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Chapter 298: What is God

Chapter 298: What is God

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Benjamin did not understand what the whole process of ‘summoning "God’s Power"’ actually meant. Just from these circumstances, he also knew it was not something that was easy to deal with.

Therefore, he casted spells once again in order to interfere with this process.

He agglomerated a few Water Bombs that rushed towards the center of the storm against the winds. However, the more the Water Bombs closed into the old man’s position, the more resistance they experienced. In the end, it was impossible for the Water Bombs to even move.

Benjamin was a little aghast.

They had not even hit the target and yet this happened. How strong was the wind power in the central area?

This was impossible. No matter how much he mustered his Spiritual Energy, he could not move the Water Bombs any further. Thus, he directly detonated the Water Bombs altogether. Unfortunately, not long after the water splashed out from the explosion, the effect was forced down by the powerful wind pressure. So, it could not cause any threat to the person in there.

So he could not interfere with it...

Upon seeing this, Benjamin knitted his eyebrows tightly in one line.

Just when he was thinking about what he should do next, an ethereal chant that came from the center of the storm could be suddenly heard by everyone in the place.


Except Benjamin, everyone showed a dazed expression.

"Whose, whose voice is this? It isn’t that old man’s voice, is it?" Mikel said in disbelief. "It couldn’t be... there would really be some sort of God descending?"

Benjamin was not surprised. During the battle with the Zombie Bull at the Underground Remains, he had heard such chants before. The power that was called upon by the old man was probably the same as that at the Remains.

What change would it bring?

Would be like the Zombie Bull: immortal and able to copy its opponent’s attacks?

If that was the case, Benjamin had experience with it, so it should not be too difficult to deal with. What he was afraid of was that this might be a different case than that in the Remains.

After hearing the low chant, the whistling wild wind slowly calmed down. The chaotic force around that area also began to slowly shrink and shrink... Everything shrunk to the central area of the storm as if there was something absorbing them.

And at the central area, the chaos caused by the explosions of the Shower of Ice Arrows and green light gradually disappeared as well.

"That is..."

As if a sound of heartbeat was transmitted from the center of the storm.

Benjamin widened his eyes and stared at where the old man was. He could not help but take a deep breath, with his mood gradually darkened.

He could see that the normal-looking old man that was previously suspended in the air was really different now.

Along with the scattering of the dust, the ferocious green light had disappeared. Instead, a wide circle of green light faintly suspended at the top of the head of old man.

The white robe on the old man’s body that was without any dust had wide sleeves. The sleeves were moving up and down in the wind. The robe was so white as if it was shone with a spotlight. Following that, some words in green that seemed like gilt quietly surrounded him and guarded him just like the rings of a planet.

At this moment, the old man stretched out both of his arms and suspended in the sky in a calm manner. His facial features and his wrinkles did not change. However, for some reason, it did not look the same as his original look.

Upon seeing this, one word appeared in all of everyone’s heart.


"It, it truly is God…..." Mikel and the bunch of soldiers hid in the house. They could not even muster any intent of defying that person and almost knelt on the ground. It was as if they were going to join the faith any second.

They already could not even see any traits of humanity in the old man. Instead, the old man reflected a kind of divinity that made them want to pay homage involuntarily.

Even for Lance, his right hand that held his longsword tightly began to tremble when he saw this scene.

It was right at this moment.

The old man who gazed at the sky turned his eyes. Between black and green, they were not like any human’s eyes. His gaze fell on the still absent-minded Lance.

It was as if an energy suddenly rushed forward!

Lance who had just came back to his senses shrieked. He flew backward for more than ten meters as if his whole being was directly hit by something. The long sword that was in his hands also left his grasp. It rotated and drew a line of a parabola in the air.

There was no emotion in the old man’s gaze. He was simply staring at the long sword.

Under his gaze, the long sword that was thrown away suddenly stopped in midair as if its time had been paused.

After that, the old man reached out his left hand. As if somehow a force were calling upon it, the long sword that was in midair suddenly moved and slowly flew towards the direction of the old man’s left hand.

