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Chapter 325: Shared Enemies and Hatred

Chapter 325: Shared Enemies and Hatred

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The cat and mouse game continued – the fat aristocrats riding muscular guards that were already struggling under their weight. They had already fired an uncountable number of rounds.

The mercenary who was singled out was still scurrying around, trying to avoid the shots of the rich businessmen. He was sweating profusely, his eyes were blurry, it seemed that he was starting to lose consciousness, the only thing that drove him to continue running was his instinct to survive.

It was unknown if it was intentional or not, but none of the bullets hit him, so the game continued.

Benjamin could not bear to continue watching.

How bad was their marksmanship? They managed to miss every single one of their shots. If a group of mercenaries who specialized in firearms watched that scene, they would probably be vomiting blood out of frustration.

The only fortunate thing was, since they played with him for a such long time, the mercenary who was singled out did not die so quickly, so, Benjamin and the team had a chance to lure them away.

As the mercenary tired and started to slow down, a nearby guard suddenly screamed out, interrupting the wealthy businessmen.

"Look! There are people there!"

In the direction he was pointing, they saw the mercenary who acting as bait slowly stand up from the bushes.

Suddenly, the wealthy businessmen’s face lit up.

"HAHAHAHA! This guy is so stupid, he could go anywhere but he actually ended up right next to us."

"Oh no, he’s running away. Quick! Quickly catch him!"

According to the script, after the baiting mercenary was being discovered, he should act like he was stunned, then immediately turn around and quickly head towards the rendezvous point.

The guards by the side saw this and immediately chased after him. However, since the baiting mercenary had not been surrounded and was physically strong, he easily outran the guards.

He even slowed down slightly, so the guards could keep up.

"No, the guy is going to get away!" Several wealthy businessmen were anxious, and one of them shouted, "Mr. Mage, quickly chase him, do not let him get away. We will settle this guy first then slowly take care of him."

The mage who was flying by their side seems to be a little reluctant, "He already ran away, it’s not like he can run out of this forest, let’s chase after him after you’re done with this one."

Another wealthy businessman growled in dissatisfaction, "I’m the one paying you, just do what I say. If we kill less than the other teams, imagine how much money will could lose. Quick! Catch him before the other teams spot him! "

The other wealthy businessmen also started chiming in. It seemed that the businessmen had a small competition amongst themselves.

The mage had no choice. He could not refuse the command of his boss, and thus, headed toward the direction of the baiting mercenary.

Since nobody was riding a horse, the mage who knew how to fly was the fastest among them. Regardless of how fast the mercenary ran, the distance between the him and the flying mage would be eventually closed.

"Fuck, how does he fly so fast?" The baiting mercenary continued to run while looking back.

He was still a distance from the location of the ambush, if he was caught by the mage before reaching, he would be screwed. Benjamin can’t jump out to save him as he had to avoid startling the others.

Therefore, he could only try to speed up and run like hell.

"Stop running, no matter how far you run, you will still die." The mage saw, shook his head in the air and shouted from afar, "Save yourself some energy, so you can die comfortably, alright?"

The mercenary looked back and cursed, "If you die then I’ll stop running!"


The mage did not speak but his face turned rage instantly.

The two of them were using their full strength, and in a short period of time they had already ran far away from flicker of the torches behind them. However, the mage was catching up.

Soon, the mercenary was in range for the mage to cast a spell.

The sound of incantations came from behind. Hearing this, the mercenary’s hearts skipped a beat, but he could not care less, He swung his "broken" hands by his side to help move quicker, his whole body lurched forward as he rushed forward.

The mage behind him, saw this and had a strange expression.

"Impossible, his hands… "

Unfortunately, by the time he realized that something was wrong, it was already too late.

"I really wanted to see the expression on your face." Benjamin's voice suddenly came from behind the mage, "But, I can’t risk letting you inform the others, so I’m sorry, it’s better if you go silently."

The mage could not react in time.

Benjamin sneered coldly while flying behind the mage. He put his palm lightly on the back of the flying mage.

Benjamin held an ice needle this was glittering in the dark in between his fingertips and penetrated it deep into the mage’s skin. The mage immediately lost his ability to move, and his expression was frozen. He still had his "something is wrong" expression on his face, showing that he could not react at all before Benjamin had disposed of him.

"He… he’s dead?" The baiting mercenary who was running stopped, turned around and walked slowly towards Benjamin. He looked at this scene, revealing a doubtful expression.

Benjamin nodded his head.

While desperately running, the baiting mercenary had not even realized that he had reached the agreed ambush area. Benjamin found a good opportunity to jump down from the tree, sneak behind the mage and assassinate him.

The mage’s awareness was obviously not very good. The hidden non-verbal spell casting gave him no chance of survival.

Just like this, he died. The number of enemy mages: -1.

Benjamin flew to the ground and checked the belongings of the mage, but did not find anything.

"You did a good job." He said to the baiting mercenary, "Alright, we need to take care of the corpse first. We still need to ambush the other members of his group."

Hearing this, the mercenaries was stunned and said, "What? The brother that was being surrounded, do we not save him?"

Benjamin sighed and shook his head, "We can’t save everyone."

The distance between the few rich businessmen and the other teams was quite near, and they were huge in number. If he was to start a fight there, there was no guarantee that they would not alert the other teams.

Hearing this, the mercenary became stone-faced, "I can lure them away again."

Benjamin looked at his expression and fell into a deep thought.

Those who came to participate in the "seven days of hell", did not even know each other. However, based on the dangerous experience that they were sharing, these murderous mercenaries were now bounded together by a common hatred for their enemies.

Just because of common hatred, the mercenary was willing to risk his own life.

Benjamin was touched.

"Feelings are real and this is true love!" The system spoke out in his heart.

"Shut up." Benjamin promptly replied.

Either way, the mercenary’s performance reminded him that even though he had no relation with the mercenary that was surrounded by the businessman, but, for him to watch others getting toyed with... honestly, he was not happy about it at all.

If he saved him, he might become a good member of his team in the future.

Looking at attitudes of the wealthy businessman and mages, they weren’t being alert at all. This "Seven days of hell" should not be their first session. In every session, mercenaries who were previously like ferocious beast had their teeth pulled out and were played with to their heart’s content. In their minds, they had lost the basic concept of danger.

They only came over to play. They felt that the toys couldn’t possibly hurt them. Therefore, their vigilance was near zero.

Thinking about this, Benjamin changed his mind.

"Ok then, let’s not ambush them." ​​He glanced at his mercenaries and said, "We will go over there now, slaughter them and save our brother."