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Chapter 316: Illegal Mercenary Group

Chapter 316: Illegal Mercenary Group

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After the discussion with Varys ended, Benjamin walked out the main door. He took a stroll along The City of Rayleigh’s streets, with his mind thinking of ways of earning three thousand gold coins.

Three thousand gold coins was definitely a huge number, even for a normal mage. But Benjamin was not just any mage. If he really wanted, he could pull out a lot of things he owned - Elemental Crystals, Law of Meditation, the Magical Instrument’s blueprint... the could easily get three thousand gold coins by selling those items off.

But those were his treasures, he couldn’t just take it out.

He had to pull three thousand gold coins out of thin air and it must be legal, which at least would not ruin his reputation. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any matured loan system in this world. Even with venture loans, it would have solved his problem.

Then... How do normal mages earn money?

Just now, Benjamin walked around the Mercenary Association. He felt confident with his strength, he should be stronger than those activists in the Mercenary Group. However, the position chart did not show any positions available that offered more than a three-digit salary. Majority of it was small positions that wasted time and energy; a huge position would depend entirely on luck. Moreover, the ranking of their mercenary wasn't high enough. Even if he had the ability, they would never show him their positions with a much higher ranking.

That was why the thought of only relying on earning money was not possible.

Then... The only thing left was the illegal path.

After thinking for half a day, Benjamin suddenly thought of the small thief, Will whom he met when entering The City of Raleigh. Apparently, he was the most informative person in the city - when Benjamin killed the ‘Eagle’ leader, it was he who helped. In that case, maybe he would know a way or two no one else knew.

He went to have a look anyway since he couldn’t think anymore. As they haven’t met in quite a while, it would be good to restore the relationship. With that thought in mind, he relied on his memory to guide him and once again, he was back at the narrow street, at Will’s house.

"Will, are you there?"

This time, the door was closed, so Benjamin first knocked on the door. Luckily, even though Will always looked like he was running away from his enemies, he still had not moved elsewhere. In a bit, he was at the door.

Along with a light squeak, the door opened slightly, and in between was a pair of eyes secretly looking out from the inside.

"It’s me, can’t you recognize?" Benjamin said.

The Will behind the door stared blankly but immediately reacted by opening the door, in a small voice he said, "It’s you! Mage Master, quickly come in. Come in first before you speak."

Benjamin saw and figured out who he was hiding from. But he shrugged as he walked in without a care.

"Mage Master, long time no see." Will rubbed his hands and smiled, looking as though he was surprised and yet afraid, "You’re free today to drop by?"

Benjamin felt lazy to entertain so he cut the chase and said, " What ways do you know that could earn me quick money?"

"Earn quick money?" Will was dazed, "Earning money is not a tough thing but... How much do you want to earn?"

"Three thousand gold coins."


Will’s expression became forced. However, he had met people with experiences. He took a breath to recover and said, "Well even if you’re a mage, three thousand gold coins still cannot be earned so easily!"

"If it was easy, why would I come to you?" Benjamin shook his head and replied, "Didn’t you claim yourself being very informative? Why don’t you think about what’s happening in The City of Raleigh and see if there’s a chance I can earn a huge sum of money?"

"In that case..." For a moment, Will sank deep into his thoughts.

Benjamin saw but could only patiently wait aside.

Five minutes later.

"I’ve thought of a few ways you could earn that kind of money, it’s just whether you could accept it or not," said Will, while he rubbed his hands.

"Go on."

Will nodded, and said, "The first type: The City of Raleigh has recently gained back a few caravans. If you wish, you can get a few votes and all you need is enough ability, then three thousand gold coins won’t be a problem; the second type: the city has a lot of business companies and I’ve figured out where the banks of a few are at but it is heavily secured. If you have the confidence, you can also pair up with me and we can steal it once."

Benjamin held his forehead.

"Isn’t there a way that doesn’t involve snatching or stealing?"

Will seemed troubled, "Well that... Hear me out. Recently an underground illegal Mercenary Group accepted a big client. Hence, they started this activity called ‘Seven Day Prison’. I did not ask about the details of the event but from the looks of it, it is easy money. Quite a few of the well known official mercenaries are participating. It’s quite scary."

Benjamin couldn’t help but was struck by a thought, as he heard what Will said.

"Just let me explain first. What is the meaning of this illegal Mercenary Group?"

Will turned around, took out a strange badge and passed it to Benjamin, "Very simple. Some jobs that don’t get accepted by the Mercenary Association will still need someone to do it and so, this idea started. For example, whatever murderers group or brothers league associated things, that we all banned by the government. But if there are demands, it will always exist."

For a moment, Benjamin became interested.

Stealing or snatching was too dangerous, but like these organizations, your identity would be hidden. All he needed to do was exchange his looks, then he can slip in without anybody realizing. Also, it would not have caused such a huge effect on the public. Moreover, these businesses that can never be seen were the best ways to earn money.

With that, he accepted the badge Will passed over.

This badge and the ones Mercenary Associations gave out looked completely different. In fact, this one seemed quite refined. The shape looked like a swastika - white underneath but filled with scarlet dots, as if it was stained with blood.

"So this is the illegal Mercenary Group’s badge?" Benjamin felt quite meaningful. He asked, "Regarding that activity, go find out the exact details. I want to know the context of the activity and specifically how much that would earn me."

Will shook his head, "That friend of mine did not want to reveal. He said, if news flowed out, the situation would become dangerous. I am only a thief, how would I dare to ask more questions?"

Benjamin frowned, "Then how can one contact this illegal Mercenary Group?"

"You would have to go on your own. They feel that might be the safest way." Will explained more, "However, I know their activity venue. It comes alive almost every night and this badge is your entrance ticket. If you’re brave enough, you can go have a look."

"Is it?" Benjamin nodded his head while a thought came to him as a toyed with the badge in his hands, "If that’s the case, then let’s take a look tonight."

Will’s expression hardened, "... me, we?"

Benjamin nodded and smiled, "yes. It was you who introduced me the place, so now you would have to let me be the tour guide. In case it was a trap, I would still get support. What do you say?"


Will’s face was filled with dread.