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Chapter 297: Battle Ended? Or Has It Just Begun?

Chapter 297: Battle Ended? Or Has It Just Begun?

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After Lance spoke, he leaned over and leapt. In the situation in which everyone least expected to attack, he launched an attack towards the old man who was in midair.

Even Benjamin was surprised by his action.

Lance had probably drank a Magic Potion before he showed himself, so his actions was rather quick. He showed the kind of strength that exceeded a human’s limitations and leaped. His leap was even higher than their height in midair.

Just like a gust of strong wind, Lance approached the old man in an instant. He swung the long sword in his hands and slashed at his opponents hard.

"Impressive." Benjamin flew to one side and could not help but exclaim.

As the Head of Knights in Ferelden, he surely would not be a useless man. He must have something up his sleeve.

At that moment, Benjamin did not join Lance to attack the old man. The old man’s trick was too mysterious. It was not a bad idea to let others to test him out first. He should not join the attack so rashly.

Moreover, if the old man counterattacked too well, he would still have time to rescue Lance to prevent him from getting injured.

Little did he thought that things really went the same way as he had predicted. At the moment when Lance slashed using his sword, thick green light suddenly gushed from the old man’s body. With no idea how it worked, this move repelled Lance in an instant.

Just when he was repelled from his opponent, a beam of green light stealthily stretched out just like tentacles and rushed towards Lance who had not regained his balance.

"Be careful!"

Upon seeing this, Benjamin had to do something.

The steam that gathered at that place was like an invisible hand that held Lance up and flew him to the side at that moment. He dodged the attack of the tentacles of green light.

And in this moment, Lance finally regained his balance and turned around. He directly slashed the tentacles of green light into half.

Upon seeing this, the old man raised his eyebrows.

"This sword is interesting. I will have it then." He reached out his hands, and pointed at Lance in midair. The green light surrounding him grew crazily long just like vines. Following that, they rushed towards Lance just like a tsunami.

"Keep dreaming!" Lance roared. In a flash, he raised his sword and slashed towards the green light. The speed of his attack was so quick that even Benjamin could not see how many slash he had done in one second.

On a closer look, the sword in his hands did not seem like an iron sword that were blessed by magic. It was more like... magic tool?

Benjamin also did not know what sword that was, but with Lance’s every swing, the blade was sharp beyond comprehension. The overwhelming green light met with the normal-looking long sword, but could not withstand the attack of the sword. They were all slashed to bits just like a loaf of soft bread.

As for Lance, he also utilized his agility to move around as he slashed at the green light. He was coping with the situation with ease as if that old man’s attacks could not affect him at all.

"This guy is that good?" Upon seeing this scene, Mikel who was hiding in the house could not help but to bump into the soldier beside him and exclaimed in disbelief.

"Of course! Or else why would Sir become the Head of Knights?" The soldier by the side proudly said this with his head high and chest up.

Even the old man who was in midair could not help but show a surprised look after seeing this scene.

"He was already at this level, yet he was only a Head of Knights..." He squinted his eyes and slowly said. "This is unfortunate, Sir Head of Knights. I will put your corpse to good use."

He reached out both of his hands as if he wanted to launch some weird attacks.

However, right at this moment, a scoffing chuckle could be heard from behind him.

"Is that so? I thought you were rather relaxed here." Behind him not far away, Benjamin’s mouth twitched. With his arms crossed, Benjamin said it in a nonchalant way. "Do not forget that your opponent is me."

Following his words, more than one thousand Ice Arrows that had icy shine to them appeared in the night sky just like ghosts. They did not come with any sound of spell. Neither had they caused any magic disturbances. They simply appeared without a sound. And with the sudden wind-breaking crack, they all hurled towards the old man.

At this moment, Benjamin launched a sneak attack.

The old man’s attention was caught by Lance, so he had shown an opening. How could Benjamin miss such a great opportunity?

With the exchange of blows before, he roughly examined the strength of those green light. To be honest, it felt much weaker than the green light in the Remains. The old man’s strength was nothing impressive. So with them attacking on both sides, he should not hold out any longer.

Therefore, he no longer stood by the side. Once he launched an attack, the attack must be extremely powerful and strong.

Even though Shower of Ice Arrow was not any new move, but the often use of this move explained how powerful and useful this move was. The sight of more than a thousand Ice Arrows attacking in an instant was a sight to behold as if even the whole sky was covered by the arrows. Those who hid in the room could not help but stare at this sight with their jaws dropped.

