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Chapter 319: The End of the Battle

Chapter 319: The End of the Battle

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Facing relentless blows from the mercenary, Benjamin could only shake his head in despair.

This person truly had no patience.

This left Benjamin with no choice since the sword was already waving in front of his face. He could only control the water vapor to subtly reduce the speed of the opponent’s swipes while pushing himself to duck the attacks swiftly.

With a sound of "ding", the mercenary’s huge sword touched the floor. But at this moment, Benjamin was already at an entirely different location.

The audience below the stage were watching with their mouths open.

"Even the master’s skills are this incredible?" Even Will, who was standing in the crowd, took a deep breath and whispered to himself upon witnessing the scene.

Obviously, even though he knew Benjamin was a mage, he did not even see any trace of magic from that incredible evasion of attack.

If someone who was in the know like Will could not observe it, what more of the others?

They looked as if they had just met a monster.

It was rare to see people bundled in a cloak here. Since everyone was here to fight to their death, regardless of their opponent, they would be beaten until they were covered with injuries. Wearing a body full of armor would be the smart choice for them.

In addition, Benjamin did not have a big frame, so the audience only thought that he was a daft fool who did not value life and only wanted to mess things up.

However, after what had just happened, Benjamin became mysterious in their eyes.

In their view, this guy bundled in a cloak was beyond odd. Every time he moved, the speed of his movement seemed to suddenly switch from slow to fast, their eyes could not keep up with the pace. Because of that, they could not even see clearly how Benjamin moved. They only saw him move mysteriously and ducked the blow.

This … is it something humans can do?

Most of the audience attributed the phenomena to the magic potion. But even then, their expressions were still of shock.

It was not that they did not have people who drank magic potions and fought in rings, but those who stood on this stage were usually poor desperate fellows with no future, how would they have money to buy a magic potion?

Magic potions also cannot do everything. It can improve a person’s body, but controlling the body after that requires deep knowledge. It was not as if you gave anyone a bottle of the best magic potion, that person will immediately become an unbeatable professional. How can there be such things in the world?

Because of this, they began to feel that this guy bundled in the cloak could be some unknown but high-ranking assassin who for some reason, decided to come to this rink and play with the kids.

In conclusion, many people were beginning to have a face of regret.

"Fuck this, this guy must have been invited by someone to come here and eat our small fish," An audience member remarked after observing the huge contrast in the bets placed. He was turning green with regret. "Why did I not try and bet on him?"

Regardless, the bets have already been placed. Most of the audience could only witness the scene with complicated emotions. Even the excited cries from before subsided.

On the stage, the battle continued.

The mercenary also noticed that things were not well, but he already stood up and drank a bottle of violent potion. He knew that he could not back out anymore, so he bit his lip and fought on.

The two missed attacks gave him a bad feeling. If it was like before, he would adjust himself and find new opportunities. But now, the violent potion made him a little dizzy and his blood was slightly hot. He felt like he could not really think properly, but the feeling of losing control also made him extraordinarily excited.

These feelings made him choose to continue attacking, using aggressive tactics to remove the bad feeling.

The third swipe, the fourth swipe, he did not know how many swipes he has performed, he even forgot why he was standing on this stage. But when he released all his strength to wave the sword, it only swiped through air, and that feeling was terrible.

However, the worse he felt, the fiercer he became, and the more he wanted to insanely wave his sword around.

Along with every swipe, he felt energised, and every pore in his body was emanating unbelievable confidence. But his mind became colder and colder, emptier and emptier.

He lost track of time.

Gradually, he even felt weird. Every time he waved his sword, he felt heavy, like he was using it to cut waves in the ocean. Every step he took also expended more energy, as if he was walking on a dreaded snowy plain.

But … he just drank the potion, why would he feel like he was losing energy?

He began wondering if he drank a fake potion. In the audience’s eyes, he was losing confidence, even his moves were weak.

In Benjamin’s view, it was all very simple. He used water vapor to increase the resistance against the mercenary’s actions, so every time his opponent attacked, the action was always slower than before.

That was why dodging seemed so effortless for him.

The mercenary really only waved his sword for over ten times, but the opponent’s speed already slowed by a half under his control. In addition, Benjamin was familiarising himself with the water vapor, so at the right time, he can initiate an attack and would no longer have to only duck.

After the next swipe by the mercenary, he went around to the mercenary’s back, held the sword with both hands and stuck it through the mercenary’s heart!

A dull thump.

All different types of shrieks that were heard from the audience immediately stopped.

A deathly silence.

One could only see Benjamin’s long and rusted sword had already penetrated the chest of the mercenary. The sword edges were sprinkled with blood, and after holding the position for a while, Benjamin slowly pulled the sword back.

At this moment, the mercenary could not move anymore.

That broad and strong body slowly collapsed after Benjamin pulled the sword back, adding a new blood print to the already bloody ring.

He was dead.

Everyone watched the scene on the ring with shock.

Discussion erupted after the body fell on the ring.

"Hey … did you see that?"

"His movements were so quick."

"He won! He actually won! I just saw that the odds were high, so I bet a little on him …"

Benjamin dragged the sword, turned around and walked off the ring without saying a word. The audience surrounding the ring opened a way for him, staring at the guy bundled in a cloak and clad with a mask in fear.

It was only until Benjamin left far away that they turned their gaze back. After that, many of them had on an expression of frustration, and very few of them looked at the betting area with screams of delight.

Will, who was in the crowd, also had shivers. He originally decided to slip away, but looking at Benjamin’s shadow, he suddenly took a deep breath and followed.

"Ma … master," he run slowly over and carefully exclaimed, "You are incredible!"

Benjamin did not answer.

Because there were people observing him, he left Will and pretended not to know him. Even until he arrived at the resting room, he did not say a word.

Only when he returned to a room where he was alone did he let out a breath of air, throw away the long sword, rubbed his sore wrists and revealed a helpless laughter.

He had no choice. It was not that he wanted to act cool, but at the end, he was also quite flustered.

Even with the help of the water vapor, killing off the opponent at the end was not that easy. The mercenary was wearing a thick armor, and his body was extraordinarily strong. Benjamin was not born with extraordinary strength, so when the sword pierced through the body, he felt a pain in his wrists, and nearly lost grip of the sword.

But at the same time, he definitely would not pull back the sword. That was why with the aid of water vapor and all his energy, he succeeded in penetrating the mercenary’s chest and ended the battle.

After the battle, his two arms were sore and painful, he could not use any more energy. So he could only put up an act and rapidly return to the resting room.

Before the staff could find him, he quickly casted a nonverbal spell to summon a healing water ball and treat his arms. Then only did he slowly take off the mask.

At this moment, that staff pushed open the door with an expression that was seven parts admiration and three parts fear, and slowly walked in.