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Chapter 307: The Princess, the King and the Chairman

Chapter 307: The Princess, the King and the Chairman

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Benjamin frowned in annoyance.

Didn’t he just say it would be starting in an hour, it had only been a few minutes, why would anyone knock on his door now?

Even though he was suspicious, but since this was the palace, there shouldn’t be any incidents. So, after a moment’s hesitation, he went over and opened the door.

"Excuse me, you..." he was halfway through his sentence and the words were stuck in his throat.

He saw a little girl about five or six years old standing outside the door. When Benjamin opened the door, she looked up at him with a pair of huge eyes filled with suspicion.

Benjamin was stunned.

"Who are you? Why have I not met you before?" the little girl frowned before covering her mouth with her hand and took a few steps back.

"I am Benjamin; I was invited to be a guest here." Benjamin came back to his senses and looked at the little girl, he softened his tone and said, "who are you? Why did you knock on my room door?"

"My...my cat went missing, I am looking for it, have you seen it?" the little girl hesitated before saying.

Benjamin laughed and replied, "I haven’t seen your cat. Do you need help? What does it look like?"

He could already guess who the little girl was.

A little girl who could run about in the palace, wearing an expensive looking white dress. Even though it was a little immature and ignorant of her to do so, but aside from the princess, who else could it be?

He had heard of the royal family before, this little girl must've been the king’s only daughter.

He didn’t expect to meet the princess of Ferelden so soon after entering the palace. Benjamin didn’t know if this was just sheer luck.

"Are you lying to me?" the little girl looked doubtful, "if you really are a guest then you aren’t allowed to walk around on your own, how can you help me find my cat?"

Alright then, the princess is not that innocent after all.

Benjamin knelt down and said, "I am a mage with a very sensitive spiritual energy, and I notice things that people don’t. So, even though I can’t walk around, I can still help you find your cat."

He wasn’t lying to the little girl, it was very easy to look for pet cats and dogs using the water element sensing technique.

Of course, if he could explore the secrets of the palace while doing this; to look for anything interesting, it would be so much easier – and even if someone notices, he could use the princess as an excuse.

He really was resourceful.

"To fulfill your own curiosity, you would manipulate a little flower, you really are despicable!" the System suddenly appeared and lectured Benjamin.

"Thank you for your compliment," Benjamin replied in his mind.

"..." the System was speechless.

In reality, the little girl tilted her head for a moment of thought before accepting Benjamin’s proposal.

"Alright, go ahead then." She tugged on Benjamin’s sleeve and said, "it is white with blue eyes, it is really pretty but a little fat, maybe about this much..."

As she said it, she gestured the size of the cat.

"Sure thing, don’t you worry, I will find her for you." Benjamin laughed.

The little girl nodded her head vehemently.

Then, just as he was preparing to use the water element sensing technique, an unexpected guest appeared, ruining Benjamin’s plan to search the palace.

"Goodness... your Highness, what are you doing here?" a middle age servant woman suddenly appeared around the corner of the hallway and quickly came over to the little girl.

Benjamin could only stop the water element sensing technique and stood up.

"Her Highness the Princess was missing, and I wanted to look for it." the little girl turned and looked at the servant as she pursed her lips.

Her Highness the Princess must be the cat’s name.

Benjamin almost rolled his eyes.

"Then your Highness shouldn’t be running about the palace alone, if his Majesty the King and Queen knew, wouldn’t they be angry?" the woman servant knelt down and took the little girl by the hand and said, "let’s go back, I will look for your cat for you."

The little girl looked like she was about to protest but she still nodded her head and said, "alright then."

There was an apparent look of relief on the servant’s face.

Worry was etched on her face before the little girl quickly added, "don’t tell anyone about this, I don’t want to get into trouble."

The servant laughed and replied, "of course I won’t."

Then, she stood up and bowed to Benjamin, "I’m very sorry, you must His Majesty the king’s guest for today. I sincerely apologize for disturbing you."

Even though Benjamin regretted missing the opportunity to explore the palace, but he still had a polite smile on his face as he replied, "it’s no problem at all."

The little girl waved at Benjamin as she said, "I’m leaving now, goodbye brother mage."

Benjamin chuckled as he nodded his head.

It was lucky that the body that he transmigrated into was a little younger, or else he wouldn’t be "brother mage".

"Right...," suddenly the little girl turned around suddenly, she pointed to Benjamin’s clothes and said with an adult voice, "if you are going to join the banquet tonight don’t wear that, it’s embarrassing."


Benjamin was speechless.

I was planning on changing but was interrupted by your knocking on my door – he wanted to say this.

The thing was, why was he arguing with a little girl?

And so, the little girl waved goodbye and left with the servant. Benjamin stood at the door and shook his head before turning and closing the door.

After the commotion, he didn’t have a lot of time left. So, he took a quick shower and changed his clothes. After a few moments, the servant responsible for escorting him returned.

"Master Mage, the banquet is about to begin, if you would follow me?"

Benjamin nodded his head and took the bottle of expensive wine that was nicely wrapped and followed the servant out the door. They made a few more rounds in the complicated hallways of the palace and came to an exquisitely decorated dining hall.

"Announcing, the mage Benjamin!" The servant stood at the door and said in a loud voice.

Immediately, he heard a warm and welcoming voice calling out.

"Is that Benjamin? Quickly, let him in!"

Benjamin took a deep breath and at the signal of the two servants beside him, he stepped forward into the hall.

Benjamin didn’t expect to see a thirty-year-old man stand up from the enormous dining table and come towards him with a big smile.

For a moment, Benjamin wasn’t sure what was going on, and was prepared to shake the man’s hand. In the end, when the guy stopped in front of him, he was pulled into a giant bear hug.


Benjamin was in shock.

When the man pulled away, he patted Benjamin’s shoulder; the man was really strong and Benjamin felt like he was going to cough out blood.

What was going on?

"So you are that successful Mage Benjamin, Lance and Michael both said that you were young and really gifted, but I refused to believe it. Who knew you were so young." The man laughed loudly.

"You’re too kind..." Benjamin rubbed his shoulder and forced out a smile.

At that moment, he felt something churning in his mind.

Actually, after taking a good look at the man, he really did look like the little girl.

Wouldn’t that mean? This overly friendly guy was the owner of the palace, the second prince who single-handedly raised Ferelden, the current king.

This was really unexpected.

"Come, don’t just stand about, sit!" the king said as he hit Benjamin’s shoulder again.

Benjamin took a deep breath and said nothing, instead he followed the king over to a seat that the servants had already reserved for him.

"So Benjamin, you must be confused." After taking a seat, the king suddenly laughed and said, "let me introduce you to the other people at the table."

Benjamin may be stunned but he quickly agreed.

As the king spoke, Benjamin looked to the other people seated at the table.

"First let me introduce to you this guy," the king said in a proud voice, "the most respectable mage in all of Ferelden, he is also the chairman of the Mages Freemasonry. After my sister split the empire and took most of the mages, he was the one who helped me in stabilizing the internal happenings of our country, the mage Aldrich."

Benjamin looked over in shock, only to see the mage that he met that day sitting opposite him. He had changed into formal clothes and was sitting in silence, nodding at Benjamin in acknowledgment.

"Master Benjamin, we meet again," he said with a smile.