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Chapter 306: The Palace

Chapter 306: The Palace

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After an hour, Benjamin hurriedly flipped through the book; and when he came out from the designated reading room, he could no longer see Aldrich’s shadow.

What a strange old man.

Even though he didn’t understand Aldrich’s role in all of this, but according to Benjamin’s guess, he seemed like a typical old mage. His strength was profound and he was detached from everything and everyone. And he just dropped Benjamin an invitation to join the Mages Freemasonry.

Since this was the headquarters, it was pretty normal for the higher ups to show up.

So, Benjamin didn’t give it much thought since the guy wasn’t even here anymore. He went over to the front desk to return the book. Just as he was about to wander somewhere else to do god knows what, he was stopped by the mages.

"Excuse me, maintenance and repair work are still going on up front. No outside mages are allowed in because of the mess."

There really was a secret place as he expected...

Even though he was very curious, Benjamin didn’t say anything. And so, he just nodded his head and didn’t ask any more questions.

But, as he turned around, he hid the smirk from his face. Using the water element sensing technique, he quietly spied on the forbidden area.

What else could he do when he was forbidden from looking?

Very quickly, he noticed there were many people in the room.

There were mercenaries, with leather armors of all colors, crossbows strapped to their backs, swords and weapons of all kinds. Benjamin was surprised seeing as the mercenaries of the city of Snow was not very active at all.

In that small room, the people were gathered as though they were listening to one mage talking.

It was that bald mage in his thirties or forties and had the solemn look of a teacher. As he spoke to the mercenaries, he would touch his shining bald head once in a while.

Benjamin was not very sensitive, and he didn’t know why but he felt that this guy was really strong.

And just as he was about to look and explore somewhere else, suddenly the bald mage’s face changed. He turned suddenly and with a sharp glare that could pierce through walls, he looked at where Benjamin stood. It was just like the teacher that suddenly appeared at the back door.

Benjamin’s heart dropped with a thump.

Shit, there was another one who could notice him.

At that moment, he quickly withdrew the water element sensing technique and quickly left without even looking back. He hurriedly left the area, leaving all the secret places of the headquarters unexplored.

How unlucky...

He couldn’t keep the sigh in.

The last time he was noticed when he used the water element sensing technique was during the whole incident with the Crusader Gateway. After such a long time, he himself became undisciplined and forgot that anyone with a stronger spirit than him could notice him.

This was the headquarters of the Mages Freemasonry, anyone with a stronger spirit than him was a dime a dozen.

Just as his foot crossed the threshold, he heard a commotion coming from behind him. It must be the person who noticed Benjamin’s spying and was coming after him.

But, if he was only relying on the sense from the spirit then the bald mage would not be able to know what Benjamin looked like. So, Benjamin sighed a breath and left the place just like any other mage, with steady steps and a calm demeanor.

And the bald mage didn’t follow him out.

And after about five minutes and he was sure that nothing was going on Benjamin breathed a sigh of relief.

"If someone tells you not to look then don’t, you’ll just get yourself in trouble." The System suddenly appeared to lecture him.

"Alright, alright." Benjamin answered him impatiently.

But, what were those people doing in that room?

Benjamin felt really curious.

Forget it, they must have hired the mercenaries because there must be some special request within the Mages Freemasonry. Maybe to collect the tools needed to search some historical site, it must not be something big.

For his safety, he felt that he should not go near the Mages Freemasonry for the near future.

Him coming and going wasted a bit of time. So, Benjamin wandered around the city of Snow for a while before changing his direction towards the city center, which was also where the palace was.

He should make his acquaintance with the king.

And so, Benjamin reached his destination after half an hour.

However the palace of Ferelden was very different from the palace that Benjamin had envisioned in his mind.

Compared to Havenwright, this palace was much smaller without all the extravagant fixings. Neatly manicured gardens spread out on both sides of the main door; the whitewashed walls looked really grand but it was also solid. The entire palace didn’t take up much space, in fact it was similar to the villa that the mage Finch had held the meeting.

But all of it made sense, seeing as Ferelden was only established for a few years. And under the circumstances of its establishment, it was reasonable that the décor of the palace went towards a simpler style.

But, the doors that were covered with ancient decoration and the royal guard that were patrolling the grounds gave it an air of royalty.

As he approached, he was stopped by the royal guard in sky blue uniforms.

The thing was, Benjamin came prepared and before they could ask him anything, he took out an invitation and handed it over as he said, "Hello, my name is Benjamin. His Majesty the King invited me to join the banquet tonight."

The royal guard took the invitation and gave it a thorough once over, and then with a respectful look on his face, he gave Benjamin a bow.

"Welcome, there are people ready to receive you inside, just hand your invitation over to them."

Benjamin nodded, took the invitation back and went in.

At the gate, a young boy servant stood there immaculately dressed, it must be the servant who was supposed to receive him. Benjamin went over and before he could say anything the servant boy bowed low to him and said, "I’m assuming you are the mage Benjamin?"

Benjamin nodded his head and passed the invitation over.

The servant boy took the invitation and turned around to ring the bell beside the door; a loud ringing noise sounded from inside the doors. The doors that looked so sturdy that even a bomb might not be able to break through them was slowly opened as though by some mechanism.

"Master Mage Benjamin, if you please."

"Thank you." Benjamin nodded his head and followed.

With the servant leading him, he entered the palace. The palace was more dignified inside compared to the exterior. The dark colors of the walls and the carpet gave it a solemn feel. Maybe this was what people called the majesty of the royal family.

The hallways were complicated, Benjamin followed the servant for quite a while before reaching a room on the second floor. The servant turned and bowed before opening his mouth to speak.

"The banquet will be starting in an hour; you can rest here before then. You are not allowed to move about; I will come get you when the time comes."

Benjamin nodded his head and went into the room.

The room had an imposing air to it. Even though it was just a guest room, the royal family had to use this to show their strength.

Benjamin put down his luggage and laid down on the soft and comfortable bed. He couldn’t help himself as he stretched.

After walking for an entire day, he was beat.

Of course, the servant’s "you are not allowed to move about" piqued his interest, and made him a little impulsive. But, when he remembered what happened at the Mages Freemasonry, Benjamin controlled himself and he didn’t even dare to use the water element sensing technique.

This was the palace! Who knows what could be hidden within these walls?

And so, after lying on the bed for a while, Benjamin sat up and decided to change into his more formal clothes, to make the necessary preparations before he met with the king.

Of course, just as he was about to do that, there was a knock on the door.