"My decision was not wrong after all. This mage has a bright future. He must not be displeased at all cost." Wide-eyed, Mikel spoke to himself.

Those who were watching by the side were already that shocked to see this. If it was the person who was in the middle of the Shower of Ice Arrow, the feeling of oppression would be beyond words.

In that moment, the old man’s expression finally changed.

He swung his arms and summoned the green light that was attacking Lance back to him. The green light mixed with those that surrounded him. They were just like strands of silk surrounding him and forming a shield that was similar to a cocoon. The shield protected him in all directions.

During the moment the cocoon-like green light came into shape, the dense Ice Arrows then hit the shield mercilessly.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sudden noise even surprised Benjamin himself.

This noise... seemed a bit odd.

The continuous boom did not seem like the crisp sound when the Ice Arrow hit its target. Instead, it sounded like the concentrated sound of explosions when the firecrackers were ignited.

Benjamin knew his own magic really well. Ice Arrows were simply Ice Arrows. Benjamin did not put explosives on them, so they would not easily explode.

Then... did he need to explain the result?

The attack of Shower of Ice Arrow caused a storm of ice chips and green light. Only through the detection of Water Particle, Benjamin could see what truly happened in the middle of the storm.

It was the moment the green light that formed as a cocoon collided with the Ice Arrows that the explosions occurred. The strange thing was the old man seemed like he could control the magnitude of the explosions. He only let them spread outwards, so that the explosions would not affect him.

Therefore, under the continuous explosions of the green light, the effect of the Ice Arrows... seemed slightly to be cancelled out.


Upon seeing this, Benjamin could only curse in his heart.

Think exploding is all good and powerful?

Fine! I would let it explode together with you. Let’s see which of our explosions is superior!

At that moment, he commanded the Ice Arrows that were hitting on the green light regardless of whether they had collided with the green light to explode into ice bits. They were all commanded to explode from within by themselves into fragments!


Just like this, the loud rumbling that signaled the end of fight drowned all of the previous sounds of explosions.

Those who hid in the room shivered due to the shock. Lance the Head of Knights at the side was also so surprised that he moved away near a hundred meters away from it, so that he would be out of range. As for Benjamin who was in midair, he agglomerated a Water Shield to block the ice bits that came his way while he backed away.

As for the center of the explosion...

The explosion of all of the Ice Arrows was added to the effect of the green light. The storm that was caused by these explosions had disturbed the elements around this area. Even if Benjamin casted Water Particle Detection, he still could not know what truly happened in the middle of the storm.

But to be honest, no one should be able to survive that, shouldn’t it?

Unfortunately, they were already out of town. Moreover, they were at the desolated area at the outskirts of the city. There were not many people around this area. Or else, such an explosion must have caused a ruckus in the City of Rayleigh.

Benjamin thought so with a slight hint of regret.

However, right at this moment, some changes seemed to occur at the center of the explosion. A wave of invisible disturbances slowly spread outwards. The storm caused by the explosion burst forth abruptly. It was to that extent that even Benjamin who was a hundred meters away could not help but squint his eyes, his hair dancing wildly in the wind.

A few abandoned houses that were not that solid came tumbling down in an instant. Mikel and the soldiers were so scared that they trembled at a corner of the house.

On the other side, Lance stabbed his sword on the ground. Because of this, he did not get blown away by the sudden gush of wind.

"What, what is this? He wouldn’t die even in this situation?" He used his hands to block his face and said in disbelief.

Benjamin’s expression also turned odd at this moment as well.

He tried to use Water Particles to detect what truly happened in the center of the storm. But the strange thing was, his detection blanked out as if it was out of order every time it went near the epicenter of the storm. He could not even know whether the elements were still in disorder or back in order, not to mention detecting the object in it.

What happened?

This situation had never happened before.

Suddenly, he recalled the words that he heard from the men in black.

What they said appeared to be any magic would disappear by itself once the "God’s Power" was summoned. But in that process just now, his magic was still fine when he was facing the old man: his magic did not weaken or disappear.

Now, the elements near that area seemed to be out of control.

What did this mean?

Upon thinking this, Benjamin could not help but took a deep breath.

It was too early to rejoice...

Just now, he thought that the old man’s strength was just so-so. But now in this situation, the old man was probably still at "The First Form", wasn’t he?