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Chapter 320: Participate Right On Time

Chapter 320: Participate Right On Time

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"Your highness, this is your reward."

The staff walked in front of Benjamin and said. Even the tone of his greeting has changed. With a smile on his face and a low voice, he handed over a bulky bag of money.

Benjamin maintained his cold and cocky attitude, accepted the reward and said: "Help me arrange the next match."

However, the staff shook his head and said: "This … we usually do not allow the same person to go on stage more than once per day because there would not be suspense for the audience, don’t you think so?"

Benjamin furrowed his brow.

There was even this kind of ruling? That complicates things …

Looking at Benjamin’s unpleased expression, the staff immediately added: "You don’t have to worry, the time for the ‘Seven days of hell" has not arrived, you can still come next time."

As he said that, he took out a new badge and handed it to Benjamin. The badge was yellow with a 卍 symbol, and it was splattered with blood. It was very similar to the weird badge he used to enter this place.

"This signifies that you have one victory, so the next time you come, just bring it along," he explained.

Benjamin took two glances at it, nodded his head and kept the badge away.

"Tell me everything about the ‘Seven days of hell,’" He asked.

Even it was a good chance to get a lot of money, before he did it, he should understand how the whole event worked.

Before this people did not really want to explain to him so he never asked. Now that he won with such a beautiful victory and the staff was so eager to please him, of course he had to ask more.

"This … I only know that it will take place after ten days, a lot of rich people will participate, and it is usually not open to ordinary folks," the staff answered. "But regarding its danger, I think you should be prepared for it mentally."

Benjamin furrowed his brows: "What kind of preparation?"

The staff smiled awkwardly and said: "This … you should have guessed, will give out 5,000 golden coins as a reward, but the biggest reason is that no one alive can get this money."


Benjamin, who was caressing the badge in his pocket, let out an emotionless sound after hearing this.

After five minutes.

At the underground square, the excitement led by the odd guy in the cloak was fading. So Benjamin changed his looks again and left the resting room without anyone noticing.

Will was still waiting for him in the crowd. He walked over and tapped Will’s shoulders. They both left the place together.

Since he could only appear once on stage per day and he had asked everything he wanted to know, there was no point for him to stay here.

After leaving the aisle, the two came to an alley lit by the night sky. Benjamin gave Will a magic potion as a reward, and Will left.

Benjamin also secretly went home.

In conclusion, his returns were quite good this time. He managed to explore an unknown aspect of Rayleigh, and even found a way to win 3,000 gold coins. Even though the staff made the "Seven days of hell" sound like something incredible, in Benjamin’s view, it was just a method for these people to earn and launder money.

He would not be frightened by a mere statement.

In the following days, he stayed at home in the morning and focused on meditating. When he was free he helped Varys with the preparations. At night, he transformed into the odd man in the cloak and came to Rayleigh’s underground world to fight.

In order not to attract too much attention, he did not go for three days consecutively. He went once and rested the other day, sometimes he rested for two days. With every battle, his method of combining water vapor with his fighting skills became more mature, and he saw it as part of his training for the mysterious "Seven days of hell."

At the end, he obtained the badge with the red 卍 symbol that signified three victories without anything untoward happening.

"You are qualified to join," the staff looked at Benjamin and said. "But I have to confirm beforehand, do you really want to join the ‘Seven days of hell?’"

Benjamin nodded without hesitation.

So he took Benjamin to another corner in the underground square, to someplace that looked like an office.

"It will be here. For following matters, Mr Derek will explain to you."

The staff left after finishing the sentence.

Benjamin turned around and saw a middle aged-mercenary lazily sprawled on the chair with both legs on the table. He threw his badge onto the table.

"I want to join the ‘Seven days of hell,’" he said casually.

The mercenary glanced at him and said impatiently: "What are you rushing for? It will not begin for a few days, are you so eager for hell?"

Benjamin followed up: "Then when can I get the money?"

"When it begins," the mercenary opened his arms and explained. "Don’t think too much, if we gave you the money now, and if you left, where should we put our tears?"

Benjamin could only nod and did not reply.

This was normal. It was only that preparations for the exhibition already began and a lot of things have been booked, so money was being spent like water. They could still handle it now, but to him, it was better to get the money earlier.

"How can I join this activity?" He asked.

"At the north of Rayleigh is the town of Torrey, you should know that right," The mercenary took his legs down from the table, kept the badge and handed Benjamin an odd card. "After four days, take this card to the boss of the hotel in the town of Torrey."

It was a card with stripes of black and red, the paper quality was unique. Benjamin played with it a while and kept it in his pocket.

That the "Seven days of hell" would not be held in Rayleigh, he was not surprised. After all, it was a huge event, so holding it in Rayleigh would easily attract attention. It was better to hold it elsewhere.

"Regarding the whole process, are you still not willing to reveal?" He asked.

The mercenary heard him, turned the pen in his hands and suddenly revealed a cunning smile. He said: "You will know when you go."

Benjamin shrugged his shoulders and was lazy to respond. He turned and left.

Even if they would not explain, at least he knew where the event will be held. There were still a few days left, he could investigate the little town and prepare for this seemingly terrifying event.

Early on the second day, he went to Torrey. However, he did not find anything noteworthy. It was a normal town, the people were simple, there were not many beast sightings, and few mercenaries were seen.

With no conclusion to his investigation, Benjamin could only patiently wait here.

---- With so little time left, there was nothing he could do.

Finally, on the fourth day, he came to the town’s hotel, and looked at the boss that he has observed for a long time but found nothing. He walked over and delivered the card.

"Hi, I am here to join the ‘Seven days of hell.’" He said slowly and softly, so only the boss could hear him.