroll to you, but you have to tell me what exactly that Remains is. Why will you have such a Remains in your possession?"

The old man showed a disdainful look. "That is our holy place. How will it be a place for the likes of you to pry about?"

"Is it?" Benjamin smiled in a playful way and said, "If that is truly the case, why could I bring these stuff back from that place?"

As he spoke, he took the pair of eyeballs of the Zombie Bull from his pocket.

He wanted to use this thing to provoke the old man and make the old man say the thing he wanted to hear.

Benjamin believed that this must surely be a rare item even in the internal of the Cult.

"That is... How is that possible?" The old man seemed to recognize that pair of eyeballs and his expression changed completely. "Impossible. Why did you get that item?"

Benjamin raised his eyebrows. The old man’s reaction was better than what he had imagined.

"Of course I got it with my own strength." As he was thinking, he suddenly flashed a frivolous smile and said, "Do you want it back? Then tell me what that place truly stands for."

The old man took a deep breath and disdainfully said, "Easy. It means the doomsday of you mages."

With perfect cooperation, Benjamin’s face darkened and questioned him. "What do you mean by this?"

"When the doorway to the Heaven opens, the Holy Radiance will scatter across the world. God’s Will will dominate everything." The old man spread both of his arms and unleashed the aura of an Evangelist up above. He said, "And you, the evil servant of the elements, will also be completely eliminated by the Holy Radiance."

"You... You want to control this world?" Benjamin blurted in complete shock.

But, he began to worry that he might have been a little too ‘shocked’ about it. Would his exaggerated acting cause the suspicion of that person?

Luckily, the old man did not doubt his reaction. Or rather, he was overly confident of himself.

"This world originally belongs to God." He stared at Benjamin, just like he was staring at a dead man. "What we wanted to do is to take it back from the hands of the elements."

Immediately, Benjamin removed the shocked look on his face and flashed a smile.

"You finally showed your true colors."

He dared to say things like taking back the world. He must have thought Benjamin was dead?

Unfortunately, right at this moment, there were many people listening to the old man’s words. The officials in Ferelden, the knights, the soldiers.... And also a mage. It was enough to put this Cult into the ban list.

They should not even dream about realizing their ‘great’ blueprint.

"Show my true colors?" After hearing this, the old man touched his beard and flashed an emotionless smile. "No one would know what I have said. It doesn’t matter if it was you or those nameless people hiding in the room over there. Don’t even think about leaving this place."


After hearing this, Benjamin suddenly felt a little restless.

They were found out?

This was trouble...

"Nameless bunch?" However at this moment, Lance who were hiding in the house could not sit still anymore. He walked out of the house at a slow pace. "How surprising. We meet again. You did not tell me how well your command of the lingua franca actually is the last time we met."

"Oh? I thought it was some mages in ambush. I did not expect it to be the Sir Head of Knights himself." The old man looked at Lance, with his stares as cold as ice. "Unfortunately, why didn’t you just stay in your house? You just have to come to interfere with us."

Lance heard this words and snorted. He unsheathed the sword that was pinned by his waist.

"Enough. No more nonsense." He lifted his long sword and pointed it towards the old man. He shouted in a loud voice. "Now, in the authority that was conferred to me by His Majesty the King, I now pronounce you guilty of the crime of treason!"