"My, my sword!" Lance fell on the ground with blood spurting from his mouth. Even so, he still struggled to get up and howled at the old man unwillingly.

The old man ignored him. With his left hand stretched out, his whole being was static as if he was a statue.

In an instant, the sword was already in the old man’s hand.

Upon seeing this, Lance lied on the ground and lowered his head in slight despair.

At this instant!

In a swift, it was as if a blue lightning just flashed through the night sky. A gigantic crescent-shaped Ice Blade suddenly appeared from behind of the old man. Its speed was beyond human’s comprehension. It directly cut off the old man’s left arm!

Along with the spurt of blood, the long sword that was already in his hand was once again thrown off and fell on the ground in a clank.

Everyone was stunned.

"F*ck!" Mikel who hid in the room subconsciously cursed. Just that, he immediately came back to his senses after he cursed and regretfully covered his mouth.

The old man’s expression also changed. The divinity that he had in his whole being completely disappeared in that moment.

He looked behind him with a stunned expression.

He only saw that after it slashed his arm off, the Moonglaive of Ice spun in the air, painting an elegant curve in the air. Then, it flew back in a lively way. At this moment, it encircled Benjamin and spun quietly around him now. It showed a tranquil blue halo in the night.

"...It was actually Sir Benjamin." Mikel shook his head, his gaze full of shock. It was as if he had seen some kind of God Slayer.

As for now, Benjamin did not even look at the old man in the eye. Under everyone’s attention, he lowered his head and took a Waterball of Healing. He simply threw it in the direction of Lance.

Lance who was lying on the ground was also stunned.

After he was hit by the Waterball, he stood up with a perplexed expression. Even though in a daze, he still managed to grab the sword that was delivered back to him by the steam.

"Tha-thank you." He nodded and said, still slightly confused.

"You’re welcome." Benjamin’ mouth quirked upwards as he replied.

Then, his gaze fell upon the old man again as he showed a cold smile.

"If you want to act cool, do it after you have won the battle. Acting cool just after you changed your appearance, huh. Have you received my permission for that?" He raised his eyebrows and said it lazily. "Just having a ring above your head, you think you have become a God? You think others couldn’t do the same?"

As he was saying, he clicked his fingers. Some water droplets were agglomerated above his head and formed a shiny blue ring. The look was not any different than that above the old man’s head.


The old man glared at him coldly without saying anything. The crowd at the side was aghast, looking at this situation.

"Hmmm. Seem like it still lacks a bit of something." Benjamin looked at the water ring above his head then clapped his hands.

Numerous ice bits appeared and kept on attaching to Benjamin’s body. Gradually, they weaved a long robe of icy blue that glittered like a crystal in the night sky.

Some of the other ice bits then formed a few traditional Chinese words respectively. Just like the words that surrounded the old man, these words also surrounded Benjamin, emitting a faint quaint aura.

At last, the steam slowly blew and his golden hair danced in the wind. Benjamin imitated the actions of the old man at the beginning: he reached out his arms, gazed at the starry sky and put on an expression that showed no sadness or happiness.

Mikel and the other soldiers were also stunned.

The old man floated in midair with a circle of green light above his head like a God. Benjamin, too, floated in midair with a blue water ring above his head. They both stared at each other and, for some reason, the situation seemed to be... rather awkward.

To the outsiders, it was even more so.

Originally, the old man’s look brought them a strong sense of shock. But now that Benjamin did the same thing, they witnessed this once again. Slowly, they came to realize that there was something wrong with this the more they looked at it.

So exaggerated...

God... should look like this?

Everyone was in a daze.

"Funny thing is, we always like to imagine God to be what we thought to be." With such an exaggerated look, Benjamin finally chuckled. He spoke at a slow pace. "We thought God would be powerful and strong. We thought God would be exceptional and inhuman. But in truth, your so-called "God’s Power" is only the product that you imagined out of nothingness and modified based on it by using your own ability."