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Chapter 302: The Aftereffects of an Obliterated Cult

Chapter 302: The Aftereffects of an Obliterated Cult

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One week later.

"Teacher Benjamin, the execution is over." One day at noon, Augustine pushed opened Benjamin’s door and said," It was the sect that was attacked that day. I don’t know what they did wrong, but I saw the government’s bulletin - they have all been eliminated."

Benjamin stopped his meditation, and nodded, "You’ve done well."

Augustine smiled," It’s nothing. But, why the sudden interest towards this?"

Benjamin stood up and replied," Nothing much, we live here, we have to know if something big is happening in the city."

"That’s true." Augustine nodded. She bid farewell towards Benjamin, closed the door, and left the room.

Benjamin walked over to the window and looked at the street, drawing a deep breath.

He had finally managed to vanquish that group of people.

One week before, he had to use almost all his strength to defeat the old man, coming back from the brink of defeat to emerge victorious. Lance and Mikel were officers in Ferelden, and witnessed it with their own eyes. The danger of this sect did not need further proof.

They could not let such a sect exist in Ferelden.

Thus, that night, they kept the news to themselves and hurried back to the capital of Ferelden, before reporting everything that they had witnessed to the King. After the news was delivered, the King ordered the sect be blacklisted. As for the sect’s base, it was surrounded and the members inside arrested by the army the next morning.

The sect members on the streets did not even know about what had happened, only a few of them could react in time to flee.

But the army came rather quickly, they did not escape far before being captured.

After killing the old man, Mikel and Lance expressed their gratitude, and told Benjamin that the King would honor him for his contribution. And so, with the troops arrival at Rayleigh, came the King’s reward as well.

A thousand gold coins. Even though it was not huge in numbers, but to Benjamin, it was a very pleasant surprise.

This is because Benjamin did not do it for money. The sect that had contact with the otherworld being vanquished at its early state without leaving much impact was enough for Benjamin.

Who knew, maybe he had just unknowingly saved the mages of this world.

But of course, Benjamin wanted to know more about the sect, especially about the "Inner World" the old man had mentioned.

But sadly, the only person who knew anything about this was the old man – the same one he had killed with his own two hands. The books the sect had with them were all destroyed by their own member’s during the capturing operation.

There was nothing Benjamin could do.

In Benjamin’s possession, he still had the parchment, the green crystal and stone, and the eye of the zombie cow. The sect probably had records on how to use them, but by now, it was all gone.

Benjamin would probably have to let these items collect dust for forever, now.

They were rather unsettling items, and he had thought of asking somebody to bury it without revealing the location. But, he ended up thinking of how in novels, when an ancient evil is sealed up, it ends up being discovered by a fool thousand years later, then causes trouble once again.

He did not want that to happen. Thus, he found time and ventured to the wilderness outside of Rayleigh. Excavating the underground ruin once more, he threw the parchment and everything else back into the ruins.

He guarded the entrance until it fully closed, making sure that the connection between the two worlds was totally severed.

After that, he left satisfied. As for information on the "Rabkauhalla" sect, it was totally wiped - on this world at least.

The incoming disaster somehow was somehow averted.

But, one week has passed now, the effects left behind by the sect had continued fermenting within the borders of Ferelden, specifically in Rayleigh.

The most obvious part was that Benjamin found that he had become even more famous.

In the bulletin issued by the government, it did not state Benjamin’s name, but earnestly wrote, ‘many thanks to the powerful mage’, using words like "Genius, and almighty ", even "a rising star amongst the mages" to describe him...

They used all sorts of bombastic words to write the bulletin to describe how much Benjamin was a help to them, filling at least half a page with his praises.

Benjamin did not intend to read much of it. He was not that thick-skinned and would feel embarrassed.

"Oh yeah, Teacher Benjamin." Suddenly, Augustine appeared again and said," I copied the bulletin as you asked, you said that you wanted to stick it all over the place, like..." Posters"? What are those?"

"...Forget about it." Benjamin said quietly.

"Alright." Augustine did not understand, but still closed the door and left.

This kind of bulletin would make only increase someone’s hubris, and would influence the mage circle in Rayleigh.

The mages here had their own sense of pride. Seeing how highly an unknown figure was praised, they would naturally try to find out who the mage was. Thus, the name Benjamin would be in circulation once more, once again becoming a hot topic amongst mages.

From being the first mage with a ten-match winning streak, to the praise of the bulletins throughout the city, Benjamin’s fame rose in the city of Rayleigh amongst mages.

Over the next few days, plenty of people came to visit him.

Most of them wanted to see how powerful this Benjamin was - how much he has grown. Some even expressed their thoughts as if speaking to a senior officer in the military.

Because of this, Benjamin had to clean his room and turn it into a guest room; for the past few days, he had been absolutely exhausted. The barrel of grape wine was now half empty- showing just how many people came to visit from it.

Of course, his fame suddenly increasing was a good thing to him as many people came to attempt to join his group. But those that came and wanted to join were mages that were just curious and testing their luck. Benjamin felt happy, and still treated all the visiting mages with the same level of respect.

Maybe in the future, some of the people here would become his companions, but right now, he did not expect much.

He had to deal with all these visitors first.

He had just finished meeting a mage. But just an hour later, he had a meeting with three more. He was fully booked, and had no time to do anything else.

He was seriously burning out.


There was another special "visitor" he had to deal with.

Thinking of this, Benjamin became serious. He turned around, opened a drawer, and took out a white piece of paper full of markings before looking at it silently.

When he received the thousand gold coins, this thing came along with it. Mikel was bursting with excitement when he handed it over to Benjamin.

Benjamin only glanced at it, but his expression immediately changed.

It was an invitation from the King of Ferelden to a banquet.