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Chapter 317: The Violent Underworld

Chapter 317: The Violent Underworld

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That faithful night.

In the cold lonely streets west of Rayleigh City, Benjamin and Will, clad in dark robes quietly stopped in front of a brewery-like building.

"Is it here?"

Benjamin raised his eye and looked at the brewery; it almost looked haunted. He couldn't help but feel skeptical.

"It’s right here." Will peered through his cloak and took a good look, "Tory’s Brewery, a regular brewery by day but a haven for the sinful by night."

Heaven for the sinful…

These illegal organizations sure had a lot of fancy names.

"How do we get in?"

Will replied, "Around the left side, there’s a door. Knock on it seven times. Someone will lead you in."

Benjamin nodded and immediately instructed, "Alright, go ahead and knock then."

Will had a sour look on his face, "Can I not go in?"

Benjamin smiled, "Nope."


It didn’t matter how unwilling Will was, under Benjamin’s coercion, he still had to lead the way and eventually brought Benjamin to the side door of the brewery.

He took a deep breath then lightly knocked on the door seven times.

Knock. Knock. Knock...

After knocking, he nervously retreated a few steps and hid behind Benjamin as if there was an ambush behind the door.

Benjamin couldn't help but shake his head.

He looked and saw that the door that was originally closed tight now had opened, revealing a small slit. He gave it some thought before using his water element sensing technique to scan the room, revealing a man the size of a boar behind the door. His hand was gripping the edge of the door, his face clearly annoyed.

"Sir, give the badge to him." Will whispered to Benjamin.

Benjamin took out the uniquely designed badge and handed it over to the man through the slit.

The man grabbed the badge and moments later, opened the door.

"Follow me."

The man still had an annoyed look and snorted like a bull. He tossed the badge at Benjamin’s feet, turned around and walked deeper into the brewery.

Benjamin wasn’t surprised and picked up the badge. He pulled Will and followed boar man in.

He was curious about whether there were any hidden levers in the brewery.

Behind the door was a long corridor. After half a minute of walking, they reached a place that resembled an abandoned warehouse.

The man walked over to a wall and moved some empty wooden pails, before knocking on a brick two times. The brick slowly slid open like an automatic door.

Now a dark entrance appeared before them. There were noises that traveled out through the entrance. Benjamin nodded.

This was an interesting lever; the sound proof wasn’t too shabby either.

There seemed to be quite the commotion down there.

After this, the man that led them there left without saying a word. Benjamin then dragged Will through that narrow entrance as they went through together.

Benjamin’s vision was a blur accompanied by a quick descending sensation. He then ended up at the source of the commotion.

This place couldn't be compared to a marketplace – it was much louder. It was so noisy that one would feel numb in the head upon entering. Benjamin frowned.

It was a spacious underground square. There were all kinds of mercenaries walking about in armor. They wore weird masks on their faces, most of them carried injuries that weren’t even bandaged up. Blood seeped out of their wounds like a water fountain.

The air was thick and musky whereas the ground beneath them was smeared with what looked like blood.

Benjamin looked at a spot where a large crowd had gathered around a circle. There were shouts of anger and excitement. The group was as excited as boiling water.

"Go on! Go one!"

"Son of a bitch! Stab him! Stab him to death!"

"Motherfucker... I’ve lost everything."

Benjamin raised his brow. The water element scanned through the crowd, revealing the Benjamin the cause of the commotion.

At the center of the steaming crowd, was a stage that looked like a ring. Inside, there were two mercenaries, brandishing swords and stabbing at each.

Their faces were painted with weird colors and they wore totem mask. Their facial expressions could not be seen but there was a clear intent to kill. They seemed to have fought for a long time as their body armor now bore many signs of fresh damage. The stage was covered with bloody footprints.

Suddenly, the mercenary on the left struck and stabbed clean through the chest of the mercenary on the right. After a few quivers, the mercenary on the right crumpled to the ground. The surrounding crowd let out a mixed scream of excitement and disdain.

Benjamin had a revelation at the sight. And here he was wondering about what it could be...

The daily activities of the illegal mercenary organization were underground deathmatches.

Two mercenaries would enter a ring and fight to the death. The hot blooded crowed would place bets by the sides. Through this violent blood gambling, wealth flowed around into this unknown underground square, slowly filling the pockets of important figures.

Although he was slightly disappointed but upon further thought realized that it made sense. After all, what could be more exciting than seeing people fight to the death? Of course, the quick money that could be made was equally exciting,

"This is merely a casino. Was there any need to be afraid?" Benjamin asked Will.

"Shh... lower your voice." Will pulled at his cloak, clearly jittery, "I had a run in with those people over there. Don’t let them see me or I will be torn apart."

Oh, I see.

Benjamin nodded and continued, "So... How much could I earn if I participated in one round?"

He hadn’t forgotten the purpose of this trip.

The house always had tricks up their sleeves, so betting was not an option. Hence, Benjamin felt it would be better if entered the ring. Once he earned the cash he would leave.

He saw it with his own eyes, those participating in the death match resorted to many tactics to hide their identity. He could do the same. As long as he kept a low profile and was discrete, then nobody could discover his identity.

"S-sir, you plan to take part?" Will’s jaw dropped.

"If not? Do you plan to?"

Will quickly shook his head in horror.

"If you would like to try, then go ahead…" He shrunk into his cloak, "About the reward... It is also my first time here. I am not clear with the details, it’s better for you to ask someone from around here."

Alright then...

After Benjamin heard what he had to say, he realized he could no longer depend on him. He looked around to find someone that looked like one of the staff. He did not hesitate and dragged Will over to ask about the situation. However, half a minute later, his mouth was frowning in disappointment.

One round was only a hundred and fifty gold coins.

What more could he say? The price was actually decent, and it was a huge amount to the participating mercenaries but Benjamin could not fight twenty rounds in this place.

The rule was a fight to the death. One lost and it’s your funeral. In other words, a continuous run of twenty wins in a place like this is would be an unbelievable record. If Benjamin dared to do so, and to do it within only a month’s time, the main organizers would rip him apart.

Hence, the most he could do here was five to six rounds, cashing in less than a thousand gold coins.

After thinking it through, Benjamin was on the verge of leaving.

However, he suddenly thought of what Will had said. He then asked the staff once more, "About that "Seven Days of Hell" activity, what is the reward for that?"